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Seeking a sexuality quiz? 😏

Let's get into one of the most common sexuality quizzes -- The Am I Gay Quiz.

Typing "am I gay" into Google isn't a sure fire way to discover your true sexuality. But damn is it a start.

Many queer or questioning folks have found themselves doing the exact same thing at some point in their lives.  

And who knows? You may be straight, gay, homoflexible, heteroromantic, bisexual, pansexual---the list goes on. But one thing is certain, questioning your sexuality is a heathy and beautiful thing to explore.

Below you'll find a quiz that might help steer you in the right direction. 

In this queer questioning 'Am I Gay' quiz, our sexuality educator hits you with the most common signs you may be gay. 

What does it mean to be gay? Terminology time.

Let's take it back to basics before we begin the quiz.

The gay sexuality, also known as homosexuality, means you are romantically and sexuality attracted to people of the same sex or gender identity. 

Women who like women (wlw) are often referred to as lesbians.

Men who like men (mlm) are often referred to as gay men. 

This type of attraction may also fall under the umbrella term "queer." Queer is a wide umbrella term that many LGBTQIA folks feel at home using. It basically means you just aren't straight.

top or bottom quiz Now lets get into the 'am i gay' quiz. Be as honest as you can with each question and take time to consider your answers. 

If you are uncomfy with peering eyes seeing this quiz in your Google history, just wipe it from your search history. (We got you.) 

Remember, a quiz cant define you, but it may help point you in the most authentic direction.

You get the final say. 


👇👇 Ok, let's take the 'am I gay quiz' already!👇👇

Come back afterwards & find your result below for extra insight

So, you're queerish

If you like many many others (like most of our quiz takers) received the "you're queer-ish for sure" result -- let's talk about it.

If you get this result, it's really safe to say you aren't straight. But, you also didn't score "major gay alert" which is likely because you're still figuring things out. 

Things like this tend to unravel themselves with time, you'll discover more and more about yourself as you investigate further. This quiz can't tell you if you're gay, but it is actually a good barometer for "not straight".

If you landed here in 'queer-ish' town, you should investigate what that means for you. Where do you land on the spectrum? When it comes to future long term partnerships, who do you want to build a life with? The answers to these questions might shed light on the 'label' of your sexuality. 

Sexuality is a spectrum and for many of us, there are grey areas that can change with time. You might like men just as much as women or non binary people. Or, you might lean toward femme presenting folks. No matter what though, you get to decide how you identify. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, mostly straight, sexually flexible -- or nothing at all. 

At any rate, I'm proud of you for investigating your sexuality. Keep on discovering. 

You seem straight bestie

You landed on this result because of the way you answered the quiz questions. But you're clearly questioning yourself or you wouldn't be taking this test. Remain open, pay attention to any changes of desire. But for the time being, you might just be heterosexual. 

✨You're very much questioning 

Since you've found yourself taking this quiz it's safe to say you are questioning, duh. But the way you answered the quiz questions didn't offer a conclusive leaning to one side or the other. 

If any question made you pause and think, like the way you react to queer media for instance, then sit with that. Watch a queer slow burn love story, and pay attention to how your body and soul reacts. Is it a sexual response, is it nothing much, is it a deep longing for belonging? Keep investigating but don't pressure yourself to figure it out. 

✨Major gay alert 

You're super gay and you know it. It's rare for our quiz takers to get the 'major gay alert' because you'd have to be pretty comfortable, aware and sure of your sexuality to land here. 

For those stars that do land here, welcome, I love you. 

Don't feel pressured to choose a label

I know you want to know who you are and where you fit in the world, (we all do) but time will teach you that sexual identities can be fluid, and changeable. Many folks label themselves and end up swaying to one end or the other later on. This might be because the more you learn about yourself the more you settle into your identity, queer or not. This takes time, experience and honest self-discovery. 

The world encourages labeling. But, if that doesn't jive with you, or you're still unsure, don't do it. Don't feel pressured to choose a lane. If you want to choose a label that's totally okay too, but allow yourself the wiggle room to evolve should that happen for you. 

❝Don't ignore who you are or hold too tightly to an evolving identity.❞

Choosing a label & running into internalized homophobia 

Many folks like using the umbrella term queer. It's a reclaimed term that simply means not straight. This is great for those who are gender queer, politically Queer (with a capital Q),  those who are sexually fluid or still figuring things out.

Since you're here questioning your sexuality, let's probe a little deeper -- internalized homophobia. When labeling your sexuality, you might run into this, or you might not. 

Despite societal progress, there are learned negative connotations that come with the terms bisexual, gay or lesbian (and trans). We've all been taught them and possibly internalized these harmful ideas. If you're simply not comfortable, or feel safe enough to identify with a specific sexuality yet -- then that's okay, that's valid. But if you feel that you are queer but hate using the labels "lesbian" or "bisexual" or "gay" you should consider investigating internalized homophobia, lesbophobia, or biphobia.

It's heavy, I know.

You can ditch labeling if you want, or you can choose a label --but don't ignore who you are or hold too tightly to an evolving identity. 

Personally, as a very sexually fluid queer person, I've always hated the pressure of labeling. If our society wasn't so damn heteronormative, we'd all just be left to be who we are without answering to rigid societal norms. But I also deeply understand the longing of trying to find your place in the world. It's a valid, and important need. 

Keep learning about yourself, kid! 


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