Seeking a sexuality quiz? 😏

Let's get into one of the most common sexuality quizzes -- The Am I Gay Quiz.

Typing "am I gay" into Google isn't a sure fire way to discover your true sexuality. But damn is it a start.

Many queer or questioning folks have found themselves doing the exact same thing at some point in their lives.  

And who knows? You may be straight, gay, homoflexible, heteroromantic, bisexual, pansexual---the list goes on. But one thing is certain, questioning your sexuality is a heathy and beautiful thing to explore.

Below you'll find a quiz that might help steer you in the right direction. 

In this queer questioning 'Am I Gay' quiz, our sexuality educator hits you with the most common signs you may be gay. 

What does it mean to be gay? Terminology time.

Let's take it back to basics before we begin the quiz.

The gay sexuality, also known as homosexuality, means you are romantically and sexuality attracted to people of the same sex or gender identity. 

Women who like women (wlw) are often referred to as lesbians.

Men who like men (mlm) are often referred to as gay men. 

This type of attraction may also fall under the umbrella term "queer." Queer is a wide umbrella term that many LGBTQIA folks feel at home using. It basically means you just aren't straight.

top or bottom quiz Now lets get into the 'am i gay' quiz. Be as honest as you can with each question and take time to consider your answers. 

If you are uncomfy with peering eyes seeing this quiz in your Google history, just wipe it from your search history. (We got you.) 

Remember, a quiz cant define you, but it may help point you in the most authentic direction.

You get the final say. 


👇👇 Ok, let's take the 'am I gay quiz' already!👇👇