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 Bums are hot right now. Anal is one of the hottest topics on the Internet and given the increased interest from folks in anal play, that’s not surprising. Research indicates that 37% of women have tried anal sex, and 43% of men (gay and straight) have given backdoor pleasures a whirl. And these folk are investing in sex toys like prostate massagers in ever-increasing numbers. But, what if you only want to dip your toe in prostate massage? Fortunately, external prostate massage can also deliver incredible sensations. 

But what is external prostate massage? And how do you get to enjoy those wonderful prostate-centric shivers of pleasure? 

Well, to understand how external prostate massage can deliver orgasms, we need to know a little more about the prostate itself. 


Your Prostate & Pleasure

The prostate is a small, walnut-shaped gland found wrapped around the urethra, right behind the bladder (and in front of the rectum). That’s a bit of a dry description. The prostate produces prostatic fluid that nourishes and carries sperm, and it plays an outsized role in ejaculation.

The prostate also has another monicker, it’s known as the ‘P-Spot’. And (like the female G-Spot) it can deliver intense, multiple orgasms when stimulated.

Prostate orgasms are different from your run-of-the-mill penis-centric orgasms. They can last longer and be more intense, coming close (excuse the pun) to what women describe as a ‘full body’ orgasm.

P-Spot orgasms can be shudderingly powerful. Penile orgasms are associated with 4-8 pelvic contractions, while stimulating the prostate delivers 12 contractions, so if you’re in search of a prostate orgasm, you’d best buckle up.


Internal or External Stimulation?

Like almost everything enjoyable in life your unique experience of prostate massage will depend on your personal preferences. In other words, how you go about achieving the blissful heights of a prostate orgasm depends entirely on you. 

But, it’s worth noting that there are a number of reasons other than orgasm to explore the wonders of the prostate. 

The fluid release during prostate massage (it’s why prostate massage is also known as ‘prostate milking’) can help with constipation, bladder control, and erectile dysfunction. It can also soothe the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (a condition that has been treated by prostate massage since the 19th century). 

Internal Prostate Massage

For decades, internal prostate massage relied on digital manipulation –the use of fingers, your own or someone else's– to stimulate the P-Spot. 

Today anal toys that are designed to stimulate the prostate are widely available - and extremely popular. Prostate toys focus on internal stimulation but often provide external stimulation simultaneously. 

Prostate massagers such as Neo, the Wake, or beginner’s favorite, Wes are fabulous at providing prostate orgasms, at least according to the feedback we receive from our VERY satisfied customers.

Wes: "I was brand new to sex toys for men and Wes was exactly what I needed. Utterly perfect." – Jacques

Wake: “Hits the spot. This toy is an amazing prostate massager. Almost blissful. I especially love the remote.” – Dave

Neo: “Unbelievable. Neo is a MUST HAVE. I ran to leave this review because I was so impressed.” – Shaun

There are also a number of other toys, such as butt plugs, that can be used to stimulate the prostate, but they need to be specifically designed to really get the job done. A vanilla plug or vibrator isn’t up to the task. 



External Prostate Massage

The fact that sales of prostate massage toys are skyrocketing doesn’t alter the fact that many people simply do not enjoy the sensations of anal penetration. Of course, a good lube, relaxation, and patience can help, but still, it’s not for everyone.

External prostate massage on the other hand is completely non-invasive, and it can also provide a way to enjoy incredible prostate orgasms. It's great for those who are warming up to prostate pleasure. 

Let’s get into some details about how to perform an external prostate massage.


External Prostate Massage - Hints & Tips

Getting to the finish line using external prostate massage means getting to know your perineum, or ‘taint’ as it is commonly known. The perineum is located behind your ballsack and in front of your anus. 

You can stimulate your prostate indirectly via the perineum, and it’s best to find a soft area near the bum. The perineum is thicker and more heavily muscled towards your nutsack, so give that area a skip.  

Hitting the Right Spot

How do you know that you’ve hit the spot? If you feel the urge to pee, then you’re in the neighborhood. 

Don’t worry about wetting yourself. If you’ve ever tried to pee after sex, you’ll know it takes a moment or two for your body to readjust. That’s because your prostate directs urine from your bladder to your urethra when the time is right. When you ejaculate, it shuts those pathways, letting semen flow instead. It’s a case of your body confusing issues, your nervous system associates prostate pressure with peeing - but you’re all good. 


The Massage

As mentioned previously, everybody is different. Experiment with what sort of stimulation gives you the best feels. 

A good way to start off is with slow, gentle, and soft strokes along the sensitive parts of the perineum. Simply experience the sensations that come up for you. 

Don’t start mashing away, you’re going to hurt yourself. Get used to the sensations and let them build.  

You’ll find that gentle pressure here feels amazing and can enhance penile pleasure too. 

As you become more used to those sensations you can become a little more ambitious. Think of the classic massages you have seen (and don’t take your cue from Hollywood).  Exploring and experimenting is the golden rule. Find your own personal groove. 


Start a Conversation

Like most activities involving erogenous zones, external prostate massage will benefit from communication. If you are exploring with a partner, keep talking. Sometimes talking about sex can be awkward, and when it comes to prostate play that awkwardness can be a real issue.

The key is to keep the conversation going. Learn from your partner what feels good, and express what feels good to you. The opposite also applies, if you are uncomfortable, speak up.

External prostate massage can be an incredible opportunity for intimacy, don’t waste that opportunity. It’ll pay dividends in other forms of sex play, or foreplay. 


External Prostate Massage - Spicy!

Exploring new ways to orgasm is not meant to be a chore, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy prostate massage just because you aren’t a fan of anal. 

Whether you are flying solo or exploring with a partner, keep it slow, and keep those lines of communication open.

A prostate orgasm is an experience that can set your world alight, and give you a way to keep those bedroom fires burning. An external prostate massage is a gentle approach to mind-blowing orgasms that can provide new and wonderful sensations, get busy now.

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