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If you’ve found this article chances are you’re trying to understand the greatest penis debate ever —growers vs. showers. 

When it comes to penis size, there's not a huge variation. On average penises are around 5 inches long when erect. The thing is, not everyone is that size while flaccid. That's where the growing might come in, for some guys. 

If you’ve ever given your penis a “wake-up” slap-tug-or-tickle before going full-frontal, you might know what I’m talking about. 

But is this growing vs. showing a real phenomenon? Is it normal to be a grower? How to figure out if you're a grower or a shower??

Let’s answer these questions and demystify growers vs. showers. 

Grower vs. shower meaning

When a penis is erect, it fills with blood. This is why every penis gets bigger when erect. But some (grower) guys have significant growth when erect. 

“Grower” penises are smaller when flaccid (unaroused) and become significantly bigger/longer when erect. 

“Shower” penises don’t show much size change when going from flaccid to erect. 

So, growers and showers end up with a similar penis size once erect, but when flaccid, sizes differ. 

Is this even a real thing?


Research would suggest that, yes, it’s real. A 2018 study defined the differences between “growers” and “showers.” 

Researchers measured penises flaccid and erect and found some men had significant differences in these two measurements. They found the average change was 1.6 inches. 

Those who gained 1.6 inches or in length while erect were defined as growers.

Wondering which type is most common? 

Of the 274 men in this small study, 26% were classified as growers and 74% were showers. 

How to know if you’re a grower or a shower

You’re probably wondering, like many others, where you land on this spectrum.

To know for sure, you'll need to get measuring. Here’s how to know if you’re a grower vs. a shower. 

  1. Measure your flaccid penis length from the base of the shaft to the head. Make sure your measuring tape is flush with your skin at the base of your penis. Take note of that measurement. 
  2. Get erect. You know the drill :)
  3. Measure your fully erect penis. Measure your penis the same way you did for step one.
  4. Find the difference between measurements. If your flaccid and erect measurements differ by 1.6 inches or more, you’re a grower, my friend. If the measurements differ by less than 1.6 inches, you’re a shower.  

Either way, congratulations are in order. 

*cue the ribbon ceremony.*

Does being a grower or a shower impact penis size?

Almost half of all men worry about their penis size. But don’t let this grower vs. shower debacle add to that statistic. 

There’s no evidence that showers or growers have any impact on their erect penis size. Don’t lose sleep over this.


Some guys have all their cards on the table (showers). Some guys have surprises (growers).

A “grower” is defined as a penis that grows 1.6 inches or more when erect. A “shower” is defined as a penis that grows less than 1.6 inches when erect. 

When erect, a grower can look indistinguishable from his shower counterpart. 

In all practicality, the grower vs. shower debate is not really useful. At the end of the day, an erect penis is an erect penis. However, if this helps you understand and relate to your body more – that’s great.

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