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“Birds do it, bees do it and even educated fleas do it.” And judging from the research, a whole lot of people do it as well. I’m talking about anal. Butt stuff. According to research, 40% of you (of both genders) have tried anal sex. Breaking it down further, 37% of women have tried anal sex, and 43% of men have dipped their toes (and other assorted bits) into the anal pleasure waters. But exactly how to have an anal orgasm remains a mystery for some. 

So let’s get into the magical anal Mystery Machine and solve the enigma of anal orgasms once and for all.


What is an Anal Orgasm?

The dry explanation of anal orgasm is that this form of pleasure is the result of involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions. These contractions are experienced while penetrating or applying stimulation around their anus.

The words ‘dry’ and ‘anal’ should appear in the same sentence (more about lube later). So, a closer look at what makes anal sex so incredible is required. Understanding that can bring us a whole lot closer to understanding how to have an anal orgasm.


Men vs Women

Our experience of anal sex is different depending on whether we are proud owners of a vagina or a penis, our pleasure centers are simply wired differently. So in order to get to the bottom ;) of this matter we’ll take a look at why men and women are being turned on to anal sex.

That insight will allow you to make the best choice when it comes to sex toys - which can be an important part of the anal sex experience. Sex toys are absolutely essential if you are searching for answers on how to have an anal orgasm


Anal Pleasures For Men

Men seem to have struck the orgasm motherlode when it comes to anal sex, and it’s all thanks to the prostate gland.

The prostate is usually described as a ‘walnut-sized gland that produces some of the fluid in semen.’ That’s a great description, but the prostate also has another trick up its sleeve. It can produce almost indescribable pleasure when stimulated. This is thanks to the incredibly dense nerve endings on the gland. 

The prostate is located in front of the rectum, between the bladder and the penis - and when stimulated the result can be Earth-shattering prostate orgasms. 

The orgasms provided by the ‘P-Spot’ (as it is known) are incredibly powerful, and can be even more intense than penile orgasms. Penile orgasms are associated with 4-8 pelvic contractions while stimulating the prostate delivers 12 contractions - if you own a penis and haven’t dipped your toes into P-Spot orgasms you’re missing out.


Anal Pleasures For Women

Speaking of Spots, let’s move on to the ladies and bum stuff. While the wonders of the G-Spot are well known, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the ‘A-Spot.’

The A-spot is an erogenous area located at the top of the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. stimulating this spot can promote more lubrication, make foreplay even more pleasurable, and significantly increase a woman’s chance of cumming.

A 1997 study revealed that many women reported more arousal and lubrication following 10–15 minutes of A-Spot stimulation. Good news for post-menopausal women, as some doctors recommend this type of stimulation for women experiencing vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.


How to Have an Anal Orgasm - 6 Hints and Tips

Orgasms can be very personal. It’s all a matter of what ‘floats your boat.’ Each of us is an individual, with individual tastes and preferences. That can make a huge difference in the search for stimulation that ticks all the right boxes. Your anal orgasm search is unique to you.

You are a unique individual, but there are some steps that everyone can take to make anal sex more rewarding - and make anal orgasms a reality.

Remember, take it slow and use plenty of high-quality anal lube. And keep in mind that practice makes perfect.  

  • Relax. It’s going to take some practice, but to make anal more comfortable you are going to have to learn to relax your sphincter muscles. Masturbation and foreplay can help. Take a relaxing bath, set the mood with soothing music, and draw the curtains. 
  • Fingers First. Experiment on your own, anal masturbation can be incredible. Make use of that essential lube and start off with your pinky. Slide it gently into yourself. This will help you get used to the sensation - and help those sphincter muscles relax. Once you’re comfortable work your way up to using your index finger. Be patient, anal training takes time. 
  • Experiment with a partner. If you have a significant other, use techniques like rimming using your tongue or gentle fingering.
  • Don’t ignore other erogenous zones. While exploring anal sex or stimulating the exterior anus spare some time for other erogenous zones (scrotum, perineum, clitoris, neck, or nipples).  
  • Spice it up with sex toys. There are many sex toys that have been designed to stimulate the nerves in your anus. Prostate massagers, butt plugs and vibrators are only a few of the toys that can deliver mouth-watering levels of pleasure. 


      Prostate Orgasms Require Patience - Stick With It! 

      Let's dive into something that often doesn't get enough airtime – the patience required in the pursuit of prostate orgasms. 

      Prostate orgasms are a different beast altogether. They're not your run-of-the-mill climax and can demand a lot of prolonged stimulation. It's not about a quick buzz; it’s more like a slow, intense build-up that can feel insanely good. Think of it like a slow-cooked meal – it takes time and care, but the end result? Absolutely mouth-watering.

      Your prostate, often hailed as the 'P-spot', is like a hidden gem that needs the right kind of pressure and rhythm to shine. This means spending time to figure out what kind of touch, intensity, and movement make your toes curl. It's a process of trial and error, and it’s totally okay to not get it right on the first few tries.

      Remember, rushing things can sometimes lead to frustration or discomfort, and that's the last thing we want. Instead, allow yourself the time to get in tune with your body's responses. Play around with different strokes, pressures, and maybe even throw a toy into the mix. The key is to stay relaxed and open to the experience.


      5-Star Anal Sex Toys

      Buying a world-class sex toy can transform the search for the ultimate anal orgasm into a journey filled with excitement and pleasure.

      At BerryLemon we receive feedback from users of sex toys on a regular basis. Here are some of the toys (there are more in the BerryLemon Collection) that have received a thumbs-up from users in search of the ultimate anal orgasm.

      Prostate Massagers

      Prostate massagers have been specifically designed for prostate stimulation, they’re different from run-of-the-mill vibrators. They are curved and feature a bulb at the business end to stimulate the dense bundles of prostate nerve endings. 

      If you want to discover a sure-fire answer to how to have an anal orgasm, toys must be in the mix. 

      - Wes - Ready to Rock Your World

      The BerryLemon Wes is perfect for beginners in search of prostate orgasms. This incredible and easy-to-handle prostate massager is a very manageable 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. But that small(ish) package comes with 10 vibration modes and a rolling pleasure point that mimics the orgasm-inducing "come hither" finger motion.

      - Neo - Pulsing Pleasures

      If you enjoy something that will fill you up, then the twin-motor BerryLemon Neo with its unique “prostate pulse point” will be right up your alley (sorry again). This prostate massager boasts a base that is independently powered by the second motor. That means the added pleasure of perineum stimulation. It also has a generous base means that the massager stays in place even when the going gets hot and heavy. 

      Butt Plugs

      Thank goodness butt stuff has moved out of the shadows and into the limelight. Taboo no more, butt plugs have been embraced by thousands, and are today among the most popular sex toys in the world. 

      When investing in a butt plug during your search for how to have an anal orgasm pay extra-special attention to the design of the butt plug you are considering. It needs to be properly tapered, otherwise using it is going to be uncomfortable. 

      This bears repeating: Using the right lubricant will ensure that anal is a pleasure, not a pain. And that is true for every anal sex toy. 

      - Leo - Good Vibrations

      Butt plugs like Leo have been ergonomically designed to be easy to insert, and once Leo is inserted then the real pleasure begins. The 4.5" Leo boasts a remote control and two powerful motors – one in the taper and one in the rotating base. Add incredible control to the hands-free experience with Leo’s 10 feel-good massage modes and you have an invitation to Orgasm Central.

      This is a backdoor toy that will leave anyone (no matter which genitals they sport) shivering in pleasure. If you have an ass, you need this toy. 


      How to Have a Anal Orgasm - The Takeaway

      Anal orgasms add another dimension to any sexual experience, from masturbation to partner play. Investing in an anal sex toy opens up new possibilities for pleasure. 

      So slap on the slippery stuff, and get going. And remember, lube and patience (and the right toy) are your passport to the magical world of anal orgasms. 

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