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If you want to know how to have sex in the shower, you have come to the right place!

If you've had shower sex before that left you feeling like you may resemble a wet rat instead of that sexy actress/actor/supermodel during that hot sex scene, you are not alone. Having sex in the shower is far more complicated and challenging than any rom-com portrays. It's slippery, one partner always ends up shivering, the other might bang their knee on the wall, and at some point, it may even feel like you're drowning with water going up your nose and mouth.  

But, shower sex CAN be hot. Like really hot. You just have to plan a bit. 

If diving into spontaneous shower sex sounds risky -- then don't worry, I'm sharing tips, tricks and positions all about how to have sex in the shower.

Let's get to the steamy shower sex tips.

#1 Get a Non-Slip Shower Mat

This tip is quite obvious, but let me guess, you still don't have one, do you? Worrying about slipping and falling while getting it on will keep you from enjoying yourself and reaching orgasm land. Adding a non-slip shower mat to the fun lets you get your sexy on safely. 

#2 Lubify Honey

Get shower-friendly lube. You might think, "Why, water is already wet?" And yes, although that might be the case, it's not the "slippery wet" you want. By getting a silicone waterproof lube, you will reduce the discomfort and friction and make vaginal or anal penetration in the shower easier and more enjoyable. Water-based lube is great for this too you just might have to reapply or keep your bits out of direct water.  For those reapplying lubricant, a pump bottle design is best for shower sex (oh yes, the one handed lube maneuver).

#3 Invest in a Shower Seat or Foot Stand

Now this isn't necessary, but it will definitely make things more comfortable. It will also open up the opportunity of trying out more sex positions. 

#4 Prep and Turn up the Temperature Before Getting in the Shower

Get each other hot before you hop in the shower. You can start things off in the bedroom or bathroom by touching each other or making out. A shower head can only cover so much, meaning someone will still freeze their butt off. Getting each other hot and bothered beforehand will definitely help. 

Being prepared and having a plan before you make some love in the shower might not be sexy but it sure as hell helpful. You can have a conversation about sex positions to start off with so that you don't have an awkward situation where you, uhm… and stare at each other and don't know what to do next. 

Another thing you can do is to make sure your toys are always charged, and the lube is in arms reach, ready for go time. 

#5 Get Sudsy & Sweet 

Rubbing soap and bubbles all over each other's bodies and shampooing each other's hair is not only sexy but very romantic too. And yes, soap and shampoo can be slippery, and not in a good way. So please don't even think about using it as lube. Your vagina or penis won't be happy with you. 

Once you are done lathering each other up with soap, rinse each other well and make sure the soapy residue on the floor is gone too. Trust me, rinse properly if you don't want a slipping situation and a trip to the emergency room.  

#6 Add Some Toys into the Mix

Level up your shower game by bringing in some waterproof toys with you. Bewitch'd vibrating wand massager is perfect to have with you in the shower if you have a clitoris. She's a powerhouse. Bewitch'd has 10 massage modes, and she promises deep clitoral orgasms. Using a powerful wand vibrator like  Bewitch'd in the shower makes for incredible foreplay. It's perfect for warming you up to penetrative vaginal or anal shower sex . 

If you are looking for some bum fun in the shower, Leo - The Vibrating Butt Plug will be your new best friend. 

#7 Shower Sex Does Not Have to be Penetrative

Penetrative sex doesn't have to be the end goal! You can get hot and steamy with oral sex and explore each other's erogenous zones in this new sexy environment. Combining some toys while doing oral play can also be fabulous. 

The Kai-Compact Clit Sucker will take oral sex to the next level with its 7 pulse patterns. The best part, besides clitoral stimulation, is that it's super quiet. You don't have to worry about your roommate or your parents hearing you and your partner get your vibe on in the shower. With Kai, you can go for multiple rounds without anyone hearing anything. Trust us, it's great! *smirky emoji*

If you want some dual action, we recommend our best-seller Aura - Clit Sucker Dual Vibrator. You and your partner can have fun together! Use Aura while getting freaky with your mouth with your partner. 

You can also check out "How To Masturbate In The Shower" if you want to ride solo.

#8 Positions for Having Sex in the Shower

Here are some basic shower sex positions that are comfortable and easy to achieve. So don't worry; no one is doing handstands or backflips over here. 


ūüöŅ Sit and ride it out, babe.¬†

This position will work for penetrative sex of the vagina and anal. You just need to get the right angle. 

Your partner can sit on the shower floor or if you have a shower bench. You are going to sit on your partner and straddle them with your legs in a position that feels comfortable to you and will allow penetrative sex to feel enjoyable. Now hold your partner tight and ride, babe. 


ūüöŅ Standing doggy style

With this sex position, both of your feet are firmly on the shower floor, and you are going to use your hands to support yourself. 

Place your hands flat against the shower wall and bend your knees. Now your partner can enter you from behind with their penis, fingers, or a fun waterproof toy. 


ūüöŅ Get your leg up¬†

Okay, guys, so this is the most advanced one. A shower handle or bench will come in handy with this position, but it isn't necessary. If you don't have these items, don't freak out.

Use the wall as support, and just ask your partner to hold your leg up while they thrust away. 


ūüöŅ Oral and take a knee

Whoever is receiving oral pleasure: Stand up, try putting one leg the side of the tub or shower. Hold either your partners shoulder or the wall for stability.

The giver: Get on your knees and have some fun. 


ūüöŅ Up against the wall

Whoever is being penetrated: face the wall, and pop your booty a bit, enough for your partner to take you from behind. 

Whoever is penetrating: Penetrate your partner from behind but remember to hold her hips up a bit to support the arching of her back. 


ūüöŅ The oral and shower head¬†special

If the giver of oral pleasure has a vulva, this is for you. Get your partner into position, get on your knees, but with this fun little number, use the pulsating shower head on your clitoris while you give your partner oral sex. It's the hottest pleasure sandwich ever. 


ūüöŅ Assume the vibe-it-out position

Whatever happened to a little vibrator-in-the-shower-afternoon-delight, eh? If you just want to get things steamed up, lubed up and ready for more action later on, focus on exploring waterproof vibrators on your partner. This is a great opportunity to try out prostate massagers, butt plugs, cock rings, strokers, clit vibrators -- you name it. Bust it out. 


Things to Consider When Having Sex in the Shower

  • Consent is everything - Both parties must be comfortable having sex in the shower. If one party is not up for it, you must find something that you both will be happy and comfortable with.¬†
  • Dry off well - Sorry to spoil your fun, hun, but you and your partner can't stay wet for too long. It can breed bacteria. So make sure you dry well because you don't want a fun activity to end in a yeast infection.¬†
  • Use protection - The shower might be clean, but it won't protect you from STDs when you have penetrative vaginal, anal, or oral sex. So make sure you remember protection when you hit the shower.¬†
  • Mind your step -¬†The shower can get very slippery so get sexed up in the shower at your own slippery-risk. That non-slip mat is going to be a big help.
  • Have¬†FUN¬†-¬†Treat getting frisky in the shower as a fun activity and a break from the norm -- it doesn't have to be this perfect or¬†complete-tick-all-the-boxes¬†sex session. Think of it as a sexy starting point, have some fun and see where that takes you.

Final Thoughts on How to Have Sex in the Shower

That concludes our tips on how to have sex in the shower. For beginners, we hope this article has helped you with some new tips to take with you and your partner in the shower and have a steamy hot time. 

And for those who have tried it and were not a fan, we hope this article made you reconsider it. And if shower sex is still not something you are into. That's totally fine too!

You and your partner must be comfortable and consent to the act. Remember to stay safe, not just with protection but from slipping in the shower too. Happy showering!

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