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Okay so, you want to know how to masturbate in the shower. Do you want some gosh darn privacy? Do you want a noise barrier to your trusty waterproof vibrator? You’re not alone babe. 

We’re already in the shower taking care of other business, so why not sneak an orgasm into that too? It’s totally self-care. 

Let’s talk about how to masturbate in the shower like a pro. 

So why the shower? 

That’s a rhetorical Q because there are a million reasons, but let’s get the most obvious out in the open – PRIVACY & EASE. 

You might be wondering how to masturbate in the shower because it’s one of the only places you feel like you can get away from roommates, relatives, or bustling children. (Or you just think it’s a sexy idea, which is totally fair.) 

Shower time is guaranteed alone time. Sometimes, it’s the only time we’re truly alone. 

Shower time comes around every day (okay, most days) so there would be no cause for suspicion if you’re just stepping away to “hop in the shower real quick”. 

A quick soapy suds moment, and a quick clit suction bliss session. Nothing out of the ordinary here folks. 

So, let’s get into 5 sexy tips for masturbating in the shower. 

how to masturbate in the shower

How to masturbate in the shower 101

Just like shower sex, shower masturbation can just be seriously sexy. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary place to get turned on. And that feels good. 

Let’s get into 5 ways you can get into your feels in the shower. 

#1 Set the mood baby

Put on some music that makes you feel great, dance it out, dim the lights, light a candle, or some incense. Get all of your senses involved in this moment of self-care. Take some deep breaths and center yourself in the moment – your to-do list will wait. Get into your body, before beginning any fun stimulation. 


#2 Power up your session with a waterproof vibrator 

We don't want to rush but we also don't have all day right? Cordless, waterproof vibrators are absolutely amazing for masturbating in the shower. Because we want to be efficient but we don't want to skimp on pleasure. With a vibrator, you could go for multiple rounds before you ever worry about the water bill.   

If you’re worried about anyone hearing the buzzzz of your vibe, don’t be –the shower creates a sound barrier that is around 70 dB. 

Clit suckers are a great option for shower masturbation because it has a far lower decibel range. Our super quiet compact clit sucker Kai is around 45 dB. No one is going to hear that buzz, especially when it’s being muffled by your body –we can personally attest. *smirky emoji*

If you want to try dual stimulation in the shower (because why the hell not) we recommend our best-seller, Aura the 3-in-1 powerhouse vibrator.


#3 Play with the shower head & temperature play 

Shower heads can be great clit stimulators. If you’ve never tried it, it’s worth a gander next time you’re in the shower. The showerhead never actually touches you, it’s the pulsating water that offers all the vibes. 

*Adds detachable pulsating shower head to cart.*

Just make sure the water temperature is mild enough that it won’t hurt delicate skin. 

If you want to know how to masturbate in the shower you should absolutely consider using your shower head. It’s fun to try out various temperatures. Warm temps could increase arousal by boosting blood flow, but cold temperatures are shockingly stimulating. This is called temperature play. Go play babes. 


#4 Try out new positions 

Standing up and getting off might not work for you – get comfy, lay down, squat, or get on your knees. Try any position that feels good to you. 

You could even back up on a suction dildo and try out hands-free shower penetration. 

Just be careful not to fall. No one wants to fall over mid-orgasm. 

Try adding a slip grip mat to the base of your shower/tub so that you feel confident standing on one leg or whatever floats your boat. 


#5 Try listening to or reading some erotica

 Make it a moment and dip into some audio erotica (look up waterproof/splashproof Bluetooth earbuds). Enhancing arousal in any way that excites you is the name of the game. If you want a sexy voice speaking to you as you touch, vibe, and play – go for it. 

We love recommending Dipsea to anyone who will listen to us. 

But you can also go the Wattpad route and read your smut like goddess originally intended. 


Top tip: No matter what, try using lubricant when you masturbate in the shower 

No one likes friction when masturbating. Using a water-based lubricant can help you safely get the slip-and-slide that feels like silk. Water by itself is not a good lubricant, but some aloe-based lube totally is. 

Happy showering :)

We hope this article on how to masturbate in the shower is useful to you as you plan your steamy scrub a dub. 

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