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Got prostate stimulators on the mind? We don't blame you. Your prostate can be the key to some of the most intense orgasms that you will ever enjoy, but for beginners the idea of prostate play can be intimidating. Exploring new avenues of pleasure, backdoor or not, may feel nerve wracking and taboo.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your own body, or providing pleasure to others. A prostate massage (prostate ‘milking’) using a prostate stimulator can be an integral and shiveringly orgasmic part of exploring the heights of sexual pleasure.

In this article we’ll explore all things prostate play – why it feels so damn good, how to stimulate your own prostate, and what you can expect when trying prostate stimulators. 

About the Prostate Gland

Contrary to widespread belief the prostate gland does not produce sperm, rather it produces a milky white lubricant that helps to keep sperm healthy and helps speed them on their way to their final destination once ejaculation occurs.

The prostate is located on either side of the urethra, just below the bladder, and in front of the rectum. It’s placed in the perfect position to help sperm on their journey through the penis and onward.

In addition to its important reproductive duties, the prostate gland may also be intensely pleasurable when stimulated via massage.

About Prostate Stimulation and Massage

Prostate massage is any form of stimulation directed to the prostate gland in a male body, be it for health or sexual gratification. While that’s the dictionary definition, the reality is that millions of people enjoy perineal or rectal stimulation as part of a healthy and fulfilling sex life. 

The stimulation can use a finger, or, in the case of two participants, the tongue or penis. For many a life-changing orgasm can involve prostate stimulation through the use of a sex aid such as a prostate stimulator.

Why Does Prostate Massage Feel So Good?

Many men (straight men in particular) have never experienced any form of perineal or rectal stimulation, and when they do start to explore the wonders of prostate massage they discover a much more intense dimension of sexual pleasure. If you choose to explore prostate play,it will soon become obvious why this tiny gland has been called the Male G-Spot.

In a recent interview with Bustle magazine Charlie Glickman, PhD prostate stimulation provides that feeling of the point of ‘no return’ that men feel when they are just about to cum - as the prostate contracts to help push seminal fluid the result can be a wave of pleasure unlike any other you have experienced.

Read More: What Does a Prostate Orgasm Feel Like? Here's What To Expect

Prostate Massage 101

Using a prostate stimulator can be far easier and more effective than fingers or other sex toys. These massagers stimulate nerves on the surface of the prostate (there is a cluster of pleasure-inducing nerve endings surrounding the prostate) as well as deeper nerves. Prostate stimulators also provide quicker motions than a finger or an unpowered sex aid. 

The latest versions offer everything from massagers modeled after butt plugs, remote control prostate massagers for that ‘hands-free’ experience (and added excitement when exploring with a partner), or models with multiple motors for extra control.



Great prostate stimulators like Wake or Neo offer multiple stimulation routes such as rimming stimulation, perineum (external) massage, and an angled/tapered shaft for direct prostate vibration and sturdiness – all remotely controlled. You place and play, no awkward reaching around to change settings. 

However, before you start to explore the uncharted waters of sexual pleasure there are a few guidelines that will help to elevate the experience to even greater heights - and keep you safe.


#1 Hygiene is important

Take a shower (go to the bathroom first) and pay extra attention to your erogenous zones - it’s especially important when you are going to be engaging in sex play involving the anus. Extra care in terms of hygiene prevents the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) and harmful bacteria. And you’ll feel great and smell fabulous - always important.


#2 Get Comfy & Aroused

Relaxing is important - and the muscles around the anus need to relax as well. Without proper relaxation inserting your prostate stimulator might prove difficult.

So set the mood, light some candles, and put on some soft and soothing music. If you are with a partner then take it slow - plenty of foreplay helps to relax you and get you in the mood. Find a position that allows for easy access. Lying on your back with your knees drawn up, or face down are both highly recommended.


#3 Use LOTS of Lube

Anal penetration requires the use of generous amounts of lube to protect the delicate tissue of the rectum. (Since the rectum does not make its own natural lubricant, this step is truly non-negotiable.) It’s important to find the lube that suits you (water-based is ideal) - and keep it close at hand as you’ll be reapplying it frequently.


#4 Finger First

Before using your massager try fingering first. This helps to relax the sphincter muscles. And make sure that you have trimmed your fingernails before engaging in any anal play. Insert your finger about 3 inches into the rectum. You should feel a bump. Gently rub your finger over this in a ‘beckoning motion’. You might consider using a latex glove for quick cleanup.


#5 Find the Right Prostate Stimulator

There are a number of sex toys that can be used for anal stimulation, such as anal beads and various vibrators, however, they have not been designed for anal stimulation. Prostate stimulators are ideal for stimulating the specific erogenous zones that surround the prostate. Take into account size and the material when making your choice. 



All BerryLemon prostate stimulators are made using waterproof high-grade silicone, which makes for easy cleaning (and comfortable insertion). Use a gentle detergent when caring for your BerryLemon prostate massager (take a look at WakeNeo, or Wes). 

If you're curious about finding the perfect prostate massager, we have a recommendation quiz at the end of this article. ;) 


#6 Clean up

We all know what goes on during toilet breaks - so the importance of keeping your anal massager clean is pretty obvious.

Use a gentle detergent that is non-allergenic, or if cleaning seems like a schlep, then put a condom over your toy for no-mess, no-fuss fun.



Making the Right Choice

At BerryLemon we’re all about helping you enjoy your body whether solo or with a partner. We also know that taking that next step on the journey towards the ultimate orgasm is a big one. If you want to dive into the waters of prostate massage, but are unsure of what sort of prostate stimulator would best suit your unique needs, then take the BerryLemon Prostate Quiz below >>



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