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To say that sex toys have become mainstream is an understatement, however, there is still some stigma attached to actually purchasing a sex toy. Especially for guys. The question is why? Is it weird for men to have sex toys?

The answer is a resounding no.

The trick is to find the right beginner sex toy (and perhaps thoughtfully tiptoe around the lingering stigma you might be wrestling with).

Let’s put this idea of 'weirdness' to bed once and for all. What you do with your own body, or what takes place between two consenting adults can never be weird.

Let's take a closer look at sex toys for men and how they are becoming more and more mainstream - and how men, in particular, are rejecting the idea of sex toys being taboo.

Sex Toys For Men – Is It Weird?

Many women have a drawer full of vibratory goodies beside their bed. Many couples have a lot of fun using and exploring sex toys together too. But, why do some men suddenly feel worried they're stepping into a sticky stigma situation when they start getting curious about sex toys? Is it weird for men to have sex toys? 

The answer is no. It’s not weird. Seriously. Men owning and buying new sex toys are way more common than you might think. (Take it from us, we sell sex toys to dudes every day.)

The FHM conducted a survey of 5,000 men to shed some light on their opinions on sex toys.

The study found some interesting facts:

    • 51% of men own a sex toy. Cock rings were the most popular sex toy, followed by strokers, prostate massagers, penis pumps, and stamina rings. 
    • 78% of men said they would totally consider buying a sex toy for their solo use.
    • 70% of men said they should be allowed to buy a sex toy without embarrassment. 
    • 69% of men said they’d be delighted to allow their partner to use a sex toy on them.
    • A mere 4% of men in this study said it was “weird” to have a sex toy. 

If you are interested in exploring sex toys for men, it’s not at all weird, in fact, it's extremely common. Men enjoy sexual pleasure, no? (We’re only human.) So why would a product created to enhance pleasure be weird? 

Addressing Those Feelings of Trepidation 

If you’re asking yourself if it's weird for men to have sex toys, you might have a flicker of doubt or worry that surfaces. Investigate that a bit.

Is it because you worry you’re abnormal because of this bubbling desire? Well, according to experts, you’re clearly not abnormal! 78% of men would totally consider buying a sex toy. Men who are opposed to sex toys are in the minority here. 

Do you feel that there is a hint of emasculation to buying a pleasure-enhancing toy? Like you should be able to be “just fine” without it?

Well consider this — I’m sure a burger would be “just fine” without seasonings, but would your dining experience be enhanced by sea salt, fresh peppers, Worcester sauce, and a proper sear? You bet your ass it would. Don’t be afraid to add a little spice to your life. It can only enhance it. 

That 4% of men who aren’t into it – they don’t have to buy a sex toy if they don’t want one. Simple as that. (And hey, maybe they prefer a plain burger too!) To each their own.

If you’re among the 78% of dudes who are into it, then explore it!

Why not, right? 

Exploring The Most Popular Sex Toys For Men

Now that we’re both clear it's not at all weird for a dude to have a sex toy, let's get into the sex toy choices you could consider. 

A high-quality vibrator can make sex more fun and more rewarding for women and couples, but men don’t need to feel left out — quite the contrary. 

Sex toys aimed squarely at men have exploded onto the market - and they keep getting better and better. Let’s leap into the quiveringly rewarding world of vibrators available to men in search of the ultimate orgasm.

#1 Cock Rings

Cock rings are the ideal choice for men who want to up their staying power in the bedroom - and enjoy rock-hard erections. Cock rings are great for couples and solo play; they keep the penis hard for long periods and can help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Cock rings helps with stamina and increase penis sensitivity. 

Vibrating penis rings take the baseline cock ring and transform it into an orgasm engine (for you and your lady if you're partnered). The medical-grade silicone cock ring ‘Mister X’ is a fabulous example of the classic ring design. It has everything the first-timer or the experienced sex toy user could wish for, including 9 modes and vibration patterns.

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#2 Sex Sleeves & Strokers 

For men who want to take their masturbatory play to new heights a male stroker can provide solo sensations that are life-changing.

A stroker is a sex toy designed for penis stimulation during solo or couple play. Strokers aim to mimic penetrative sex. The soft silicone sleeves provide a natural suction and an out of this world sensation. Some of the best stokers, like AirHelix2are made from silicone - and have added internal textures for extra pleasure.

In the case of the AirHelix2, you won’t even need batteries to enjoy the ultimate in solo pleasure. The silicone stroker tightens as you enter it, and air pressure valves that create potent suction. Its sleek design features a transparent casing with six strategically placed air holes that allow you to adjust the suction strength with a simple fingertip cover. The AirHelix2 provides a sensory symphony that transcends the ordinary climax.

Once you use a stroker, you'll never use just your hand again. 

#3 Butt Plugs & Prostate Massagers 

For many many years the idea of prostate play, or anything sexual involving your bum, was a source of shame, at least for heterosexual men. However new research and feedback from both gay and straight men indicate that butt plugs and prostate massagers have entered the mainstream. It’s no wonder, given that many describe prostate orgasms as world-changing. 

If the idea intrigues you, it's definitely worth exploring. Some say prostate orgasms are far more powerful than penile ones. 

The prostate is filled with nerve endings - and stimulation can bring exquisite pleasure. In fact, prostate stimulation can deliver multiple orgasms. Without a refractory period, you can be ready to go again (and again) whenever you’re ready. 

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However, once again, choosing the right prostate massager will depend on various factors, including your familiarity with prostate play. If you are new to the experience, err on the side of caution and opt for something petite (with a lot of lube!). 

For beginners, a tapered and vibrating butt plug like Leo is a wonderful choice. It features dual vibrating motors (one in the base and one in the rotating base). 

Once you have entered the spirit of things, you can move on to models such as the pulser prostate massagers like Neo. It's only slightly larger, but it features an incredibly stimulating pulsing action that stimulates the prostate directly. 


Other Considerations When Trying New Sex Toys

Making the right choice when you are purchasing your sex toys is important. So, once you’ve cleared the ‘weirdness hurdle,’ what boxes need to be ticked when you are considering the purchase of a vibrator or other sort of sex toy

Size is Important

In the case of vibrators, one size does not fit all. You may have to try a few toys out before you find sex toys that fit your body perfectly. This goes for cock rings, strokers, and anal toys. Look at product measurements before you buy and be prepared to play the vibrator field. 

Shape & Function

What you're looking for will determine which size and functionalities you should opt for. If you want to buy a sex toy that both you and your partner can enjoy -- keep in mind her pleasure. If you want something for penile stimulation, keep in mind if you want vibration or not. The world is your oyster. If you're planning on exploring anal toys, ONLY use toys that are designed for that. (Seriously, it's very dangerous to use anything without a flared base.) 


Sex toys can be made from a variety of materials. There are even wooden and metal versions available. However, if you want to go with a tried and proven material, then opt for medical-grade silicone. Silicone is fabulous - it transmits intense vibration extremely well, and it’s easily kept clean. It's nonporous and doesn’t trap foreign organisms such as yeast or bacteria. 

Try Exploring Sex Toys with Your Partner 

If you’re curious about sex toys but are still a bit anxious about making your first purchase, that’s understandable, but you can ease your way into the sex toy experience with a partner.

Having someone there to take the journey with you takes away the stress. Research also reveals that couples who explore sex toys and mutual masturbation have a more rewarding and fulfilling sex life - so you really have nothing to lose. 

Also, take a little time to get to know what turns on your partner. That means that you should be communicating both prior to and during your bedroom-style activities. 

Great sex toys for couples are remote control vibrators, clitoris vibrators, panty vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and even strokers. 


So, is it weird for men to have sex toys?

You are a sexual being, and owning a sex toy will increase the possibilities for solo or partnered sex play. Using a sex toy with a female partner can be an essential and pleasurable part of foreplay - and increase her chances of orgasm. Solo play is enhanced and becomes even more of an adventure. 

It’s not weird for men to have sex toys, in fact, it is a sign of someone who is comfortable with their sexuality and solo play and has their partner’s pleasure in mind. 

And men owning sex toys is far more common than you think. 

At BerryLemon, we are committed to providing you with the information and products that will help to enhance your sex life. If you're still unsure which sex toy would best suit your needs, set aside 2 minutes to complete the Sex Toy Quiz. We’ll offer you our expert recommendation, and before you know it, you’ll be the proud owner of a sex toy that meets your unique desires.

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