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Discovering Your Pleasure: A Prostate Play Guide

Your prostate can, if treated properly, supply some of the most life changing orgasms that any man will ever experience.

Those mind-expanding orgasms are supplied via prostate play, and the best way to enjoy prostate play is by making use of a well designed, high quality prostate massager

But before you purchase your own sex toy and begin your explorations, it’s necessary to know a little more about your prostate, and how a prostate massager can provide seemingly endless waves of pleasure.


Prostate Orgasms? Why The Hell Not?

We’ve waxed lyrical about the magic of the p-spot and its ability to provide orgasms. Those orgasms, like all orgasms, cause the release of the brain’s feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals can help us overcome stress, depression and anxiety. In today’s high pressure world maybe the solution is more orgasms.

But many folks shy away from the prostate as a source of pleasure. Taboo no more, there are countless dudes exploring the pleasures of prostate play.

In this guide we'll talk all about the benefits of prostate play and how to achieve your first prostate orgasm. 


The Benefits of Prostate Play

To kick off this prostate play guide, let's talk about the benefits of regular prostate orgasms.

Prostate play involving a great prostate massager (or your fingers) can provide a wealth of mental and physical benefits, and this applies to whether you are using your prostate massager solo, or with a partner. 

There are a number of physical conditions that will benefit from prostate massage. These range from urinary health issues to conditions that affect male sexual performance.

⚪ Prostatitis Management
The symptoms of Prostatitis include tenderness and pain in the groin area, caused by inflammation of the prostate. Research has indicated that prostate massage might be an effective complementary treatment for prostatitis when paired with a course of antibiotics. Anecdotal evidence certainly backs up the usefulness of prostate massage in treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
⚪ Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
BPH becomes increasingly common as men age. The condition causes swelling and enlargement of the prostate. A 2009 paper that appeared in the Open Urology and Nephrology revealed that regular use of a prostate massager could relieve the symptoms of BPH that affect the lower urinary tract.
⚪ Urinary Tract Issues
If you are a man, then the passing years will increase the probability that you will suffer from difficulty urinating. However, this sort of problem may be more prevalent in older men - but it can strike at any age. There’s evidence to suggest that regular prostate massage can go some way to correcting problems with urine flow.  
⚪ Painful Ejaculation
Although it is early days, doctors are starting to talk seriously about the advantages of prostate massage when it comes to dealing with the pain that some men feel when cumming. 
⚪ Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Although science-based medical evidence is lacking, there is no lack of anecdotal evidence from numerous sources that hints at the role that using a prostate massager can play in helping men deal with ED. 
Prostate play can help men enjoy strong erections, and great sex. However, the psychological impact of regular orgasms and a fully engorged penis should not be underestimated. 
Using a prostate massager will certainly get your blood pumping - and great blood flow is one of the keys to a rock hard erection.  

Regular use of a prostate massager can improve mood and help ED sufferers deal with stress (one of the leading causes of ED), but it can also provide individuals with the confidence they need to thrive in social situations - and enjoy a revitalized sex life.


Where Is The Prostate? 

Now you may be wondering where the hell you can find this magical orgasmic button. Well it's a tad different for every bloke but here's what you need to know.

The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut, which resides around 2 inches into the rectum. It sits on the upper rectum wall (toward the belly, on the back). 

This location is why you'll see prostate massagers (the good ones anyway) have a gentle curve to the shaft. This ensures the massager is able to pinpoint the prostate on the upper wall and apply the necessary stimulation. 


Finger first

You can absolutely massage your own prostate with your fingers. But it's worth noting, it's not the smoothest ride.

A prostate orgasm differs from a penile orgasm in many ways, but the most notable is stimulation duration necessary. A prostate orgasm can take a long time. So, self stimulating with your fingers can be uncomfortable, impractical and could leave you wanting for more. 

However, slipping a finger in is a wonderful way to warm up the area and explore.

If you want to enjoy prostate play like the best of the best, it's time to invest in a remote controlled prostate massager my friend.


Prostate Play Toy Guide: Using The Right Equipment

This prostate play guide would be rather incomplete without a run down of what sex toys you can use to easily stimulate your prostate. 

If you are going to dive into the world of prostate play then you are going to need the prostate massager that is right for you. And don’t be seduced by the many makes of vibrator on the market. Those have been designed for use by women (with obviously their partners lending a hand).

The fact of the matter is that vibrators have not been designed to reach and stimulate the prostate - in fact they’ll miss the target area by a country mile.

The reason that prostate massagers such as those from Berrylemon are able to deliver intense p-spot orgasms is that they have been specifically designed to do so. They have a curvaceous shape which ensures comfortable insertion - and they also have a bulbous head which is perfectly suited to the task of reaching and stimulating the prostate.

Let's talk about what to consider when you are thinking of exploring prostate play with a massager. 


Device Features 

But there are numerous types of prostate massagers out there that offer a long list of pleasure features. 

  • Some massagers are "static" which means they offer no vibration and require the user to "rock" their body to feel the prostate stimulation. 
  • Others are packed with vibrators (sometimes 2 in one toy like Wake). 
  • Massagers are designed to pinpoint the prostate by utilizing insertion angle and perineum base pressure to keep the toy in place. 


Size & Shape

There are prostate toys that are the right size for newcomers to the prostate stimulation scene, and those who are old hands when it comes to the wonders of prostate orgasms.

It's recommended to start low and slow when trying to find the right size of prostate massager. When first trying prostate play, be prepared to buy a few prostate massagers with varying sizes and designs to find what works for you. 


The Base Basics

The base of your prostate massager is important. A well designed, generous and ergonomic base allows the prostate massager to stay in place even when the going gets hot and heavy. It’s your guarantee of a hassle-free prostate play experience.  

But that base can offer more than comfort and non-slip design. Many prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the perineum. Your perineum is the area of thin skin between your anus and your balls, and it is packed with nerve endings.

For many people stimulating the perineum can be an integral part of their prostate play experience and contributes to achieving those ‘pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ orgasms. 

If you want to explore prostate play then pay special attention to the base of the prostate massager that you will be purchasing.


Which Toy is Right For You?

At BerryLemon we LOVE helping folks buy their very first prostate play toy. Let's explore our favorite toys for prostate play beginners.


⭐ Butt Plugs as a Starting Point


Beginners would probably be attracted to the BerryLemon Leo, with its fairly petite and tapered. It’s perfect for those who might have experience with run-of-the-mill butt plugs, or for those who want to ease into the pleasures of prostate play.

For those just beginning with butt stuff, Leo is a really great starting point. 

However, if you want to pinpoint that prostate for intense orgasms, a butt plug doesn't quite deliver that. Plugs graze the spot, and are defiantly enjoyable but lack the intensity of prostate massagers. 



⭐ Come Hither

Wes has been designed for newcomers to prostate play. At only 3 inches long, this petite and flexible toy offers a rolling pleasure ball feature that simulates the "come hither" fingering motion. This pleasure ball glides right over the prostate for direct stimulation. 

Remote controlled | 10 speeds & patterns of vibration 


⭐ The Pulser

Curved and crafted with our unique “prostate pulse point” feature, Neo delivers a level of stimulation that could leave even the most experienced pleasure-seeker breathless. 

Remote controlled | 10 speeds & patterns of vibration 


⭐ The Ultimate 

Wake is a state-of-the art prostate massager is our largest offer that features 2 motors, curved p-spotter, a perineum stimulator and 360° rotating base beads,. 

Remote controlled | 10 speeds & patterns of vibration 



Embracing Prostate Play Guide: Hints & Tips 

So let’s assume that you have chosen from the BerryLemon lineup of prostate massagers and are ready to dive into the magical world of prostate play. Take a breath. There are some guidelines that will make your experience of prostate stimulation that much more exhilarating.

  • Quality Counts. When choosing your prostate massager ensure that it has been designed by a reputable manufacturer and that it is made from medical grade silicon. This ensures that there will be no issue with allergies - and that your prostate massager will stand the test of time. Remember, a prostate massager is not a dildo, there are moving mechanical components and those must be of the highest quality. 


  • Lube Up. We cannot emphasize the importance of lube. Apply it early and often. Without lube you run the risk of damaging the delicate external and internal tissues of the anus. Lubeless prostate play is also uncomfortable and the entire point of the exercise is to be relaxed and enjoy the sensations - forcing a sex toy up your Hershey Highway is definitely not going to make the experience better.


  • Take a shower. It’ll help you to relax and it also ensures that your nether regions are squeaky clean. That’s essential if you want to avoid a nasty bacterial infection - and simply good manners if you are enjoying prostate play with a partner.


  • Use the bathroom. Stimulating the prostate may make you feel like you need to pee or have a bowel movement. Going beforehand will make you feel more confident - and avoid the possibility of messy bedroom accidents.


Last Words On Prostate Play Guide

Choosing a prostate massager can be an exciting experience. Made even more rewarding by the fact that using this type of sex toy can provide an exceptionally sensual experience and orgasms that have been described as life-altering.

Making the right choice and using your prostate massager with due care will make all the difference to your experience. So choose carefully.

If you are still unsure about which prostate massager would best meet your unique needs, set aside a few minutes to complete the BerryLemon Prostate Quiz. Let us recommend the very best prostate toy for you. Before you know it you’ll have had that perfect prostate manager delivered to your door. Then it’s time to begin a uniquely rewarding sexual journey. 




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