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Finding the best lube for anal sex is the key to a spectacular sexual experience, but choosing the right lube can be a challenge.

High School biology classes never covered the human anus in any great detail. The inner workings of frogs and the excretory habits of Earthworms were discussed, but bums were off-limits.

Thankfully they aren’t anymore, something that, gay or straight you should be pleased about because bum play can be extremely pleasurable - but before you start to explore this previously taboo part of human sexuality, you’ll need to find the best lube for anal sex.

Great quality lube is important. Good lube can make your sexual experience more exciting, more comfortable, and more fun. 

But before we jump into the slippery and satisfying world of sex lubricants and the importance of finding the best lube for anal sex, it would be useful to know why anal play and penetration of the anus feel so good  

You & Butt Stuff

Let’s take a closer look at why anal sex feels so good.

The taboos surrounding anal sex are understandable, if just from an evolutionary point of view, after all, it’s a part of the body that normally is an exit, rather than an entry point. 

However, human beings seek pleasure - and the backdoor, as well as the tissue surrounding the anus, is packed with nerves. Stimulating those nerves can lead to incredibly intense feelings of pleasure. In fact, the bum is recognized as one of the most important erogenous zones in the human body.

However, the experience of anal penetration differs between men and women due to their specific physiologies.

Women & Butt Play

For women, anal sex provides waves of pleasure due to the proximity of the pelvic floor. Anal sex stimulates contractions of the pelvic floor, which can lead to world-changing orgasms. The closeness of the vaginal walls to the anal canal is another reason that many women enjoy the sensations provided by anal sex.


Men & Backdoor Exploration 

The pleasure of anal sex is amplified for men due to the stimulation of the prostate, also known as the Male G-Spot, or ‘P-Spot’. Massaging the prostate can be accomplished using a sex toy designed for prostate massage, fingers or, of course, a partner’s penis. 

When it comes to prostate play, hands-free prostate massagers are the elite option. This is one of the occasions that (for men at least) a run-of-the-mill vibrator will not get the job done.

Lube is a Non-Negotiable Part of Anal Sex

Anal sex can provide shudderingly intense orgasms, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t approach anal sex appropriately, it can be downright painful. 

A study conducted in 2013 revealed that 79.1% of women said that their first anal sex experience was painful or uncomfortable. One would assume that many men would share that opinion. 

This is only one of the reasons that finding the best lube for anal sex is so important. 

Pain is the body’s way of providing you with a clue that something is not right - and in the case of anal sex you need to listen to your body. Using lots of lube, and applying it often is one of the keys to enjoying anal sex, whether with a partner or going solo.

When it comes to anal play, lube is non-negotiable. 

Staying Safe During Anal Sex

A healthy serving of the very best lube for anal sex is not just important because it makes anal sex far more comfortable, (it does), it’s also a safety issue. 

The lining of your rectum is extremely delicate and sensitive, it can be damaged very easily. Tears and rips to the lining will introduce you to a whole new world of pain, and expose you to a very real risk of serious bacterial infection. 

Choosing a Quality Lube

When choosing a lubricant for anal sex a tick list can be tremendously useful. If the lube you are considering doesn’t tick all the right boxes, then perhaps move on to another product.

#1 Water-based vs Silicone-based lubes. A water-based lube is generally far kinder to your body than the silicone-based alternative. Water-based lubes usually contain more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals. And that’s always a good thing when the product is going inside your body. There’s a reason that water-based lubes are used in gynecologists' offices across the world - they are simply better (and safer) for you (male or female), especially when it comes to anal sex.  

#2 Avoid non-lube products. The best lube for anal sex is a safe one. We understand that on the odd occasion, it’s any port in a storm, but lube alternatives such as olive or coconut oil, moisturizers, or the often-maligned Vaseline are not great choices when it comes to anal sex. These products offer inferior lubrication - and they can lead to infections. You wouldn’t use a hammer to tighten nuts - use the right tool for the job or you risk injury.

#3 Size does count. At least when it comes to lube. It is essential to have plenty of lube at hand, so make sure that you purchase a product that can supply a generous amount (5 fluid oz is about right). You should be reapplying lube often when engaged in anal play - whether using a toy or anything else. 

Just to be clear, ‘anything else’ does not mean the pump for your inflatable camping mattress - we’re talking about a penis or a finger. Be safe.

#4 Additives. There are many lubricants that contain a wealth of chemicals, some of which might be harmful to you (for instance, many silicone-based lubes contain man-made oils). However, there are additives that can improve your anal sex experience, such as Aloe vera, which is well known for its soothing properties. In short, water-based lubes are kinder to your skin and sensitive bits.

#5 Condom use. If you are going to be using a condom during anal sex (and you should be) then water-based lubricants make good sense. The best lube for anal sex is one that will not degrade either latex or non-latex condoms - and the best water-based lubricants tick that box. 

#6 pH Balancing. The best lubes for anal sex are pH balanced - and if you are a woman, and will also be using your chosen lube with vaginal sex as well, that’s important. A pH neutral lube will help protect your delicate vaginal flora which means that you will be at risk for yeast and other types of infections. 

#7 Paraben-Free. Make sure that you choose a lube that is paraben-free. Parabens are a class artificial preservatives that are widely in cosmetics, hair products, and skin care products like moisturizers - and personal lubricants.

Parabens can mimic the female hormone estrogen and too much estrogen can supercharge cell division. Uncontrolled cell division can lead to cancer, or the formation of tumors. Research is also ongoing about the impact of parabens on the endocrine system - but the consensus seems to be that avoiding paraben-laden lube is a good idea. The best lube for anal sex is one that is paraben-free. 

Hints and Tips - Using Lube for Anal Sex

There’s an old saying, ‘If you’re going to do something, do it right. 

When using lubricants for anal sex follow these guidelines. You’ll be rewarded with a comfortable and satisfying experience - and you may just have one of the most mind-blowing orgasms you have ever had. 

#1 Warm up your hands. It’s only polite (especially in winter). Lube can seem astonishingly cold if you don’t rub it between your hands before application.

#2 More is better. It cannot be overemphasized that when you are using lube for anal sex then you need to reapply it often. Remember, your precious rosebud is made up of a ring of muscle that is usually tightly shut, for good reason. Be patient with yourself, talk to your partner, and use more lube. The more slippery the better.

#3 Towel Time. You’re going to be using a lot of lube. Make sure that you have access to a quality product and perhaps consider putting a towel underneath you. You’ll avoid unnecessary laundry - and the absence of another source of that dreaded wet spot is always to be celebrated. Also, some lower-grade lubricants can stain sheets - invest in a top of the range lubricant for anal sex.

#4 The importance of foreplay. Don’t ignore the possibilities of lubricants when it comes to foreplay. You can rub it on nipples, and anywhere else. A great lube is also perfect for that sensual massage. It’s also a fabulous way to relax and achieve that perfect level of comfort that will allow you to lean into anal sex.

The Last Word - Finding the Best Anal Lube

Safety, comfort, and pleasure are all important when you are choosing the best anal lube. Choose a quality lubricant and apply it early and often. Avoid lubricants that have potentially harmful chemicals. Glycerin is a great example. It can cause candida to multiply and cause severe yeast infections in women. 

Lube for anal sex should also avoid lube that contains an abundance of chemicals such as parabens. In fact, it’s best to stay well away from lubricants that contain any petrochemical-derived products as these can cause burning or itching. 

Whether it is for masturbation or with a partner, stick with a water-based lube that is sourced from a reputable supplier and conforms to the highest standards.

At BerryLemon we are focused on providing you with the advice you need to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling sex life - and keeping safe and healthy. Choosing the right lube for anal sex is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You are going to be inserting that product into your body - take some care when selecting your anal sex lube.


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