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Got butt play on the mind? Well, you certainly aren’t alone my friend. Prostate toys and vibrators for men have been steadily on the rise for years. It seems the secret is out – the prostate is a point of super-intense pleasure for many. 

And let’s be clear, we mean EVERY type of dude is showing interest. Cis, straight guys are finally figuring out the prostate is the way to level up their sex life.

So, if you’re interested in exploring prostate toys we can’t blame you. We only wonder what took you so long! 

Why does prostate stimulation feel so good?

Ahh, butt play. Why do we want it? And why does it feel so good? It’s simple really. It’s just your god-given anatomy. 

Prostate toys and vibrators are designed to stimulate the walnut-sized gland found around 2 inches into the anus. This is known as your prostate gland. It serves a few important reproductive purposes but it also moonlights as a pleasure center.

The gland sits within a cluster of nerve endings and when stimulated properly, these nerves can produce full-bodied, out-of-this-world orgasms. Most men say these orgasms are more powerful than penile orgasms. They are said to last longer too (with no refractory period) and feel “deeper” and “mind blowing.” 

As a big bonus, there are actual health benefits from enjoying regular prostate orgasms, which you can read all about here. 

But there is a catch. 

This pleasure point is kind of hard to stimulate yourself. This is why prostate toys are attractive to so many. 

Hands-free prostate orgasms? Um. Yes, please. 

Types of prostate toys to choose from

Since sex toys for men are on the rise there are a few options to choose from now. There’s not a one-size-fits-all situation here. You want to peruse your options a bit before buying. 

Here are the main types of prostate toys on the market:

Static prostate stimulators:

These toys don’t have motors and rely mostly on gentle pressure. They are designed to be placed inside to put pressure on the prostate. These are great for beginners.

Rigid material prostate toys:

Most prostate toys are made of soft silicone but some really enjoy temperature and rigidity play. So temperature-sensitive toys made of ceramic, glass, and steel can be a fun option. 

Prostate vibrators:

These toys have internal motors (sometimes multiple) and they offer an added layer of stimulation via vibration. Prostate vibrators are among the most popular types of prostate toys. 

Read More: How To Use A Prostate Massager For Beginners

Internal and external stimulating toys:

You can stimulate the prostate externally too. This is why some prostate toys offer perineum stimulation. Bendy ledges to the toy gently push against the prostate from the outside. 

Rimming toys:

Rimming play is a whole other topic but this stimulation is sometimes included as an added level of stimulation. Spinning base beads or added texture at the toy base can stimulate anal nerves. 

Remote control prostate toys:

These are “place and play” toys. So you want to insert them and leave them there. Changing the vibration settings can be a bit of a pain, so remote controls put pleasure at your fingertips.

Our top 5 fave prostate toys for the backdoor-curious 

These prostate toys may help you unlock a whole new world of next-level orgasms. 

#1 Wake Remote Control Prostate Massager W/ Rim Beads & Perineum Cradle by BerryLemon $66 

This remote control prostate massager stimulates 3 erogenous zones simultaneously. You can explore dual, independently controlled motors with the press of a button. WAKE is waterproof, rechargeable, made of soft medical-grade silicone, and has 10 pulse patterns to enjoy. The bendy perineum cradle stimulates the prostate externally but it also helps keep the toy in place. The slightly bendy body of the toy ensures a great fit for everyone. This allows you to hit all your angles ;) 

#2 Hugo Remote Control Prostate Massager by LELO $219

LELO, another mainstay manufacturer of prostate toys, creates a few prostate massagers that are well-loved.  This prostate toy is the smallest on the list (1.2-inch diameter and 3.5 inches length.) So it’s great for both beginners and intermediates. The luxury price tag is definitely an investment but if this design hits the spot, it’s certainly a gift that keeps givin’. 

#3 Pfun Plug by njoy $95

Njoy stainless steel toys create infamous unisex toys. This one however was created just for prostate stimulation. It doesn’t contain a motor and requires that you rock yourself a bit to feel it massage your prostate. This can mean it takes a little longer to O but it may mean more powerful orgasms. It’s a weighty toy that can take a bit of getting used to. But stainless steel is easy to clean and you can play with toy temperatures (heated in warm water or chilled in the fridge.) 

#4 Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager by Aneros $70

This is a mainstay in prostate toys. Aneros is well known in the industry for their static prostate toys that are all great for prostate newbs and experts alike. This toy is similar to a static butt plug as it doesn’t have vibrating motors and relies on the gentle pressure it creates on the prostate. The slight curve to the product is the secret to a pleasurable anal toy. That curve is needed to properly pinpoint the prostate. 

#5 Petite rimming & vibrating butt plug by B-Vibe $108

This one is a bit different from the others but we love it for those who are just beginning to explore butt play. This petite butt plug is vibrating and has rimming base beads. In our book any anal toy with remote and duel motors is elite. Remotes are fun for solo play and couple play. Since it is a backdoor toy it’s just more convenient to use the remote control. 

It takes some exploring to find what you like

If you’re new to prostate vibrators and prostate toys make sure you warm up before jumping in. Use lots of lube and keep your toys immaculately clean. 

Some new users find prostate toys take some experimentation and may require longer periods of stimulation than penile orgasms. So, be patient, be safe and have fun. 


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