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The world would be a far less interesting place if we were all the same. Fortunately, we’re all unique individuals, from the tips of our toes, to the tops of our heads. That goes doubly for sex. We all have our favorite position, and perhaps even a favorite lube. And with 74% of men in the U.S. owning a sex toy, it’s a pretty sure bet that you might be searching for your next favorite bedside buddy. But, when it comes to choosing the best sex toys for men, how do you ensure you’re making the right choice? 

Read on, we’ve put together a short guide to some of the best sex toys for men, and what each brings to the party.


The Many Great Sex Toys Choices

If the number of times that folk search for ‘the best sex toys for men’ and advice on the various options is any guide, you’re probably going to be in the market for:

  1. Cock Rings

  2. ‘Masturbation Sleeves’ (also known as strokers).

  3. Prostate Massagers

  4. Butt Plugs

With that in mind, let’s delve a little deeper into why each of these appears on the ‘best sex toys for men’ list, and why you should be investing your hard-earned cash in a particular type of toy. 

Of course, there’s always the option to invest in one (or more) of each, after all, variety is the spice of life. 


Cock Rings

The penis (or cock) ring fits around the base of the penis or scrotum and constricts the blood flow out of the erect penis. The result is rock-hard and (possibly as importantly), long-lasting erections. 

These sex aids are among the most popular with men across the world for two very good reasons.

  1. They’re simple to use.

  2. They work.

Cock rings are often used by men that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) which includes an inability to maintain an erection until climax. These ‘bands’ can also help control premature ejaculation. Both of these issues can wreak havoc on any man’s self-confidence, and it can place strain on couples, and not only as far as their bedroom gymnastics are concerned.

That’s one of the attractions of cock rings. Not only do these sex toys ensure that erections are rock hard, but they can also delay orgasms (and in many cases intensify them) in men, they can also be rewarding for both parties.

Cock rings have established their reputation as one of the best sex toys for men because not only do they enhance male pleasure and build self-confidence, but they also provide a more fulfilling experience for both partners - and are fabulous at providing those engaged in solo play explosive orgasms.  

Use for: Longer lasting, stronger erections, couples play, intense orgasms

Our Recommendation:

Cock rings are a bit more than a bunch of rubber bands for the base of your dick (please don’t do this), the best cock ring will have added features such as vibration options. This adds to male pleasure - and is fabulous for clit stimulation as well.


ORO from BerryLemon boasts 9 modes and vibration patterns, making it a wonderful addition to cock based bedroom activity. It’s made from medical-grade silicone, and it can also be charged via USB (please, not at the office). 

This high-quality cock ring is 1.5 inches in circumference and 2.2 inches across when stretched, but don’t worry, ORO should suit most men. That’s according to the British Journal of International Urology research. That study revealed that the average erect penis is 5.16 inches long and 4.59 inches in terms of girth (remember, that’s around). You’ll be fine. 

You can also purchase cock rings with additional features, such as a butt plug or even a harness attachment - but start off slow and purchase a cock ring that will grow with you (pun very much intended).


Masturbation Sleeves (Strokers)

The alternative name for Masturbation Sleeves, ‘Strokers’ neatly sums up how these great sex toys for men are used. Basically, insert and go to town. 

There are an enormous number of variants of this popular sex toy. There are models with motor-powered sleeves, featuring the different vibration nodes - and then there are the models that have stood the test of time, thanks to their simplicity, ease of use - and their ability to produce Earth-shattering orgasms. 

Use for: For an intense masturbation experience

Our Recommendation

Opt for the incredible Air Helix2 which ups the ante when it comes to male strokers. This stylishly designed sex sleeve is incredibly quiet to use, doesn't need batteries, and relies on air pressure to deliver exquisite sensations. 


Those orgasmic sensations are due to a luxuriously textured, silky-soft, and pliable silicone helix sleeve that uses natural suction to tighten as you enter it, and air pressure valves that keep the suction action intense.

Six strategically placed openings in the sleeve of the Air Helix2 allow you to restrict and allow airflow to meet your unique needs. The result of a strategically placed finger is nothing short of spectacular. 


Prostate Massagers

Butt stuff was taboo for the longest time, but thankfully it’s now become mainstream, and even trendy. That’s good news for men and women - and for men in search of the ultimate orgasm, it means that they now have an enormous choice when it comes to popular prostate massagers. 

These toys have been specifically designed to stimulate the prostate - a gland that is packed to the brim with nerve endings. The orgasms experienced through prostate stimulation are so intense that the prostate has earned the nickname ‘The Male G-Spot’ (or ‘P-Spot’), providing men with levels of pleasure that have been compared to the female orgasm.

Use for: For mind-blowing solo play or with a partner.

Our Recommendation

Always check that the prostate massager you are considering has the right design to ensure it reaches the right places (in this case, your prostate). That means a sensuously curved shaft and a bulbous head. For the best effect, your prostate massager should have some added extras, like vibration functions and various stimulation modes.

The BerryLemon Collection features some of the most stylish, ergonomically designed, orgasm-inducing prostate massagers that are available today.  


Prostate Massagers For Beginners:

 The Wes Roller Prostate Massager is perfect for those who are interested in the new sensations and pleasures that are part and parcel of prostate massage. It’s not as intimidating as many of the larger prostate massagers, but check under the hood and you’ll find a massager that has it all.  

The BerryLemon Wes is only 3 inches long (said to be the perfect length by those in the know) and 1 inch wide. But dynamite comes in small(ish) packages, This prostate massager has 10-speed vibration, and perhaps most importantly the ‘rolling’ motion supplied by the rolling pleasure ball mimics the ‘come hither’ motion which has been responsible for so many incredible prostate orgasms. 

For the Adventurous:

For those who want that ‘fuller’ feeling, or want to explore new heights of pleasure then the ‘hands-free’ remote control Wake prostate massager will tick all the right boxes. 

This prostate massager has been designed by experts to ensure that it stays in place - and reaches all the right places. Tantalize your prostate with 10 remote-controlled pulse patterns and 360° rotating base (with perineum stimulation design) for extra control and pleasure. 


Butt Plugs

Butt plugs have been part and parcel of sexual play for literally hundreds, if not thousands of years. The reason that people have stuck with the evergreen butt plug as part of their sex toy armory is simple – they feel incredible to use for both men and women. No matter whether you are a penis or vagina owner, butt plugs can increase your levels of pleasure. 

For men, this is another toy that can stimulate the prostate (although for the ultimate orgasm, a Prostate Massager still rules the roost), but it also has the added advantage of being perfect for men and women - and couple’s activity. 

Women will often get the added benefit of having the toy stimulate the internal structures linked to the clit - and that means more intense orgasms. There’s anecdotal evidence that women may experience a tightening or narrowing of the vaginal canal if they use butt plugs regularly. That can enhance sensations for both partners, but the jury’s still out on this particular benefit. 

Butt plugs are incredibly versatile. They can be used to warm up for anal sex, they can be used while having conventional vaginal sex (with added clitoral stimulation), and they add to the sensations of both female and male masturbation. 

Use for: For incredible solo play, with a partner, new sensations, intense anal orgasms, and the exquisite possibility of a ‘blended’, multi-erogenous zone (clitoral/vaginal/penile & anal) orgasm. 

Our Recommendation

Leo from BerryLemon has it all. This petite and sleek remote-controlled, vibrating butt plug (delivering hands-free pleasure!) is 4.5" inches (Insertable length) and 1.5"  inches at the widest, making it perfect for newcomers to anal play. 

 Leo’s perfectly tapered design is ideal for easy insertion, and the 10 satisfying massage modes, delivered by two motors (one in the base and one in the shaft) ensure that you can choose your own adventure.  


The Best Sex Toys for Men - Choices, Choices

Sex is great. It’s wonderful. It’s the top of the pops as far as things that make us feel good, and a vigorous bout of bedroom rodeo or the five-knuckle shuffle can make our stress disappear.

But having the right tools for the job is essential. Sex toys are no longer taboo, and they can help you spice things up in the bedroom. Your choices are almost limitless and if you’re after the best sex toys for men, then the list above is a great place to start. 

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping, and get that nose pressed to the window in anticipation of your soon-to-be-delivered (discretely of course) new toys, courtesy of BerryLemon.

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