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Wondering if you're in a toxic relationship? 

This quick 'toxic relationship quiz' is designed by a certified psychologist to help you determine if you might be stuck in a toxic relationship. 

It may feel simple to see toxicity in other peoples relationship. But, it can be hard to see it in your own. When you are tangled inside a dysfunctional, controlling or toxic relationship it can be very difficult to see your partner clearly. You may be being gaslit, or you could be doubting your own intuition. 

Getting input from trusted friends, family or a good therapist is a good place to start unraveling your experience. 

In this 'toxic relationship quiz' a certified psychologist helps you dissect common toxic relationship warning signs in just a few minutes.

Take this quiz where you won't be caught by your partner. And be as honest as you can with each question and take your time to consider instances when each 'warning' might have come up.


toxic relationship quiz


👇👇 Take the toxic relationship quiz👇👇

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