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 Let's Dive Deep into Pleasurable, Pulsating, Prostate Play


Vibration and sexual pleasure go hand in hand, and vibrating prostate massagers are elite, but it may surprise you to learn that sexual pleasure, vibration, and breakfast are all connected. Strange bedfellows to say the least. 

The famously prudish Dr. John Harvey Kellogg invented cornflakes and a device called "Kellogg's Rings," which were intended to prevent or discourage masturbation; it's a sure bet that he was not a fan of self-pleasuring. But the famously focused Dr. Kellog was not only responsible for a popular breakfast cereal and what sounds suspiciously like an early example of a potentially dangerous cock ring - he also invented the vibrating bed.

That’s right, in the late 19th century, while running the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, USA., Dr. Kellogg developed a vibrating bed. He believed that mechanical vibrations could promote blood circulation and improve overall health. 

He would be aghast at the numbers of ‘Magic Finger’ type beds that appeared in motel bedrooms across America - and it’s a good bet that those beds were not aimed at soothing away the tired muscles of traveling salesmen.

The fact is vibration can improve blood circulation. In the case of a vibrating prostate massager an impressive, rock-hard erection is a certainty. As are orgasms that will transform your idea of just how mind-blowingly enjoyable prostate play can be.  

Lets get into prostate play 101

Let's cover all of the basics when it comes to prostate play. Why are prostate orgasms so intense (often more intense than penile orgasms)? 

❗Getting on your Nerves

The prostate gland, located inside the rectum, is highly sensitive and rich in surface and deeper nerve endings. Stimulation of the prostate can produce intense pleasure unlike those experienced through other forms of sexual stimulation.

❗Location, location, location

The prostate is perfectly situated to enhance sexual pleasure. It’s closely connected to the pelvic nerve which is itself responsible for much of the pleasure that we get from great sex. This nerve helps to increase the sensations of prostate play to levels that can provide earth-shattering orgasms.

❗Everyone’s Invited

Usually involves multiple erogenous zones such as the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) and other areas that surround the anus. The stimulation of multiple areas during prostate play increases the intensity of physical sensations - and orgasms. 

❗Slippery when Wet

The prostate is responsible for the production and release of seminal fluid. This fluid provides an essential lubricant that helps to speed sperm on their way through the penis and beyond. And the release of this fluid can make orgasms much more intense. 

The Ins & Outs Of Vibrating Prostate Massagers

There are many types of sex toys that can be used for anal play, from anal beads to your run-of-the-mill butt plug, but those aren’t designed to provide prostate stimulation that leads to a life-changing orgasm. A vibrating prostate massager delivers the right intensity right where you want it.

But, there are other reasons to invest in a massager that has been designed to provide incredible prostate orgasms. 

⚪ Arches, Curves and Bulges - Oh My!

The first difference that you will notice between a prostate massager and butt plugs and dildos is the shape. Prostate massagers are a lot more curved. The prostate is located on the lower wall of the rectum, so that curve is essential, it allows for the head of the prostate massager to easily and comfortably reach what is known as the male ‘G-Spot’ or ‘P-Spot’. If your anal toy is not curved for the P-spot you may only graze the area, rather than pinpoint it. 

Prostate massage toys also tend to be more bulbous than other types of sex aids. That means a vibrating prostate massager becomes thicker towards the tip. This not only allows the prostate massager to stay put - it also means that there is more surface area to reach those sensitive prostate nerve endings - and that perfect fit means that your hands are free to explore.

⚪ The Art Of The Hands-Free Orgasm

Leaving your hands free means a more intense sexual experience whether going solo or indulging in prostate play with a friend. But you can take that hands-free experience to a new level by using the BerryLemon Wake with its 10 remote-controlled pulse patterns and 360° rotating base. Just brace yourself for an OMG experience.

Hands-free means you can explore a huge variety of positions such as on all fours, lying on your stomach or even lying across your partner's lap. The key is to be comfortable. 

⚪ It’s All About The Base

The base of a vibrating prostate massager should ALWAYS be flared. It makes the prostate massager safer to use - and it helps to stimulate the perineum - the area between your balls and taint that is filled with extremely sensitive nerve endings. 

Anal toys that lack that flared base can disappear into the rectum without warning - and that is a trip to the ER that you don’t want to have to explain at the next family barbecue.  Choose the right tool for the job - like a trusty vibrating prostate massager, or a flared base butt plug.

⚪ Cum Again. And Again. And Again

Penile orgasms are great. The bee's knees. But, unfortunately,, most men need a little recharge time after cumming. Prostate play on the other hand allows men to have orgasm after orgasm. 

Finally, the male race can join the lucky female members of the ‘Multiple Orgasms Club’.

You may experience some leakage of semen when you cum after prostate massage (hence the name ‘milking the prostate), but this is normal - and you’ll be ready for round two the moment you return to earth.

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Finding Your Fit: Ride the Lightning at Your Own Speed

Prostate massage may be new and exciting - and it provides mind-blowing orgasms, but take it slow. Explore the options at your own pace. 

Your choice can deliver the intensity at the click of a button when you need it, but your vibrating prostate massager should also be gentle enough to ensure that prostate play not only feels like a first lick of ice cream on a hot summer’s day, but is also kind on that sensitive skin surrounding your chocolate starfish.

Wake - Best for Hands-Free Pleasure

A remote vibrating prostate massager like the BerryLemon Wake allows you to enjoy 10 remote-controlled pulse patterns and it’s gentle and manageable enough for both beginner’s and experienced prostate toy users to enjoy.

Wes - Best for Beginners

But at BerryLemon we believe in choice - both in and out of the bedroom. If our 5-star Wake product doesn’t do it for you then perhaps the Wes Roller Prostate Massager would excite you. This vibrating prostate massager is perfect for those who are new to prostate experiences. It’s only 3 inches long and 1 inch wide so it’s not intimidating for the newbie. The Wes boasts a 10-speed vibration function - and a rolling pleasure point that mimics the gentle ‘come hither’ finger motion that is proven to provide fireworks.

Neo - Enjoy the Unique Pulsing Action

Or you might opt to take prostate pleasure to new heights with the remote-control Neo Pulser Prostate Massager. This massager has been designed with the unique ‘Prostate Pulse Point’ feature, delivering next-level stimulation to even the most jaded of prostate massager users. With two motors and a perineum massager, this high-quality sex toy will leave you breathless.

Leo - Best for Fans of Butt Plugs

Then there’s Leo, a prostate massager for those who need a backdoor hero in their life. This premium silicone vibrating butt plug is perfectly tapered to ensure comfort. Two motors (one in the base and the other in the taper) deliver unparalleled sensation and 10 massage modes. 

Last words

There have been many descriptions of what using a prostate massager feels like, but most users describe orgasms that are ‘stronger’ and ‘deeper’ than penile orgasms. 

If you make the choice to explore this wonderful way of maxing out your sex life make sure that you choose the right prostate massager. Take into account function, material and size.

Find Your Perfect Prostate Massager: Take The Quiz

If you want to find the perfect prostate massager then we’re here to help. Take the BerryLemon Prostate Massager Quiz to find out which of our great products can help you reach peak sexual bliss.


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