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So, what does a prostate orgasm feel like? Well, short of finding out first hand, let's talk about what others have experienced so you know what to expect. 

Men have said a prostate orgasm is a “full bodied euphoria”. Some say it’s incredibly intense, “like exploding from the inside out”.

Imagine this: think of that moment you fall over the edge of a blissful orgasm. Okay, now multiply that by 10, and make that feeling last for 20 minutes or more. (!!) Instead of that blissful moment only lasting 30 to 90 seconds, it lasts for around 20 minutes during which you can climax as many times as you want. (No refractory period.) 

Let’s talk a bit more about what you can expect from your first prostate orgasm. 

It’s different than a penile orgasm 

This is new territory and things are a bit different here. 

When stimulating the penis, you’re working toward an ejaculation. But, prostate orgasms don’t normally result in an ejaculation. (Although, they can.)

Most often, men report dribbles of milky ejaculate seeping out during prostate stimulation. This is why a prostate massage is also known as prostate milking. Most guys find that their first prostate orgasm is the first time they realize they can cum without ejaculating. 

Not to mention the sensation, and build up is different from a penile orgasm. 

It takes time, practice and patience: the build up 

Prostate orgasms take time. They can’t be achieved through a fast and furious approach. That’s just not going to work here. This type of internal orgasm takes patience. You have to coax it out and build up to it. But from what fellas are reporting, it’s definitely worth it. 

On average, it takes guys between 5 to 7 minutes to orgasm during intercourse. Some get off way quicker, some need more time. But one thing is certain, a prostate orgasm takes more time and patience if you’re used to good old penile orgasms. 

Some guys get frustrated after a while of prostate stimulation and stop trying. But, especially as a prostate orgasm newbie, this is mistake number one. There is a considerable build up. Think of it this way, the longer the build up, the better the orgasm. 

This “patience is a virtue” attitude is also true for vaginal orgasms. It takes time, but it’s worth the reward. Given that they are both internal orgasms, that shift in perspective might be useful as you explore. 

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What to expect from a good prostate orgasm

This is how one straight dude on Reddit described how a prostate orgasm feels. 

While stimulating, you start to feel a tremble inside that rises up. Then your muscles contract in waves of pleasure. This full body sensation can cause you to become erect even though it doesn't involve your penis. The feeling is said to feel like a sexual electrical current going through your entire body. Eventually that rise of orgasmic energy hits a peak and you release and you're flooded with endorphins. Some guys say after they orgasm they just lay there in an orgasm stupor, almost unable to move for a bit, just trembling.

Guys online report riding the blissful waves of a prostate orgasm for an hour and a half, believe it or not. 

Fucking intense, eh? 

What other real dudes say prostate orgasms feel like 

You’re definitely not the first person to wonder what a prostate orgasm feels like. There are forums, chats and subreddits totally dedicated to this topic. (Honestly, they are great if you’re looking for tips or troubleshooting. They’ve got your back.) 

Here are just a few reports from guys on how prostate orgasms feel for them. 

“They are amazing! It feels like you're brought to the brink of orgasm, but you stay there for a long time before the pleasure just takes over and you explode.” -Reddit user

“They’re way more intense. Penile orgasms are quicker, and they don’t feel anywhere near as good. I love both, naturally, but for me, a penile orgasm is a quick release, whereas getting a prostate orgasm is a full ‘eyes rolled back’ situation.”- Fred, Men's Health Magazine 

“Yes, a prostate orgasm is extremely different than a pure ejaculatory orgasm. That first time I felt a huge rush to my face, my body got so warm and my heart raced like crazy. I felt like I was coming from the inside out and that a volcano was erupting. If an ejaculation feels like a 10, this was a 20. Yes, it was double the intensity.” - Dominus,  Men's Health Magazine

“For me, I find that I am simply overcome by the sheer power of the orgasm. It's not a whole lot better, per se, but it is a lot stronger. After it happens I'm stuck there out of breath and trembling for at least a few minutes. P-spot is the way to go.”  -Reddit user

The reviews on our remote control prostate massager called Wake reflect a similar sentiment. 

You’re not going to be a pro on your first try

This is true for any sexual act.

Are you better at partnered sex after having had a good amount of it during your life? I’m sure you are. Are you better at pleasuring yourself than you were as a pubescent kid? I bet. This is especially true for anything a bit nuanced like g-spotting, clitoral stimulation or prostate stimulation – it’s an art. You need a bit of finesse. And that’s a learned skill. 

This is even true when using a prostate massager. It takes some getting used to. Be patient, take your time, and don’t give up. 

Exploring butt play will be a bit of a learning curve. Read more on prostate pleasure here on our sex ed blog. 

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