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So you’ve heard about the male g-spot, and wonder if it’s a real thing. Spoiler, it’s real. It’s super real. It’s head to toe, full-body orgasm real. (It’s even said to be more intense than penile orgasms.) 

So, what is the male g-spot exactly? WHERE is the male g-spot? And how can you achieve that full body orgasm? 

If you want to learn all the juicy details on how to access the male g-spot, then you’ve landed in the right corner of the internet.

In this article, we’ll highlight all the must-know information and regale you with real quotes from real dudes about what to expect when you “O” with your male “G.” 

Okay, let’s talk butt stuff. 

The stories are true, there really is male g-spot 

There’s been a lot of talk about the male g-spot over the last few years. Plenty of guys are well versed on the topic, while others are left scratching their heads. 

A male -- what? 

The male g-spot, also known as the p-spot, is really just the prostate. Orgasms from stimulating this p-spot are known as prostate orgasms. 

When the prostate is stimulated, it can produce deep, long-lasting, super intense orgasms. The process is sometimes called “prostate milking.”

But it’s important to note that the prostate is well known for other reasons besides prostate orgasms:

  • This walnut-sized gland found right below the bladder, has the important job of producing fluid that transports sperm.
  • Unfortunately, prostate cancer is also the second most prevalent cancer in men. 
  • Many AMAB (assigned male at birth) people may deal with prostate issues as they grow older. This is because the prostate can swell, become inflamed and cause erectile and urinary issues. 

You can think of the prostate as an important player in male health that moonlights as a super pleasurable erogenous point. 

The p-spot is a pleasure point

The prostate has important reproductive duties but it’s also a recognized erogenous zone. It’s coined “the male g-spot” because of its similarities to the female g-spot. (After all, we’re all made up of the same parts, just rearranged.) 

The p-spot sits beneath a cluster of very sensitive nerve endings called the ​​prostatic plexus. While the mechanisms of a prostate orgasm are still unknown (due to a lack of research) many claim that these nerves are the culprit. 

Finding the male g-spot:  

So, where is the male g-spot? 

The p-spot is about 2 inches into the rectum on the upper wall, and it sits below the bladder. (Interestingly, the female g-spot is found 2 inches internally as well.) 

Finding the p-spot is said to be easier when you're already aroused as the increased blood flow will make it easier to pinpoint.

When you do find the p-spot, it’s best to use strokes that are gentle but firm. Remember that you will want to stimulate the upper rectum wall, toward your belly button. 

We get into more detail below on how to stimulate your prostate safely. 

For now, just know that you can stimulate the p-spot directly or indirectly (via the taint). Both offer a different type of pleasure. 

What does a prostate orgasm feel like? 

Wondering what to expect from a prostate orgasm? From anecdotal reports, it’s totally different from a penile orgasm. Some say it’s “otherworldly” “full-bodied” and “absolutely euphoric.” 

The best part? There’s no refractory period. Meaning, you can experience multiple prostate orgasms in a row if you want. 

Here are real-world accounts of what a prostate orgasm feels like: 

“They’re way more intense. Penile orgasms are quicker, and they don’t feel anywhere near as good. I love both, naturally, but for me, a penile orgasm is a quick release, whereas getting a prostate orgasm is a full ‘eyes rolled back’ situation.”- Fred, Men's Health Magazine 
“Yes, a prostate orgasm is extremely different than a pure ejaculatory orgasm. That first time I felt a huge rush to my face, my body got so warm and my heart raced like crazy. I felt like I was coming from the inside out and that a volcano was erupting. If an ejaculation feels like a 10, this was a 20. Yes, it was double the intensity.”- Dominus,  Men's Health Magazine

If you, like a lot of dudes, are treating your penis as the star of the show and overlook the prostate – you’re clearly missing out.

4 tips for stimulating the male g-spot like a seasoned pro 

Ready to explore? Here are 4 tips to set you up for success when exploring prostate pleasure for the first time. 

#1 Use lube, prep the area and the fingernails 

Here are the basics: 

  • Use lube, A LOT of lube
  • Trim fingernails if you’re going in with fingers
  • Make sure your bum is clean
  • Make sure fingers and/or sex toys are clean
  • Try using condoms on your toys for an easier cleanup
  • Try using latex gloves for finger play 

#2 Start with a perineum massage as a teaser

An external prostate massage can offer a milder experience and is a great introduction to prostate orgasms. These massages often just enhance a penile orgasm (always a welcomed practice) but often they don’t produce a direct prostate orgasm. 

To try this, stroke the perineum while applying gentle pressure (just an inch before the anus) during penetrative sex or oral sex. This will be a great little preview of prostate pleasure. 

This type of pleasure can also be stimulated by a perineum butt plug massager. 

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#3 Take your time, be gentle and patient

Prostate orgasms don’t come about as quickly as penile orgasms do. It can take around 10 to 15 minutes of stimulation to reach a prostate orgasm. 

In anecdotal reports, some men fail to experience pleasure during the first few tries but armed with some patience and tips, they gleefully experience their first prostate orgasm soon thereafter. 

Just take your time, listen to your body, and remember to breathe. If you’re new to anal play, GO SLOW. This isn’t a race, enjoy the journey.

#4 Try prostate massagers

Prostate toys are thoughtfully designed pleasure products that are specifically crafted to stimulate the prostate. These curved prostate vibrators are inserted (with lots of lube) and the vibration and tip rotation are controlled with a remote. (The good ones are anyway.) There’s nothing better than a hands-free prostate orgasm. 

Read more: How To Use A Prostate Massager For Beginners

Here at BerryLemon, our hands-free remote control prostate massager is a profound sexual awakening waiting to happen. 

Why are some men afraid of unlocking this pleasure point? 

In closing, let’s talk about the prostate orgasm taboo. 

This source of immense pleasure, the p-spot, is in your body whether you decide to access it or not. Some may be afraid of enjoying prostate pleasure because they fear it could somehow redefine their identity.

But, your sexual orientation or gender identity has nothing to do with prostate play or if you’ll enjoy it. 

If what’s keeping you from mind-blowing, full-body orgasms is the worry of how it could be perceived by others or how it could “redefine” your identity, then you should examine that a bit.

According to a national survey, almost half (44%) of straight men have had anal sex in their life. So, straight men are enjoying prostate play, we’re just not talking about it. 

There is nothing orientation defining about anal play. 

There is nothing inherently non-masculine about anal play.

It’s just a pleasure point -- it exists in your body whether you want to explore it or not. 

Apprehensive about prostate play?

It’s a little nerve-wracking when it comes to your bum -- we get it. But now, you’re well versed and have all the information you need to make it an enjoyable experience. 

And if it’s deeper than that -- we get that too. 

It’s understandable to have apprehensive feelings about accessing the p-spot because society has created such a massive taboo around it. 

So, try to question those internal pleasure barriers as they pop up. Do you shy away because you’re simply uninterested? (Which is valid.) Or is it because you’ve been shamed away from exploring that type of pleasure?

If the p-spot is a natural part of your body and you derive pleasure from stimulating it -- then it is yours to own. How you choose to explore that part of your body is totally up to you. 

Simply continue to learn more about this pleasure point and dive in whenever you’re ready. 

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