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So you’re wondering, why do women like anal? 

Well, some do, some don't, and we're all correct. 

If you were to survey a room of 100 women on anal sex, about 30 of them would be interested in it. The rest, not so much. But there are reasons women like anal sex! 

Today we give you all the details on what anal sex is, why women like it, and how to make the act more pleasurable. 

Let's get into it.

What is Anal Sex?

The word describes it all. Anal sex or backdoor penetration, is an act often enjoyed by people of all sexual orientations and genders. But you should remember that anal sex can feel different for everyone because we're all anatomically different.  

It seems that some women are more capable of anal pleasure than others – maybe it's because of their vaginal tilt or nerve endings or maybe their sexual fantaisies play a role? 

For men, they often enjoy anal sex because of their prostate which lies about 2 inches into their rectum. This stimulation can offer intense pleasure. But ladies don’t have a prostate.. Which might make you wonder, why do women like anal at all? 

Let's look at what different women have to say about anal sex. 

How Different Women Feel About Anal Sex 

  • One woman said the key to anal sex is having a patient partner who she can trust and using lots of lube. 
  • Erica Gerald Mason said that anal is like turkey bacon: Sometimes you eat it, but you don't really enjoy it. 
  • But Emma said that she has the best orgasm with anal sex. 
  • For some, it’s all about the kink aspect, one female Redditor who enjoys anal sex said “I guess you have to be really psychologically into doing it, like getting turned on by the slight kinkiness or that you're giving him a fantasy or whatever does it for you.” 
  • Another Redditor says “I enjoy it. But it has to be the right time, plenty of lube, etc. But anal with me fingering myself is the best orgasms I've ever had.” 

As you can see, it is different for every woman. Some love it, others not so much, and some experience conditional enjoyment. It all depends on the woman.

Reasons Why Women Like Anal Sex

In a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 36.3% of women reported that they had tried anal sex before, and 13.2% reported that they anal sex within the past 12 months. 

For some women, it can be a thrilling addition to the bedroom; for others, it can be the complete opposite. 

Anal sex is a personal preference. But why do some women like anal sex?

#1 The Orgasm Can Be Intense

Anal orgasms can be intense. This is because the anus has loads of sensitive nerve endings. Some of these nerve endings are connected to the genitals. For females, anal sex can target the G-spot and A-spot

Both of these spots can be found along the vaginal wall and can be indirectly stimulated during anal. With these spots, you can achieve full-body orgasms. Hitting these spots just the right way can even lead to squirting

#2 It Helps Build Intimacy

Some women feel that anal sex is more intimate than vaginal sex and that they only reserve it for special partners. Anal sex also requires a lot of communication with your partner to know what feels good and what doesn’t, and this will help build your level of intimacy. 

#3 New Ways to Explore Their Body

You have no idea how pleasurable it may be until you have explored a specific part of your body. You will get a totally different sensation from anal sex compared to other types of sex. It is also a great way to spice things up and keep things fresh in the bedroom with your partner or on your own, and that's why some women love it.

#4 Some See it as Taboo, Which Can Make it More Exciting

Doing something that is seen as taboo (by some people) can be exciting and a huge turn-on to some women. 

#5 They're More Likely To Orgasm

A 2010 study found that of the 31% of women who engaged in anal sex, 94% had a happy ending. That's impressive, don't you think?

#6 They Can Explore Their Sexual Desires

Anal sex can help women become more adventurous when it comes to sex. Exploring some backdoor fun can open new sexual doors that are waiting to be explored. 


Here's How to Have Enjoyable Anal Sex

To have enjoyable anal sex, you must do some prep work. 

#1 Use Lots of Lube

The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so using lots of lube is important to make things more comfortable and prevent injuries. 

#2 Do Some Anal Training With Fingers or Butt Plugs

Doing some anal training in advance can be very helpful. You can use beads, your fingers, or butt plugs for women to stimulate the anus. This will then make anal sex with a larger toy or penis easier. 

Leo - The Vibrating Butt Plug can be a great butt plug for women wanting anal training. This butt plug is a back door hero and is designed for ease and pleasure. It has 10 satisfying massage modes that you can enjoy and control via a remote. This makes it easy to just insert and enjoy without worrying about changing the settings. 

You will enjoy Leo if you're a total newbie to backdoor fun or a pro. 

#3 Go Slow

It is best to go slow so that you can adjust to the sensation and see where your limits are.

#4 Add Foreplay to the Mix

Anal sex will feel more comfortable and more enjoyable when your muscles are relaxed, and your body is aroused. So add a little foreplay or give yourself some love to get your body all hot and fired up. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering to Have Anal Sex

Ladies when you're thinking about engaging in anal sex, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • If it gets uncomfortable or hurts, know it is okay to stop anytime.
  • It is not recommended to go from anal sex to vaginal sex as it can spread bacteria that can lead to urinary tract infections. If you want to switch from anal to vaginal penetration, wash your genitals or toys first.
  • Use condoms to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections.
  • Communication is very important when engaging in anal sex with your partner. This will ensure that both parties are happy and on the same page. 
  • Use lots of lube to keep things comfortable. 

Final Thoughts on Why Women Like Anal

There are many reasons why women like anal. Some women view anal as a secret path to intense orgasms, while others see it as just an exit. Whether you're a woman who enjoys anal or you tried it, and it's not for you, that's totally fine. Do what makes you and your body happy. 

But remember, if you want to engage in anal sex with your partner, communication is very important. You also might want to do some anal training first, like using a butt plug for women or using your fingers to ease your body into the process. 

It all comes down to the woman and her preferences and desires. But never be afraid of suggesting it to your partner. Who knows? Maybe it's your new favorite sexual activity. Have fun, and remember protection!

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