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Not too brag, but people are loving us

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Totally impressed!!!

Completely and utterly impressed. From the packaging, the product box, and finally…..the Aura…there are no words, just insane orgasms and cannot WAIT to purchase the wand. Best discovery ever!!!

Great !

I really love this thing. Its my second suction toy and it's my favorite of the two. Great power and lots of pattern options.

Very happy

My husband got this for me and I am in love. We love using it together during foreplay and I love to use it alone. It's the best gift ever. Amazing for multiple orgasms.

Amazing product, long battery time

I just love it!!! Long battery life... I've yet to charge it and it just keeps on giving and giving.

I'm obsessed

It's intense and delivers on everything. It's sleek and powerful. This has improved my sex life so much and I've only owned it for 2 ish weeks. OMG.

We love to hear this. Thank you for your review!


This wand is my newest prized possession. It exceeded my expectations. RUN to buy this one.

Really great wand vibrator!!!

I bought a wand vibrator many years ago and it finally gave up the ghost after being used all the time. Bewitched is an upgrade for me with extra settings, extra power, and finally going cordless. I didn't know how much I needed a new vibrator. Glad I picked this one.

Game changer

My other wand weighs a ton and is annoying to plug in but this one is so light, super powerful, cordless, AND waterproof. I love taking it in the shower with me.

love it!

Great product. I have no complaints. I hope it continues to be great. I was also impressed with the customer service.

A whole new world...5 stars

This was my very first vibrator purchase at 68 years old... I'm truly amazed at how beautiful and well made Bewitched is. This wand vibrator gives me everything I need and more. I really enjoy the light up screen, it is easy to control and hold in place which is a big deal for me. 5 star.


Congrats on buying your first vibrator. We are so so happy you’re loving Bewitch’d.
Thank you for your review. I means the world to us.

Lauren | Founder @ BerryLemon,

This is a winner for me

Easy to use and set up for a novice. Using it in the dark is easy because of the control panel. It's also quieter than expected. I love it.

Great upgrade!

Arrived quickly, exactly as pictured. This vibrator has 10 patterns and 3 speeds which I really enjoy. The other wand vibrator I had only had 3 speeds and that was it. This is powerful and fun to explore.

Good but I needed more

For me, vibrators need to be seriously strong. Like, strong as all get out. This vibrator certainly pack a punch but I wanted a little more. I think I'll stick to suction vibrators.

Thank you for your review. We totally understand.
Reach out to us about a discount for a discount on Aura, our 3-in-1 clit sucker.

Lauren | Founder @ BerryLemon



Best vibrator I own

Everything went great with buying this product. The wand itself is the nicest vibrator I own and I reach for it as often as I can. My husband REALLY loves that I love it.

It's a new favorite

This is not my first BerryLemon toy and I must say I was very impressed by this one. I love that I can use it in many ways. It totally delivers.

It is a fun toy.

I really like the design and Aura is strong.

Use it all the time

I only got this a few weeks ago but I'm using it all the time. It's a fast preformer which I like.

First vibrator in decades and it's a doozy

It took me a minute to get used to the function but when I did I loved it. My husband actually got this for me as a surpise, we're explorin, and I love it.

4 stars

4 stars


I have no complaints this vibrator is nothing like I've ever tried. I use it often and it's a 5 star!

Yup. The remote is the way to go.

I've tried manual massagers and plugs but this remote option is just a far better experience. It takes a lot of the leg work out of the experience so you can really just enjoy it. There are multiple motors multiple speeds, and it stimulates you in a few different places which helped the build up. I loved it.

It stays put

I like the girth of this, makes me feel full and it stays in place when you insert. I've tried other prostate massagers where it just shifts or slips out just when you start getting to the good part.

Glad I bought this

I dont think it feels like oral which some people say it does. It sorta feels like rythmic thumping which is nice. I like this toy a lot. Charger is kind of tricky to use tbh.

Good and mighty

Love it but I wish it were a little less noisey. I'm always worried my roommates can hear me but I doubt it. If thats not a factor for you then this is a 5 star situation.

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