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Not too brag, but people are loving us

Based on 203 reviews
Absolutely perfect


This is amazing

Got this as a birthday gift and let me tell you, it’s definitely a showstopper ! LOVE!!! 5 stars for sure.

I'm happy

Happy customer here. Wes works like a charm, and it arrived discreetly to the UK. That's all I can ask really.

Wow wow wow

I don't know how I've lived without Aura. It's truly the best thing I've ever bought myself. Between this amazing toy, good skin care and a fitness routine, I swear I will feel like a sexy, strong, and vibrant woman for a very very long time. It really does everything it promises and more. Don't hesitate with this one. (The customer service is also top-notch!)

Recommended by staff and I LOVE it.

BerryLemon team was so helpful to me. 10 stars for customer service. As for the product, here's my rave review... I took the plunge and tried Fleur out and I'm sure glad I did! For me, dildos were... brand new. But I'm happy to report that they are so much fun and positively orgasmic. Add some lube and just enjoy. Now, I'm thinking about thrusters if you can believe it! Folks, I'm a changed woman. Thank you BerryLemon!

My wife got this for me and it's great

It does everything it should, and I was impressed with the customer service! Great buy.


This is some amazing technology. I haven't even tried all the different combinations of settings yet, and I'm ready to give it a 5 star review. It has a great form factor and a mind-boggling array of options - if you're on the fence about investing in this, I'll offer my vote: buy it! You'll be glad you did.

This is everything and more

I am so impressed with this product. Absolutely unreal. Don't hesitate yall.

Exactly what I wanted

I've tried a few toys before with no luck but this was perfect for me! 10 Stars.


Im 65 year old women, it's hard to climax, to get a great one. This product was a bombshell for me. The climax was unbelievable. I had multiple ones. I would recommend, highly!!

We love to hear it Julie! We're so happy our product is such a hit. <3
Thank you for choosing BerryLemon!

Pretty great imo

I've never used one but bought one for myself when I got my girl vibrator as a gift. I really love it. I use it partnered and solo. The remote control aspect is next level.

Great candles!

These candles are great! They rival other (much pricier) candles for their scents and the classy look of the jars. I have tried a few of the scents, and they are all good and unique, but this one was great for the holidays. The scents are just strong enough to smell, but don't smell artificial or give you a headache from being too much. 10/10-- will buy more when I run out!

This toy exceeds my expectations. Not the longest, but certainly has the right curves!

This thing is made of magic or something!

No other vibe compares to this. I'm obsessed!


The features are just as described and I loved it. Use lube, guys! You'll enjoy this.

I loooooooove it

I had to immediately go and leave this review bc I've never experienced a toy like this. It's a game changer! Wow.

Aura - Clit Sucker Dual Vibrator
Ian Simpson it has given me the shits with pain in tummy will not be taking it ever again

Have not received the vibrato yet

Great quality, it's my go to!

I've never tried a rabbit but BerryLemon suggested it in the sex toy quiz. And wow, I love it. 5 star.


First attempt unsuccessful. Did all the appropriate set up. Was able to insert prob 3/4. Removed to relube to discover a heck of a mess

Beginners Delight

Shout out to the BerryLemon team for helping me pick this one out. I am a beginner and it really was a great size and shape for me. This reliably stays in place and perfectly stimulates my prostate. The roller ball aspect feels incredible.

Woah, dude!

Unbelievable! We never had it so good back in my prime! This thing is off the rails. SUPER VIBE! Rechargeable? YESSSS!

Game changer! Wow.

Aura is unlike anything I've ever used before. When I say this thing is powerful, I mean powerrrrrful! I love the flexibility too. Adding Aura to my self-care routine has probably been the best thing I've done for myself all year. For me, this is a sexual wellness essential. I love it!


Excellent toy, easy to use gets the spot


Yup. Perfect for beginners can confirm.


This product has gone way above my expectations. I love it!

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