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Not too brag, but people are loving us

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It stays put

I like the girth of this, makes me feel full and it stays in place when you insert. I've tried other prostate massagers where it just shifts or slips out just when you start getting to the good part.

Glad I bought this

I dont think it feels like oral which some people say it does. It sorta feels like rythmic thumping which is nice. I like this toy a lot. Charger is kind of tricky to use tbh.

Good and mighty

Love it but I wish it were a little less noisey. I'm always worried my roommates can hear me but I doubt it. If thats not a factor for you then this is a 5 star situation.

Panty vibrator for the win

This is really really fun to use with a partner.

Relax when you use it

You have to make sure you're relaxed when you start and then it's really great. It takes some build up. And when it does. Wow.

Its good y'all.

Kai is very quiet which is important to me. I can barely hear it myself if it's under the covers. I found out on my 3rd or so try that I can go hands free and it's like a teaser and UGH. Its good y'all.

its my secret weapon!!

I sort became obsessed with this toy. I've never reached climax so fast in my life. It's normally hard for me to get there. I like to use it to get things started with my partner and it's improved our sex life so much!! He is into it and I'm coming multiple times a night. *prayer hands*


The material feels sooo nice and the color is breautiful too. I was impressed by the box and product quailty. Great toy I can use a few ways.

5 stars

I was new to air pulse toys and let me tell you, I’ve never experienced an orgasm quite like this. I am IN LOVE.

Very satisfying

If you're considering it, just do it. It ticks all the boxes.

Wish it were stronger

I have other suction toys and just this isn't as powerful. I still enjoy it in general, it gets the job done but I just wish it were stronger and had more oomph.

We're so sorry Kai isn't working out for you, Liz. This definetly is one of our gentler products. For those who want strong stimulation we highly reccomend our powerhouse clit sucker Aura. Contact us for a discount code. <3

Good purchase

It's good for me. I have yet to use it in water like it says you can.


It's an interesting concept which is why I bought it. I like the design but I tend to just use it like a bullet vibrator. It's good quality and soft material.

I got a lil creative

I love it. I used it like a grind toy. So good.

so much fun to use

It's powerful with lots of settings. I haven't had a vibrator in a few years after my last one gave up the ghost. I almost forgot how much fun they are.

Box standard

It's an interesting shape and I do like how i can roll it on the outside. As a internal toy it def does the job.

*chefs kiss*

This was my first vibrator and I'm basically *reborn.* It's something I didn't know I needed.

Not a fave

It just didnt work for my anatomy personally. I wouldn't really get things to sit right sadly. Still seems like a quality product, but not for me.

Thanks for your review Amanda. We totally get that a wearable vibe might not fit well for everyone. Sorry It wasn't the right fit. We hope you're still able to enjoy it in other ways.

Good product

It's good.

Feels amazing

It took me a bit to adjust to using this toy. I'm used to a very simple bullet vibe so this one felt like a whole new world. You do gotta adjust the opening part until you get the right placement and then it's amazing.

Loved as a beginner

Bigger than I thought it would be but after trying it, I can't complain. I love that there are two motors and a bunch of patterns you can play with. I like to edge a bit and the remote makes that very easy.


This gets you there fast, and man it's intense. For me I just wish the insertable length was a little shorter.

Highly recommend.

Highly recommend. I literally told all my friends about it.

Being single isn't so bad now

Strong vibes and I LOVE the rimmer. I'm very sensitive there, so that part of this was a lovely surprise

Super fun

Fits me perfectly. I love the hands free aspect.

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