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Duke The Hand Massager

$99.95 USD

Chronic hand pain has met its match. A customizable 15-minute massage is all it takes to feel relief. 

Your new cordless compression therapy hand massager helps to ease hand stiffness and joint pain. Wave-like compression surrounds the entire hand and wrist for ultimate relief. 

This heated hand massager is great for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or tired, aching hands. 

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internal-external Wireless & Rechargeable
3 speeds and 7 patterns 6x Massages & 6x Intensity Levels
3-in-1 rechargeable Adjusts to All Hand Sizes
Medical-grade silicone  Fully Customizable Massage
Medical-grade silicone  Heats to 115°
Medical-grade silicone  4 Hour Battery Life

A simple ritual with big benefits.

Research has found 15-minute hand massages can offer major relief.

Soothe aches and pains icon
Soothe aches and pains

The Arthritis Foundation says hand massage can reduce hand pain up to 57%.

Improve joint flexibility icon
Improve joint flexibility

Gentle acupressure and heat improves tissue elasticity & joint function.

Reduce inflammation & swelling icon
Improve joint flexibility

Compression massage increases circulation which eases joint inflammation.

Relieve stiffness & cramping icon
Relieve stiffness & cramping

Increased circulation may help you beat morning stiffness.

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“Well worth the investment!“

Built to last. Designed for relief.

Wave-like compression

Whole-hand compression therapy helps soothe aching hands & wrists.

Heated hand massage

Duke gently warms to 115° to aid muscle relaxation.

Customizeable massage

Adjust pressure levels with 6 massage intensities & 6 patterns.

Fits every hand size

The massage chamber adjusts to every hand size. Perfect fit everytime.

Duke product

Designed for relief, recovery & relaxation

Enjoy a fully customizable hand massage, anywhere, anytime.

Compression Compression
Heating Heating
Vibrating Vibrating
Rechargeable 4 hour battery Rechargeable 4 hour battery
Relaxing Stress Reliever Relaxing Stress Reliever
Portable hand relief Portable hand relief

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"A must if you work with your hands"

"I'm a potter, working 7 hours at a time, my wrists and hands have been battered over the years. Using this massager for 20 minutes on both hands is so relaxing and relieving. I've found myself reaching for it after every workday and telling colleages"

– Joseph, 62

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