Aura - Clit Sucker Dual Vibrator

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Part clit sucker and part vibrating dildo — Aura’s dual motors, and 7 pulse patterns excite externally and internally. Our unmatched toy flexibility allows you to play favorites and work them angles. This is the versatile bedroom powerhouse you’ve been looking for.
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internal-external Internal & external use
3 speeds and 7 patterns 3 speeds & 7 patterns
3-in-1 rechargeable 3-in-1
Medical-grade silicone  Medical-grade silicone
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○ Medical Grade Silicone + ABS ○ 7 pulse patterns & 3 speeds ○ 5.5 inches of flexible insertable length ○ 1-inch sucker opening for maximum clit stimulation ○ Waterproof ○ Cordless & USB Rechargeable ○ Dual motors ○ Charge time: 1 hour ○ User time: 1 hour at highest settings ○ Max. Noise Level: >50dB Includes: Vibrator and USB charging cable
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*How to use* Aura will arrive in standby mode. To turn the vibrator on, hold down the power buttons for 3 seconds. To use a motor independently, hold down only the corresponding button. (Top button = clit sucker. Bottom button = vibrating dildo.) To flip through pattern and speed settings, simply click the corresponding button. For tips on using a clit sucker and a vibrating dildo, read our clit sucker use guide and dildo use guide. Aura is 100% IPX7 waterproof so feel free to bring this powerhouse into the bath or shower with you. To turn off the vibrator, hold down the power buttons again for 3 seconds. *Charging & Battery* Before using the vibrator, fully charge the device. For the best charge use your included charging cable and USB wall adapter. Charging takes about 1 hour for the device to fully charge. To support battery longevity it's best to keep the device charged and avoid total battery drainage. We recommend charging the device after every use. This keeps the vibes at max intensity, as the battery wanes, so will the vibration. """
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BerryLemon hits the spot

10 pleasure pulse patterns

Patterns range from teasing to mind blowing

USB rechargeable

The gift that keeps on giving

Internal & external use

Flexible body for versatile use

How does Bendy work

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Air pulsations embrace the clitoris to both thrill and delight.


Work your angles, play favorites, dual stimulate or tease with one end, and usher in an encore with the other. This bendy vibrator knows no bounds.


At the click of a button, motors may be used simultaneously or independently. Choose your own adventure.

Level up your self-pleasure ritual

dual use

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this rechargeable?
Hell yeah. Our vibrators are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Plug the vibrator into the USB charge cable for recharging.
How often do I need to charge it?
Give it a charge after every use to keep it at max strength. Charging often extends the life of the lithium-ion battery.
Can I use this with lube?
We recommend using a water-based lubricant and avoid using silicone based lubes.
Is this waterproof?
Totally. Our vibrators are all waterproof and safe to use in the shower and bath but avoid deep submerging.
What is the vibrator made out of?
All BerryLemon vibrators are made of medical-grade silicone with components of ABS. ABS is a hard, nonporous, and body-safe plastic. These materials are used for optimal safety and great vibration transmission.
How to use a BerryLemon vibrator for the first time?

Your vibrator will arrive fully charged but just in case, give it a charge when you first receive it. Plug USB into a wall adapter for the best charge.

To turn on most models you’ll hold down the power button for 3 seconds and it will turn on to stand-by mode. Some models will have two power buttons that control dual motors independently.

Then, click the power button again to click through each vibration pattern. After you’ve gone through each pattern, it will cycle again.

To turn it off, hold down the power button again for 3 seconds.

After use, clean your toy with lukewarm water and mild soap.

For more information check out our quick start blog post.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Absolutely LOVE the Aura!

This toy was a pleasant addition to my bedroom. Quickly charged and was ready to go, it was easy to use and has multiple settings for both the clit sucker and the vibrator. By far the clit sucker is a 10/10! Each setting utilizes different patterns of air to stimulate the clit, the orgasm that I got from that alone was so good that this toy is by far my favorite. The vibrator dildo portion is good as well, the different sets that are offered allow you to have a different experience each time you use it. Using both the clit sucker and the internal part at the same time did not work for me, unfortunately. I end up using each aspect of the toy separately. BUT regardless, this is an amazing toy. Its a favorite of mine. It’s easy to use, the controls are easily accessible while using it, it’s sleek, soft, and came with its own bag to be stored in.

It's the best thing I own

This is my favourite sex toy I've ever ever tried. It's the best thing I own.The suction is extremely satisfying. I've told all my friends about Aura!!

Get this you won't regret it!!

I'm in my late 60s and finding a sex toy like this that can bring me to orgasm lighting fast is life changing. I found Aura while searching for something that could help support my menopausal orgasm and this really really does. Well worth the investment for the joy it brings me.

Every woman should have one!

Every woman with low libido, high libido, menopause and arthritis. It is wonderful!

Totally impressed!!!

Completely and utterly impressed. From the packaging, the product box, and finally…..the Aura…there are no words, just insane orgasms and cannot WAIT to purchase the wand. Best discovery ever!!!

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