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Looking for a kink test that can tell you just how kinky you really are? We've got your back. 

In this article we explore 2 ways to put your kinkiness to the test.

Before you start the official kink quiz, consider exploring a "yes, no, maybe" kink list. It can definitely reveal how kinky you are. 

A yes, no, maybe list is a list of you create of sexual acts that you may or may not like to explore in the bedroom (or outside of it). 

It's always a great place to start when exploring just how kinky you really are. 


Test #1 Exploring the "yes, no, maybe" kink list test 

Think of this step as your entry level kink test.

If you've never heard of the things listed below, or you're not turned on by any of them, you maaaay not be very kinky. (Take the official test below to know for sure.)

To explore a yes, no, maybe kink test, make a three column list, categorize kinky af sex acts into YES for into/willing, NO for anything off the table, and MAYBE for things that maaaaay entice you under the right circumstance.

yes no maybe lsit

Kinks to consider on your yes, no, maybe kink list: 

  • anal play
  • prostate play
  • couples sex toys
  • clit suckers
  • nipple clamping
  • cock rings
  • pain play
  • BDSM
  • cuckolding
  • orgasm control 
  • hot wax
  • voyeurism
  • age play
  • food play
  • sexting
  • edging
  • breath play
  • confinement
  • ropes & bondage
  • being tied up
  • oral sex
  • double penetration
  • period sex
  • foot play
  • whips
  • strip teasing
  • going to a strip club
  • sex magic
  • mutual masturbation  
  • virtual sex
  • dirty talk
  • breeding kink
  • role play
  • shower sex
  • public sex
  • outdoor sex
  • lingerie
  • spanking or biting
  • watching erotica
  • pegging 
  • threesomes
  • sex parties 

After creating your list, if you're worried you're not as kinky as you thought you were (or you think you're a kink master) put it to the test below.


Test #2 Let's find out how kinky you really are:

Start the official kink quiz

This "how kinky are you quiz" was lovingly created by a certified sexologist & sex educator, Gigi Singer.







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