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Picture this - you're walking along the beach, feeling the warm sand between your toes while the salty sea breeze grazes you. You can hear the sea waves gently break against the shore while the air fills with the delightful scents of tropical citrus, coconut, and freesia. It's such a peaceful moment that makes you want to stop and take it all in. That's the feeling we captured with our beach candle.

Our candle studio is based in St. Petersburg Florida, where our chief candlemaker has spent many long sunny Summer days observing beachy scents in the real world. From these observations it was clear that the notes of salt, ozone, and marine are needed bring a beach candle to life. But there's a lot more to our beachy candles than that.

Today, we’ll attempt to bring the scent of our best-selling beach candles Beachside and SALT + SEA to your screens. We’ll also explore the scent profile of the candle and who we think will love these candles.

Let's dive right in. 

The Story of Our Beach Candle Scent: Beachside

This beach candle is crafted with a fragrant blend of ozone, tropical citrus, coconut, benzoin, sea salt, sandalwood, cedar, tonka, violet, and musk. It creates a sensory journey that will transport you to a place of total relaxation and rejuvenation. 

When you light this beach candle, the air will be filled with the deep and refreshing scent of ocean breezes and warm sunshine. The smell of the candle will evoke memories of relaxing on the beach, while the hints of floral and musky notes will be soothing and calming to your mind and soul.

 Whether you're taking a relaxing bath, reading your favorite book, or enjoying a quiet moment to yourself, the Beachside candle will be the perfect addition to your journey to relaxation and peace.

Let's take a look at the scent profile of our Beachside soy candle.

The Scent Profile of Our Beachside Candle

Our Beachside candle is beachy, relaxing, and fresh. Let's look at the notes this beach candle is made up of. 

Top notes: Ozone, Tropical Citrus, and Benzoin

The ozone note adds a crisp, clean scent that reminds us of fresh ocean air. The tropical citrus note is bright and energizing and evokes memories of warm sunshine and exotic fruits. The benzoin note adds warmth and sweetness with a hint of spiciness, giving the scent depth. The combination of these notes delivers a top note that is refreshing and revitalizing. 

Heart notes: Sea Salt, Sandalwood, Delicate Coconut, Freesia.

The sea salt adds crispness, while the sandalwood adds a warm, woody aroma, giving the scent depth and richness. The delicate coconut adds a sweet tropical scent that is creamy and refreshing, and the freesia has a floral scent that adds light and airiness. Combining these notes creates a relaxing and refreshing scent that creates that cozy atmosphere. 

Base notes: Cedar, Tonka, Violet, Musk

Cedar has this woodsy, earthy scent that is grounding and soothing. Tonka is sweet and vanilla-y, which makes the note warm and inviting. Violet adds a powdery, floral scent that is delicate and feminine, while musk adds something sensual and mysterious. Combining these notes is a comforting and intriguing scent that is perfect for adding a warm and welcoming ambiance to your home. 

The Ingredients of the Beachside Soy Candle

The ingredients are what make the candle. We are sure you're going cray-sea and want to know exactly what this beach candle consists of. Let's take a look:

  • 100% pure soy wax - We only use soy wax in our candles as it's non-toxic and burns slower. So you get to enjoy your candle for longer in a safer way. 
  • Premium fragrances & essential oils - We only use premium fragrances that are phthalate-free, paraben-free, and paraffin-free. 
  • All-natural cotton wick - Our wicks are all-natural, so they can burn slowly and evenly. 

Who Will Enjoy Our Beach Candle? 

The Beachside Candle is perfect for anyone who loves the refreshing scent of the ocean and the feeling of a cool sea breeze. It's ideal for those who enjoy relaxing by the beach or want to add a coastal charm to their home. 

If you love candles that are long lasting, handcrafted, and beautiful, our beach candles are totally for you!

How Long Will the Beach Candle Last? 

If you properly care for the wick, the 7oz beach candle's burn time is between 40 and 45 hours. But there are some ways that you can enjoy your candle for longer.

How to Enjoy Your Beachside Soy Candle for Longer

That's right, hun. With the proper candle care, you can get to experience your favorite beach scent for longer. Let's have a look at some tips.

  • One of the biggest factors to make your candle last longer is trimming the wick each time before you light it.
  • Give the candle enough time to cool down before you light it again.
  • Do some cleaning up and remove any debris or wick trimmings in the candle's wax.
  • Place your beach candle away from direct sunlight or drafty areas. 

When you keep these factors in mind, you will get to enjoy your beach candle for longer. 

A Candle That Brings the Beach Inside Your Home

You get transported to your private oasis with just a whiff of the Beachside soy candle. The scent is beachy, relaxing, fresh, and perfect for anyone looking to add a warm and inviting ambiance to their home. 

By lighting the beach candle, it will feel like you're experiencing a relaxing pamper at your favorite spa but in the comfort of your home. 

Here at BerryLemon, we care about you and the environment. Our Beachside candle is made of 100% soy wax and premium fragrance oil and infused with natural essential oils. It is handcrafted to be non-toxic, phthalate-free, and paraffin-free. So you get to enjoy your beach candle with a happy heart. 

Who needs a vacation to the beach when you have a Beachside candle? 

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