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Sex toy testers and sex toy reviewers have the best damn gig on the internet. Sex testers get free sex toys (literally 100% free) sent to their home, they snap a few photos of the product, take the toy for a joyous spin and then write an honest review. If that sounds like your idea of a very good time, keep reading. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to become an official sex toy tester for BerryLemon.

We are looking for your unique perspective 

At BerryLemon we want to hear how our products perform among a wide audience. Sex toy testing helps us offer the best product possible. This is why we want your unique perspective. 

Your feedback could be used to improve our product so more folks can enjoy it. 

Who should apply to be a sex toy tester?

At BerryLemon we test all of our products ourselves, but we’re a small sample size. We want diversity in our testing process. That's where you come in. 

We’re looking for folks from all walks of life. We need ladies, gentlemen, non-binary folk, fun-loving couples, those interested in butt stuff, clit stimulation, g-spotting, sex accessories–you name it. 

So long as you live in the United States and are over the age of 21, we'd love to consider your application.  

Ok so, what are the requirements? 

  • Must love orgasms or trying to reach one
  • Must be 21 years old or older (bonus points for those 75 and above)
  • Must be interested in trying something new in the bedroom
  • Must take 4 photos of the item 
  • Must take 1 very short video of the item
  • Must leave a thoughtful review 
  • Must live in the United States


Will I be compensated for this? 

We won’t be sending you cash BUT you will get free sex toys to test to your heart's content. These quality toys are yours to love forever. 

The shipment you receive will contain a retail value between $70 to $120.

If you end up loving our toys, you could be eligible to sign up to become an affiliate--all tester affiliates receive 20% of all sales they're affiliated with. 

Sounds good right? 

How does this work? 

Simply fill out the application form below. If selected we will email you letting you know and we’ll send a package of goodies to the address you’ve provided. 

Then the fun testing process begins! 

You’ll get free sex toys to test & we’d get an honest review

If you are selected to be a BerryLemon sex toy tester we’d ask for just 2 things from you. 

  • 4 photos and 1 short video of the product
  • ~500 word thoughtful review that includes your name

That’s it babe! Simple as. 

Apply to be our sex toy tester below 

Please read the questions carefully and offer factual information as this will be used to select and ship your sex toys if you are selected.  Use the code word: Tester Babe so we know you’ve read this and are really interested in being a sex toy tester and sex toy reviewer.

Apply below to join our small exclusive group of sex toy testers. 

May the odds be in your favor! 



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