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 Are you curious about trying out some backdoor fun and want to know how to buy your first butt plug? Well, you have come to the right place. When it comes to anal play, butt plugs are an excellent place to start. They will help ease you into bum fun -– they can be a fun addition to the bedroom whether you're riding solo or with a partner.  

Today we’ll detail everything you should know about buying your first butt plug. So, if you're ready to open the backdoor for business, let's explore how to choose and use your very first bum toy.

Let's get started!

What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that goes in the anus. Their shape is usually like a tapered cone going from narrow to wide to narrow again. It has a wide flared base to ensure it doesn't go too far or get lost. (Yup that can happen without a flared base!) 

The most popular material for someone's first butt plug is silicone – it’s easy to use, keep clean and feels soft. But for the more experienced folk, butt plugs can be found in wood, metal, and glass. 

Why Do People Like Butt Plugs? 

Pleasure, of course! 

Those with prostates enjoy butt plugs because they stimulate the prostate which can lead to prostate orgasms. 

Vagina owners also enjoy butt plugs because the anus and vagina can be stimulated simultaneously during vaginal penetration. Butt plugs can intensify vaginal penetration by putting gentle external pressure on the vaginal canal. 

Butt plugs can be enjoyed by literally anyone! Some folks just enjoy “feeling full” during partnered or solo sex. 

How To Choose Your First Butt Plug

When choosing your first butt plug, there are a few things you need to know. Let's take a look.

#1 First Do Some Experimenting

You can use your fingers to see if you like anal stimulation before buying your first butt plug. No, you don't have to finger your bootie to see if you like it, but you can touch your backdoor or, even better, let your partner do it for you. Whether you engage in anal penetration is all up to you, babe. (If you do want to slip in a finger, try it while wearing latex gloves for fast clean up!)

While stimulating your backdoor with your fingers or while your partner is busy doing it for you, think about the following:

  • Does it feel good?
  • Do you enjoy the sensation?
  • Did it turn you on?
  • Did you want more of it? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then a butt plug is your next step, hun!

#2 Always Start Small

Unless you're a pro in backdoor action, start off small with the butt plugs you try out. Butt plugs are available in different sizes, from small and thin ones to larger and thicker ones. Starting off small will help your body get used to the butt plug. (This is called anal training.)

#3 Consider The Shape 

When buying your first butt plug, ensure one end is tapered. This will allow for easy entry. Also, make sure that the other end has a wide base. This will help it sit comfortably once you insert it. It will also help that it doesn't get stuck up there and you ending up in the emergency room. 

#4 Consider the Material 

The anus is a very sensitive part of your body. It is also the part where waste comes out (we know, TMI), so when buying your first butt plug, you must consider a material that is easy to clean and won't hurt you. 

Silicone and metal plugs might not feel as realistic as jelly, rubber, or plastic, but they are safer and more hygienic. 

Okay, now let's get into how to use a butt plug for the first time.


How To Use a Butt Plug For First-Timers

No matter what your gender or sexual orientation is, a butt plug can bring you a lot of pleasure. So if you want to know how to use a butt plug, here is what you gotta do.

#1 Communication is Important

Communication is key if you want to use a butt plug with your partner. Let them know why you would like to incorporate it during sexy time. Remember, consent is important when it comes to any sexual activity. 

#2 Choose the Butt Plug That Fits Your Needs

Research the size and material of your first butt plug that will fit your needs. Start with a small size and then work your way up to the bigger sizes. 

#3 Practice Cleanliness

Wash your butt plug before and after use to prevent bacteria from spreading and causing an infection. You can use warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can also use a condom over your butt plug if you want to share the toy with your partner or use it somewhere else on your body.  

#4 Set the Scene

Before you insert your new bum toy, give yourself time to get aroused. When you're turned on, your muscles will relax, making anal stimulation easier for you to enjoy. Something fun to do with your partner is experimenting with different foreplay techniques. You can also practice self-love if you plan to use the butt plug on your own.  

#5 The More Lube, The Better

Buying your first butt plug means you must buy a lot of lube, babe. Lube will ensure that your first experience with your butt plug is enjoyable and less uncomfortable. The more lube you apply, the better! You can also apply more while playing. Our water-based aloe lube is both nourishing and adds that slip and slide you're looking for.  

#6 Go Slow & Don't Rush Things

If you're using a butt plug for the first time, don't rush things; make sure to go slow, as this will avoid discomfort or pain. Take your time; it's not a race.

The Best Butt Plug For First-Time Users

Leo, The Vibrating Butt Plug is an excellent choice as your first butt plug. It is made from premium silicone and has a perfectly tapered design with 2 powerful motors, one in the taper and one at the rotating base. 

It comes with 10 satisfying massage modes that you can choose from, and the best part is that you can control it with a click of a remote. It's easy and convenient and will become your bum's best friend.

Final Thoughts on How To Buy Your First Butt Plug

Buying a butt plug for the first time should be super exciting. That's why it is essential to research and not rush into things. Your bootie is sensitive, and you need to take care of it by finding the right fit. 

We hope this article on how to buy your first butt plug will help you find your buttplug soulmate and help you have a good time. 😉 Have fun!

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