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This quick start vibe guide is here to help set you up for smooth sailing vibe time. Here are 7 easy steps that will help get you started. Below we also have some FAQs that may be useful as well. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Wash your vibe with gentle soap

When your vibrator arrives it will be fresh from the factory. Because of this, it’s best to sanitize before using it. So, give your vibe a bubble bath with lukewarm water and mild soap and avoid fully submerging/soaking the product.   

#2 Charge up babe

Your new vibe will arrive charged but since the product may have been sitting a while, it’s a good idea to give it a charge. Use the included USB charger and either insert it in or align it with (magnetic chargers) the product.  

Insert the USB into a wall adapter for the quickest charge.

For products that take the inserted cable, you may have to push in the charger firmly the first time as you’ll be the first person to charge it. 

For products with a magnetic aligning charger, simply align the charger with the product.

Charge time is around 1 hour for all products. 

#3 Your vibrator will arrive in travel mode – hold down the power button for stand-by mode

Our vibrators are programmed for travel mode which ensures it won’t turn on during transit (or when it’s rattling around your carry-on). 

So, to turn your vibrator on to stand-by mode, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. You’ll feel the vibrator pulse once which is the indicator it is standing by. 

Note: For products with multiple independent motors (Aura, Wake, Indie) there will be two power buttons for each motor to be used independently or together. Simply hold both buttons if you want to use both motors at the same time. 

#4 Cycle through pulse patterns and enjoy

After you’re in stand-by mode simply quick-press the power button once more to turn the vibrator on. Then, continue to quick-press the power button to cycle through all your pulse pattern options. 

We highly recommend that you ‘channel surf’ through all your options during your first use just to experience all it has to offer.

#5 Wash your vibe after every use 

A vibrator is a very intimate product that should be kept as clean as possible. So after every use it’s best to give your vibe a little wash. Note that if you don’t do this, you could be introducing unwanted bacteria to intimate areas which is no fun. 

#6 Keeping a full charge will help your vibe last longer

After you wash your vibrator, give it a quick charge to keep it full up. Keeping your vibrator at a full charge is good for two reasons: One, it keeps the vibration strength at full bore. Two, it may extend the life of the rechargeable lithium battery. 

DON’T let your vibrator totally die. 

Frequently asked questions

How often do I need to charge it?

Give it a charge after every use to keep it at max strength. Charging often extends the life of the lithium-ion battery. 

Can I use this with lube?

We recommend using a water-based lubricant and avoid using silicone based lubes. Read more on that here. 

Is this waterproof? 

Totally. Our vibrators are all waterproof and safe to use in the shower and bath but avoid deep submerging. 

What is the vibrator made out of?

All BerryLemon vibrators are made of medical-grade silicone with components of ABS. ABS is a hard, nonporous, and body-safe plastic. These materials are used for optimal safety and great vibration transmission. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your vibe please reach out to us at 

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