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Woman or Man, you’re probably aware that the clitoris plays a significant role in female sexual arousal and pleasure. But, clitoral stimulation isn’t a ‘join the dots' sort of exercise, the clit plays by its own rules, and those rules differ from person to person. This is why finding the best way to stimulate the clitoris is a case of different strokes for different folks.

Destination ‘O’

They say that the journey is half the fun, and that is certainly true when it comes to the female orgasm. But for many women, penetration alone doesn’t get the job done. In fact, recent research indicates that only around 18% of women reported being able to cum through vaginal penetration alone. 

The same research highlighted the importance of the clit. About 36% of women said they needed clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm during intercourse, and another 36% said it enhanced the experience. 

The takeaway? Finding the best way to stimulate the clitoris can be the key to stupefyingly good orgasms and partnered sex. 

The Clitoris Only Exists For Pleasure

The clitoris is one of the most uniquely incredible parts of the human body. It is the only organ that is solely dedicated to pleasure. It has no divided loyalties, it has one job and it does it very, very well thanks to over 10,000 nerve endings

With that much opportunity for orgasm-inducing sensations and the fact that everyone is different in the way they experience clit stimulation, it’s not surprising that people have their preferences.


Direct, Indirect, or A Mix of Both?

There are some among you who prefer indirect stimulation, and others who prefer direct. You may already have nailed down your preference, but if you’re unsure about what approach works best for you, then perhaps it’s time for a bit of ‘Choose your own Adventure’ action.

Get comfy and try circling your clit with a finger, without touching it. Some women find that a dab of lube (which is ALWAYS a good idea) can help kickstart the process. If this feels good, but you want more, then tighten up that circling motion until you are stimulating your clit directly. 

Expanding Your Clitoral Stimulation Repertoire

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, variety is more than just the spice of life; it's a pathway to deeper pleasure and exploration. Beyond the well-known techniques, several less common yet highly effective methods can enhance your experience. 

  1. Feather-Light Touches: The best way to stimulate the clitoris is to keep in mind that the female orgasm is a build-up. Sometimes, the lightest contact can be the most electrifying. Use the tips of your fingers or a soft feather to gently graze the clitoral area. This method can be tantalizing and build intense anticipation.
  1. The "Hovering" Technique: Instead of direct contact, hover your fingers or a vibrator just above the clitoris. The slight warmth and air movement can stimulate the sensitive nerves without overstimulation, ideal for those who find direct contact too intense.
  1. Pulse and Release: Apply gentle pressure on the clitoris and then release it rhythmically. This pulsing technique can create waves of pleasure, differing from the constant stimulation that direct touching offers.
  1. Water Play: Utilize the gentle, yet persistent, flow of water from a handheld showerhead or faucet. The sensation of water can provide a unique and enveloping type of stimulation, offering a different texture and pressure.
  1. The "Orbit" Method: Instead of focusing solely on the clitoris, stimulate the surrounding areas in a circular 'orbit'. This can include the labia, the mons pubis, and the inner thighs. Often, the indirect stimulation of these areas can indirectly heighten clitoral sensitivity.
  1. Temperature Variation: Experiment with warm and cool sensations. Using a warm cloth or cool ice pack near (but not directly on) the clitoral area can heighten sensitivity. Remember to always use a barrier like a cloth to prevent direct skin contact with extreme temperatures.

By incorporating these diverse techniques into your repertoire, you can discover new dimensions of pleasure, keep your experiences fresh, and cater to your changing moods and preferences. Remember, the key to successful clitoral stimulation is exploration and responsiveness to what feels best for your body.


Next Level Orgasms - Hints & Tips

Fingers First:

Using your fingers for clitoral stimulation is a time-tested method to get to the finish line. Once you know whether direct or indirect stimulation gets your juices flowing then you can experiment with different types of stimulation.

There are a variety of approaches that can welcome those waves of pleasure and bring on the Big O. Try circular motions, back-and-forth motions, or a combo of both. This isn’t Pokemon, you don’t have to catch them all. Find your unique groove and the best way to stimulate the clitoris

Play With Positions:

Make sure that you are on the winner's podium when it comes to pleasure by exploring different positions. Enhancing your masturbation experience by trying a different position will affect the type and intensity of stimulation. 

You may find that lying on your back is most effective and comfortable but there are other options. For example, being on all fours might deliver the sensations that work best for you.

Use Lovely Lube:

When it comes to clit play, lube is an absolute must. Clitoral stimulation can become even more rewarding when you reduce friction. Make sure that you choose the right lube, water-based lube is kind to sex toys and will not damage them. 

Explore Toy Time:

Some argue this is the best way to stimulate the clitoris. A vibrator, clit sucker, or very magical wand massager can take you places you never even imagined existed. These sorts of toys are a wonderful addition to your clit focused activities. They can be used whether you are masturbating with toys or with a partner and they have a well-deserved reputation for spicing things up in the bedroom.  

Get Off the Beaten Path:

Your body is packed to the brim with erogenous zones, in fact, there are 14 recognized erogenous zones on the human body. These include your armpits, the area behind your knees, armpits, your belly button, ears, hands and inner thighs. Of course, many of these will not be available while you’re masturbating, but explore and find what works for you. 

Taking it to the Edge:

Edging is a great way to experience explosive clitoral orgasms. Put simply it means building up to a climax, and then backing off. Rinse and repeat until you are ready to explode - you’ll know when you’ve hit the point of no return.

Start with feather-light touches and then up the tempo. Explore different rhythms and patterns to find what gets your motor running, and then step on the accelerator. 

Remember, practice makes perfect, and some discipline is required, but your efforts will be rewarded with explosive orgasms. 


Sex Toys and Enhanced Clit Stimulation

If you’re looking for the best way to stimulate the clitoris and are ignoring sex toys, you’re missing out. Once you find the type of clit stimulation you enjoy, then the next logical step is to find a sex toy that will take the experience to the next level. 

We’ve taken a hard look at feedback from very satisfied BerryLemon customers, and come up with this shortlist of clitoral stimulation sex toys that you need to have close at hand.


Clit Suckers

These toys are the gold standard of clit stimulation. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another type of sex toy that can offer the mind-blowing stimulation that air pulse clit toys can offer.

Aura: This is our best seller for a damn good reason. Get the best of both worlds with the Aura clit sucking vibrator. Start off with clit stimulation and when you’re ready, swap sides for that classic penetration action. Or, you can use both sides at once for dual stimulation.

The clit suction part of Aura is insanely pleasurable. These types of toys have become infamous far and wide for the powerful clitoral orgasms they provide. 

Read More: What do clit sucker vibrators feel like?


Dual Stimulation Vibrators

Fleur: Rabbit-style vibrators are justifiably famous for the intense stimulation they provide. They’re tremendously popular for simultaneous G-Spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation, and penetration. There’s nothing this rabbit-style dual-motor vibrator cannot do. Fleur takes the Rabbit ideal and reinvents it with 10 massage modes for unlimited choice and pleasure. 

Wand Massagers

This wand massager is a classic modernized for today.

Bewitch’d: This wand massager sets the standard as the ultimate clit-driven orgasm tool. 

It’s an incredibly powerful, cordless wand massager that has one goal, to deliver incredible orgasms. 

To start a Bewitching journey toward the ultimate orgasm, simply change the settings, and hit the quick-click intensity or pattern button. This wand massager is designed with a bendy head for ease of use, any angle of approach and your pleasure in mind. 


Summary: The Best Way to Stimulate the Clitoris 

What’s the best way to stimulate the clitoris? That’s a difficult question to answer, as the answer depends on your unique body and desires.  

What is undeniably true is the fact that there are many ways to enjoy the incredible sensations of clit stimulation. Whether you choose to start the journey with your fingers and put the icing on the cake with an incredible sex toy depends on you. 

However, given the feedback we receive on a daily basis, it’s a pretty sure bet that one of Berrylemon’s sex toys will allow you to reach the peaks of pleasure. 

We've only looked at a few suggestions in this article, but remember, there’s lots more to explore in the BerryLemon collection.

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