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How To Clean A Stroker, Step- By-Step - So You Don't (Literally) Kill The Vibe! 

Masturbators and strokers are unique sex toys. The pleasure they deliver is unparalleled, however, the aftermath might leave you wondering, "How do I clean this thing?"

Fear not! Cleaning strokers of all kinds is straightforward, and super important. After all, you don't want a spunked-up toy laying around. And you definitely don't want to ruin your beloved automatic masturbator with improper cleaning.

Below, we're dishing out all the deets on keeping your stroker or masturbator squeaky clean.

How To Clean A Stroker or Masturbator?

Cleaning a stroker or masturbator sleeve is quick and easy. This is how you'll clean the internal sleeve of BJ Hunter, step-by-step.

  1. Pull the silicone sleeve out of the shaft pocket.

  2. The silicone sleeve is connected to the toy by a wire and a black “bullet” battery. The battery is inside the silicone, so take this bullet out of the silicone by gently tugging at the wire and keep that dry. This battery can slip in and out of the silicone sleeve. 

  3. Then take just the silicone sleeve to the sink, turn the sleeve inside out, and wash with warm water and mild soap. 

  4. Set out to dry completely before putting it back into the shaft pocket.

  5. When fully dry, put the “bullet” battery back into the silicone sleeve. You'll find the entrance is a small hole at the top of the sleeve. Push and wiggle the "bullet" back into the silicone until you only see the wire connecting the two. 

  6. Once the black “bullet” battery is back in place, then push the silicone sleeve back down into the shaft pocket. Push until the top is flush again.


    Important Cleaning Tips:

    • DON'T put the sleeve back while wet: Make sure it's totally dry before putting it back in the plastic casing. Water can ruin the toy.
    • DON'T wash the sleeve while it's still in its plastic casing: Water can ruin the electrical parts of the device.
    • DON'T use harsh chemicals: Never use anything like bleach or alcohol to clean a toy. Warm/hot water and mild soap are enough. Harsh chemicals can eat away at the silicone. 
    • Is it hard to get your sleeve back in? If the sleeve is hard to get back into the shaft pocket after washing, put just a little baby powder on the outside of the sleeve. It will slide right in. 
    • Let it dry naturally: It's tempting to try to dry the silicone sleeve with a towel, but wet silicone likes to get a bit sticky, so to avoid lint sticking to the sleeve, just let it dry all-natural. 
    • Clean and dry sleeve inside out: This can help speed up drying time and simplify cleaning. 

    Now, you're a pro at cleaning an automatic stroker or masturbator. 

    Cleaning a stroker without electrical or motor components 

    Cleaning a classic stroker that doesn't have any batteries, or motors is very straight forward. 

    Simply slide the silicone sleeve out of casing if you have one, and turn the silicone sleeve inside out. Wash the inside of the sleeve in warm/hot water and a mild soap. 

    Place to dry and then you're ready to go. 

    Clean your toy after every use fellas!

    We know, cleaning isn't sexy. But it's a real bummer if you're ready for some lovin' and your masturbator is dirty from your last hoorah. No fun! 

    Keep your pleasure devices clean!  

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