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Do you want to have a vaginal orgasm alone or with your partner but simply can’t? You’re not alone, and no, there’s nothing wrong with you! Only 18% of women have reported being able to orgasm vaginally. But hey, that doesn’t mean the other 82% can’t. 

Most women can achieve a vaginal orgasm. The secret to having a vaginal orgasm is being properly aroused and not rushing things. Today we fill you in on how to have a vaginal orgasm and the techniques that will make vaginal penetration more enjoyable. Let’s dive right in. 

What is a Vaginal Orgasm?

A vaginal orgasm is an orgasm that is achieved through stimulating the vagina through penetration alone. These orgasms happen deeper in the body and go along with pulsations of the vaginal canal walls. When the G-spot is stimulated, it can end up in ejaculation.  

Now let’s find out how to have a vaginal orgasm.

How To Have a Vaginal Orgasm

Try out these tips below, and you may be able to achieve that vaginal orgasm you’ve been wanting.

#1 Give Yourself Time & Get VERY AROUSED

Sadly a vaginal orgasm will not happen with just the snap of your fingers (It would be amazing if this was possible). You need to give yourself arousal time, get to know your body, and find out what feels good to you. 

Instead of thinking, “I want a vaginal orgasm in the next 5 minutes!”, take your time to enjoy yourself. Light some candles, put on some sexy music, and allow yourself some time to get aroused. 

If you want to have a vaginal orgasm, you MUST be throughly aroused. Period. 

When you’re aroused enough, the tissues surrounding your vaginal canal engorge with blood (as does the clitoris and the outer lips), making vaginal penetration feel great and it is more likely to achieve an orgasm. 

No being fully aroused before beginning penetration is the biggest mistake people make. Get that blood flowing, and desire building — penetration will feel 100 times better, bringing you closer to that vaginal orgasm. 

#2 Masturbate and Masturbate Some More

The only way you’re going to know what feels good is by masturbating A LOT! When you discover what works for you, you can bring that to your partnered encounters. 

#3 Up Your Foreplay Game

Incorporate more foreplay. You can do some roleplaying, fingering, nipple play, oral, or anything that gets you and your partner turned on. The more turned on you are before penetration the more likely you are to have a vaginal orgasm. 

And get vocal! Don’t be shy to breathe heavily or to let out a moan, as this will help your muscles relax and make it easier to achieve a vaginal orgasm. 

#4 Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Going VERY SLOOOW is great for vaginal orgasms. Sometimes the penetration is just too fast for the vaginal nerve endings. So don’t rush things. Take your time 😉 

Going slow allows the body to soak up the stimulation. It boosts arousal and teases the vaginal entrance nerve endings. The first inch or so of the vaginal canal is very sensitive, spend time shallowing (more on that below).

#5 Give Suction Sex Toys a Try 

These toys don’t just vibrate; they have a small opening that creates a gentle air pulse vacuum seal. This isolates your clit nerve endings and can be super intense. These toys are great for foreplay, arousal, multiple orgasms and getting you all hot and bothered prior to penetration. 

Aura has great air pulse technology to embrace and stimulate your clitoris. It has 3 speeds and 7 patterns that you can enjoy internally and externally. You can even use Aura as a dual stimulator; double the fun, double the pleasure. Because of its flexible design, you can work those angles and hit all the right spots. It is a great addition to foreplay. 

Kai is a clit sucker that surrounds your clitoris with gentle air pleasure pulsations. It has 7 pulse patterns that you can choose from, and it’s a great addition to the bedroom if you love oral sex. 

These two toys are great for arousing you because foreplay is non-negotiable when it comes to having a vaginal orgasm, duh!

Flying solo? Try Fleur the Rabbit Vibrator. It’s a dual stimulator perrrrrrfect for exploring vaginal orgasms. It has 10 massage modes that you can choose from. With Fleur, you can embrace your desires and reach the height of pleasure.. 

#6 Exercise Your Pelvic Muscles Regularly

One of the secrets to having a vaginal orgasm is strong pelvic floor muscles. Exercising your pelvic muscles regularly will make it easier for you to orgasm during penetration. This is because the more you exercise these muscles, the stronger they become. Stronger muscles will contract harder during your orgasm. 

Kegels promote blood flow to your special area, making you feel more aroused which is important if you want to achieve a vaginal orgasm. 

#7 Your Physical Anatomy Can Influence Things

The likeliness of your vaginal orgasm also has to do with your anatomy. The distance between your clitoris and your vaginal wall, as well as how deep it goes into your body, may influence the sensation you feel from the hidden nerves of the clit. 

So if you have tried everything to be able to achieve a vaginal orgasm and you still are not able to, that’s okay, babe! There’s nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with you. External stimulation is just as amazing!

#8 Know The Difference in The Feeling of Vaginal and Clitoral Orgasms

So, when we think about it, all orgasms are actually clitoral orgasms. But there’s a difference in where they are located and how they feel, and you must be able to identify them. 

Clitoral orgasms are orgasms that happen due to external stimulation of the clit, whereas vaginal orgasms usually happen because of internal vaginal penetration.

Vaginal orgasms can make your entire body shake. They have a shorter refractory period, meaning it won’t take long before you can go at it again. Clitoral orgasms have a more extended refractory period, and it may take longer before you can go for round 2 as it is super sensitive. 

#9 Focus on Your Pleasure

So whether you can have a vaginal orgasm or not, it’s all about getting to know your body and focusing on your pleasure. Trust us; you will find new ways to orgasm by just discovering what makes your body feel good. And that’s a big bonus!

Techniques To Make Vaginal Penetration More Pleasurable

For those wanting all the details on how to have a vaginal orgasm, the following techniques can be used to make vaginal penetration more enjoyable (Yes, please!)

Angling - This technique is where you lower or raise your hips or rotate them to adjust where the penis or sex toy will rub. 87.5% of women find vaginal penetration more pleasurable by doing this. 

Rocking - This is when the penis or sex toy stays all the way inside of the vagina, but the base of it constantly rubs against the clit. 76% of women find vaginal penetration more pleasurable by using this technique. 

Shallowing - This is when the penis, sex toy, fingers, tongue, etc., slightly touches the entrance of the vagina, not going in deep at all. 84% of women find this makes vaginal penetration more enjoyable. 

Pairing - This is when the woman or her partner stimulates her happy button during vaginal penetration. About 69.7% of women orgasm more often or enjoy vaginal penetration more when using this technique.

Final Thoughts on How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm 

For most women, it’s possible to have a vaginal orgasm. Starting slow and taking your time, getting super aroused, learning your body, and experimenting are very important factors in having a vaginal orgasm. When you know your body and know what pushes you to the edge, you can share it with your partner, making sex more enjoyable. 

There are also certain techniques you and your partner can try out which can make vaginal penetration more enjoyable. You can also add sex toys to the mix, like Aura or Fleur. They will help heighten your arousal even more. 

Please also remember that focusing solely on having a vaginal orgasm is going to put more pressure on you and make it harder to achieve an orgasm. So enjoy the journey in the moment, your vaginal orgasm will make its appearance. And if it doesn’t, that’s totally fine, too, hun! There are many other ways you can enjoy orgasms. 

The most important part is having fun!


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