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Have you heard about the toy that mimics a hand job? A penis stroker, also known as a masturbator, is designed to feel like you’re receiving an expert-level handjob. Yes, guys, it’s not only vulva owners who can enjoy sex toys; penis owners can too. Today, we’ll explore how to use a stroker and what you can expect to enjoy.

Are you ready to level up your masturbation game? Let’s get started!


So, What is a Stroker?

Strokers, sometimes called male masturbators, are pretty magical devices. They can feel like anything from a blowjob to a handjob, and if it's warm and wet enough -- it can feel like penetrative sex. You may even find entering a stroker feels like nothing you've ever experienced. 

A lubed-up, silicone stroker fully envelops the penis and as you stroke, the natural suction draws upward, mimicking loving blowy.

Often, stokers deliver brand-new sensations because the silicone sleeve is ribbed and textured inside. Some strokers also have a vibrating motor that makes things even more pleasurable. Let’s take a look at how to use a stroker.   


How to Use a Stroker

It’s time to learn how to use a stroker. Here are some tips to make things easier and more enjoyable for you. 

#1 Give it a Clean

Take your stroker apart. Remove the internal sleeve from its external shell. Now rinse your stroker with a mild soap and lukewarm water. For a thorough clean, turn the internal sleeve inside out and give it a good wash down. After cleaning your stroker inside and outside, all that is left to do is to let it air dry. 

Your stroker will be as good as new again.😉


#2 Lube it Up, Babe

Using lube will definitely enhance the experience of using a penis stroker. Make sure to apply lube inside of the stroker and on the shaft of your penis. The wetter the better.😉 Water-based lube is preferable because most strokers are made from silicone, and silicone-based lubes may cause deterioration to the stroker.  


#3 Put the Stroker in Place

Slip the stroker over the shaft of your penis. Adjust the stroker sleeve to ensure they adjust to your size and sit comfortably. 


#4 Get Used to the Design 

First, get used to the stroker's design. Move the stroker along the shaft of your penis so that you can get used to the feel and the design. Here’s a little tip: The most sensitive parts of the penis are the frenulum (The place where the foreskin and the bottom of the penis meet), the shaft, or the tip of the penis.


#5 Experiment With Different Types of Stroking

Explore and incorporate different types of stroking and change up your pace. You can also play around with different grips or incorporate gentle twisting motions. It all depends on where you like the stroker to sit on your shaft. 

You can even change up the position, like standing up, lying down, or sitting up. You can also change up your location, maybe take your stroker into the shower with you to have some steamy fun.😉


#6 Involve Your Boo

Once you feel comfortable with how to use your stroker on your own, consider inviting your boo to the party. Your partner can give your tip some attention by using their mouth, fingers, or their body parts if your stroker is open-ended. Getting the erogenous involved is a great idea, too. 

Another fun idea is mutual masturbation, where you use your stroker while your partner uses another sex toy or their hands.  


Benefits of Using a Penis Stroker

Using a penis stroker can really level up your masturbation game. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using a stroker. 


#1 Levels up the Pleasure

The stroker adds pleasure and makes it feel like you’re receiving an expert-level blow job. The main thing that helps level up the handjob is the ribbed internal design. The texture makes it feel more pleasurable when the penis rubs against the stroker. 


#2 A New, Unique Type of Sensation

The different vibrating levels of the stroker let you enjoy a new and unique type of sensation that is totally different from using just your hands. The vibrations on your penis increase the blood flow, which makes you feel more aroused and increases your pleasure. It basically feels like your penis is getting a sensual massage. 


#3 Perfect for Foreplay

An open-ended stroker is the perfect sex toy to use with your partner during foreplay. When the end of the stroker is open, it allows your partner to be able to stimulate the tip of the penis with their mouth, privates, or fingers while the stroker is around your base and shaft. By doing this, you can enhance your intimacy in your relationship, have a better chance to orgasm, improve your communication, and get more creative in the bedroom. 


#4 Great for Edging

A vibrating stroker is a great way to experiment with edging. This is when you basically control your orgasm by postponing it and bringing the intensity down. Then, you can build the intensity back up again and have a strong, mind-blowing orgasm. 

If you feel like you’re close to reaching the Big O, turn the vibration on the stroker to a lower setting. This will help with controlling your orgasm and making it stronger and more pleasurable once you finally reach it. 


#5 Safe to Use

Strokers are one of the safest sex toys out there as they are made from medical-grade silicone. This is great because you can literally use it anywhere, even in the shower, if your stroker is waterproof. This allows you to experience sexy time in new environments on your own or with your partner.

Just remember to lube it up. Water makes things a bit complicated.


Aftercare and Storage Tips for Your Stroker

The following tips are important for taking care of your penis stroker and storing it.

  • It is essential to clean your stroker after each time you use it.
  • The material of the stroker will determine how you need to clean it.
  • You can use warm water with a gentle soap or a sex toy cleaner.
  • Drying your penis stroker is very important. You can let it air dry on a clean surface or dry it with a clean towel.
  • You can store your stroker in the case it came with or in a soft or hard storage case. 


The Best Stroker for Your Pleasure

The Air Helix2 - Manual Male Stroker is hands down the best stroker because it is so simple to use. It is not electronic, so there are no vibes, but it works with air suction control to provide you with a natural and exhilarating pleasure experience.

As you enter the Air Helix2, the air pressure valves create a potent suction that will take you to the height of pleasure. You can also adjust the suction strength by closing some of the holes with your fingertips. How cool is that?


Benefits of the Air Helix2

The manual male stroker has the following benefits. 


It feels amazing

It is made with a velvety smooth silicone and has a spiral helix design that feels incredible when it grips onto you. 


It is fully encased

The soft sleeve is in a hard case that protects it and also makes it easy to grip while in use, and store away when you’re done using it. 


It works with natural suction

When you put the stroker on, you will experience natural suction. You can intensify your experience by closing some of the air holes with your fingers.


It is discreet and quiet. 

Most automatic strokers are extremely noisy –embarrassingly so. With Helix, you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing you enjoy your explorations, as the design is quiet. 


It is easy to clean.

Its design and material make it easy to clean. 


Final Thoughts on How to Use a Stroker

A stroker is the perfect sex toy for penis owners as it delivers a unique sensation different from what you would experience with just using your hands. You can enjoy the stroker solo or involve your partner and use it during foreplay if you feel comfortable.

The stroker includes many benefits, like leveling up your pleasure, experimenting with edging, getting more creative in the bedroom, and even growing intimacy with your partner. 

If you’re looking for a stroker that is easy to use and will upgrade your pleasure, the Air Helix2 - Manual Male Stroker is a great option. With its natural suction and incredible internal ribbing design, you will never want to use your hands ever again. 

Have fun and level up your masturbating game by incorporating a stroker. Once you use it, you won’t be able to live without it. Enjoy! 

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