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So, you've heard that Kegel balls may be the solution to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and improving your  your sex life? But how do you use Kegel balls? It's important to know how to approach using Kegel balls to keep yourself safe and enjoy the many benefits. 

This is our complete guide on how to use Kegel balls -- full of helpful tips that might come in handy along the way.

What are Kegel Balls Used For?

Kegel balls are balls that come in a variety of sizes and weights and are used to strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. But these balls do more than just maintain your pelvic floor; it also enhances your sexual pleasure. That's why they are also known as pleasure balls or orgasm balls. 

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If you are unsure where to begin, read on. Trust us at the end of this guide; you will be able to use these balls like a pro. 

Let's first start off with the preparation of your Kegel balls. 

Preparing Your Kegel Balls

If you want to get your Kegel balls ready for use, you should do the following: 

#1 Clean your hands by washing them with an antibacterial soap.

#2 Use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash your Kegel balls and dry them with a clean towel afterward. If your Kegal balls vibrate, try not to get water near the charge port. 

#3 Add some water-based lube to your Kegel balls so that it's easier for you to insert them.

How To Insert Your Kegel Balls

So the prep work is done; now it's time to get down and dirty. The first thing you will want to do is apply lube to your vaginal opening before you insert the Kegel balls. 

When you're all lubed up and ready to go, do the following:

  1. Lie down in a position that feels comfortable to you.
  2. Insert the Kegel balls slowly. No need to rush into it. 
  3. Typically, the Kegel balls are connected to each other with a string. Make sure to insert that into your vagina too.
  4. Once the string is all up there, slowly push the second ball into your vagina.
  5. Push the Kegel balls to the point in your vagina that you feel comfortable with. 
  6. Ensure that the string or loop which is used to pull the Kegel balls out is not tucked into your vagina. It should be on the outside of your vagina.
  7. Lastly, tighten your pelvic floor muscles to keep your Kegel balls inside and continue your daily activities. 

  • Tip: If you feel like the Kegel balls are slipping out, or one of the balls is visible outside of your vagina, push it deeper in. 

Ok The Kegel Balls Are In; Now What? 

So, after you have inserted the Kegel balls, you need to decide what you will use them for. If you want to use them solely for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, for solo pleasure, or enhancing your sex life with a partner, it's all up to you, babe.

Let's look at what is required for each of these activities.

For Pelvic Exercise

If you want to experiment and add Kegel balls to your routine, you should do the following: 

  1. Get on your back, lube yourself and the Kegel balls up, and insert them. 
  2. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles so you can lift and squeeze them.
  3. Hold on and squeeze for 5 seconds, then relax for 5 seconds. 
  4. Repeat 5 times to do a set. You can do up to 3 sets a day. 

For Solo Pleasure 

Kegel balls are not used in the same ways as other sex toys are. And although you can pull them in and out, you will find that leaving them inside is actually way more pleasurable. 

So here are some ways that you can intensify your solo pleasure with your Kegel balls:

  • While you're lying in bed, insert your Kegel balls and start squeezing your pelvic muscles. Now, as your body gets more aroused and lubricated, go on a journey of exploring your body and discovering what you like.
  • Another way is to insert the Kegel balls and then grab your favorite vibrator. Circle around your clitoris and your vaginal opening with your vibrator. 

For Partnered Sex

Kegel balls can definitely get things all hot and bothered between you and your partner. And it will definitely increase sensitivity during vaginal sex. You can insert your Kegel balls before you head out on your date and view them as a starter, or you can insert them during foreplay. The longer the Kegel balls are inside of you, the more aroused you're going to be for the main dish.😉

Oh, and Kegel balls can even make anal sex more enjoyable. During anal sex, the Kegel balls in your vagina will push against your G-spot, which will make the experience so much more intense and satisfying. 

But here's a little disclaimer, please don't ever attempt to put the Kegel balls inside of your anus. (!) They are not made for this purpose and can cause discomfort, pain, or worse, they can even become stuck. But some beads are specifically suited for anal play if you're interested in experimenting with anal play.

How to Remove Your Kegel Balls

Depending on your body chemistry and the type of Kegel balls you use, you can leave them in your vagina for up to 6 hours. Let's have a look at how to remove them. 

So, if your Kegel balls have a string or loop attached to them, you will do the following:

  1. Lay down in a position that feels comfortable to you.
  2. Add some extra lube to your vaginal opening.
  3. Relax your pelvic floor and breathe. 
  4. Slowly pull on the string or loop until the Kegel balls slide out. 

Now, if the Kegel balls are separated, you will do the following:

  1. Stand with your feet just a bit wider than hip distance apart.
  2. Next, just bend your knees a little until you feel comfortable in a squatting position.
  3. Now squeeze your vagina muscles like you would do to get your tampon out or another sex toy. 

My Kegel Balls are not Coming out, Help!

If the Kegel balls are not coming out right away, don't panic! Try to keep yourself calm. Try to relax your muscles down there, relaxation goes a long way here.

You may be able to get them out by adding more lube. You can also do a few other things to try and remove them, like jumping up and down, moving around, or even coughing. These actions will help your muscles to contract and release the Kegel balls. 

Cleaning and Storage of Kegel Balls

The following are some tips on cleaning and storing your Kegel balls so that you can always take the best care of them. 

  1. After taking your Kegel balls out, rinse them with warm water.
  2. Do some deep cleaning with antibacterial soap.
  3. Rinse the Kegel balls in warm, soapy water and then rinse them to remove all the excess residue. 
  4. Pat them dry with a clean towel.
  5. After patting them down, air dry them for an hour or two to ensure they are completely dry before you store them away.
  6. Once you're sure they're completely dry, keep them in their own case.

The Best Kegel Balls To Use

Grace - The Vibrating & Weighted Kegel Balls are all cute and pink and will be a great addition to your self-care routine. With Grace, you can have your pleasure today and pelvic strength tomorrow. It has a stackable ball design and has 8 vibes settings to choose from, which you can control from a wireless remote. This makes it especially fun to enjoy with a partner.

Grace is designed to amplify your pelvic strength, improve your bladder management, accelerate postnatal healing, and heighten your orgasms. Grace will become your new best friend and an essential part of your self-care routine.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Using Kegel Balls

  • Don't squeeze for long periods without taking a break, as it can overwork your vaginal muscles and cause a temporary strain. 
  • Don't keep the Kegel balls in your vagina for longer than 6 hours, as you can overexert your pelvic floor muscles. 
  • It's important to clean your Kegel balls before and after use, as not doing so can lead to an infection. 
  • Consistency is key. You must do your Kegel exercises daily for a few weeks to notice a difference. 
  • If you notice any pain, discomfort, unusual odor, or discharge, stop using the Kegel balls immediately and seek help from your medical professional. 

Final Thoughts on How to Use Kegel Balls

Learning how to use Kegel balls includes many benefits, like strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and boosting your sex life. Kegel balls are the solution to a stronger vagina. We hope this guide has given you all the answers you had and that you're ready to use your new toy. 

If you still need to decide which Kegel balls to purchase, Grace is an excellent option to try out. You can enjoy it solo or let your partner have complete control via the wireless remote. It will bring excitement and pleasure into your life and become essential to your self-care routine. 

So what are you waiting for? Use your Kegel balls every day and have a vagina that slays!

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