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On the hunt for the best personal massager for women? Let's talk


There are a great many luxurious pleasures in life, one of them being a trusty, powerful, and versatile personal massager. The perfect personal massager can work out tension kinks in your neck and pull a night shift bringing you a different kind of relief. 


Listen, it’s no secret that personal massagers for women are often used as powerful clitoral vibrators —  as they should. Every woman should have a trusty vibrating personal massager in her life. 

In this article, we’ll cover what to look for in a massager and point to the very best personal massagers for women. 

What is a personal massager?

A personal massager is an electric body massager that is often powerful and rumbly. They are designed to target parts of the body deeply. 

These, at times, are designed like massage guns, rolling massagers, or balled massagers. Some will plug into the wall, but recently, cordless massagers offer the same power plus cord-free relief. 

In short, personal massagers are versatile vibrators.

What makes a 5-star personal massager? 

A personal massager are a must-have tool to have on hand. They're ideal for massaging sore muscles, body tension and can be used for sexual pleasure too. 

A truly terrific personal massager is VERSATILE. No one-trick ponies here. 

When shopping for a the perfect personal massager for women, there are a few things you want to look for. 

  • Cordless and rechargeable for ease of use
  • Powerful motor(s) to deeply target your muscles (and other places) 
  • Multiple massage mode settings to choose from
  • A sturdy massage head so you can apply pressure


If you’re looking for a clitoral vibrator:

You’re in the right place. 

The term “personal massager” is often interchangeable with “vibrator.” 

Oftentimes, women searching for one want to target their sore back, while others are seeking a powerful clitoral massager (just minus the colorful language). 

No matter what ladies, personal massagers aim to please. 

If you’re looking to target muscles:

You’re also in the right place my friend. 

A sturdy and powerful personal massager can be used to deeply target sore muscles. A small pocket vibrator is not going to help you target sore muscles, but a rumbly wand vibrator can. 

The must-have personal massager for women 

The end goal of any personal massager is a deep and powerful massage. But you don’t want anything too overzealous as it may irritate your fascia. So, you need something powerful enough to be effective, but gentle enough that you can use it for an extended period of time. 

Behold, the top 2 personal massagers. These are the very best if you want to hit all areas.  

They’re the Goldilocks of personal massagers for women - just right. 


#1 The best personal massager for women - the vibrating personal wand massager, Bewitch’d

This is the personal massager to end all personal massagers. It’s a powerhouse, boasting the strongest motor of all our products. 

It’s cordless, rechargeable, lightweight, has an easy-to-use light-up control panel, and a sturdy-but-flexible massage head. 

With 10 versatile massage patterns and 3 intensities, it’s bound to please. You can use Bewitch’d on any part of your body. It's an effective massager for sore muscles, or as a relaxing total body massager. 

It’s also one of our best-selling clitoral massagers. So, you choose your own adventure with this one. 

"I'm obsessed! It's intense and delivers on everything. It's sleek and powerful. This has improved my sex life so much." 
--B. Van Blair

It really is the only personal massager you’ll ever need. 

#2 Coming in second for the best personal massager for women : the roller personal massager, Indie

In our book, this massager comes in a close second for the best personal massager for women. Indie is double-ended and multi-talented.

Boasting dual motors, there’s a textured rolling massager on one end, great for relaxation and broad stimulation anywhere you want it. The handle on the other end doubles as a vibrating dildo.

Again, you get to choose how you use this versatile personal massager. 


Indie is waterproof, rechargeable, cordless, and has a sturdy design. There are 2 motors and 10 massage modes. Perfect for any gal seeking an irresistibly good personal massager

“So much fun to use! It's powerful with lots of settings. I haven't had a vibrator in a few years after my last one gave up the ghost. I almost forgot how much fun they are. 
  - Hannah”



Get personal massagers delivered discreetly 

Your vibes are your business. At BerryLemon your privacy is very important to us. Every order arrives discreetly in a plain shipping box. All the real fun is inside. 


Article Summary: The Best Personal Massager For Women

A 5-star worthy personal massager is one that is powerful, sturdy, long-lasting, made with body-safe materials, and puts a smile on your face. 

No matter which personal massager you choose, they are wonderful wellness tools to have at your fingertips. 



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