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Remote control vibrators are seriously fun. They can be used to add some kink and spark to your couple’s play, or they can enhance your solo adventures. 

Here at BerryLemon our egg vibrator and prostate vibrator are both powered by remote controls -- and there are a million reasons to try one. 

In this article, we’ll highlight 7 reasons you need a remote control vibrator for hands-free orgasms. 

#1 You can vibe at the press of a button

Trusty remote control vibrators can help you achieve a hands-free orgasm -- who doesn’t love that. 

Vibrators that are controlled by a remote can add a layer of sexy excitement to any pleasure session. With physical remotes (as opposed to signal losing Bluetooth vibes) pleasure is always right at your fingertips. 

#2 Remote control vibrators are great for couples play 

Remote-controlled vibes are super fun for couples to enjoy. This can be great for a couple that wants to try new things and keep that spark alive. To use, one person wears the toy while the other controls the remote. 

We recommend remote teasing and edging with these remote toys. This is a seriously great way to introduce sex tech into partnered sex. 

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#3 Great for enhancing foreplay teasing

Teasing your partner can be extremely arousing for both parties. 

Add a bit of remote power-play into the mix and you’ve got yourself some super spicy foreplay. This type of teasing is so much fun because while you aren’t touching yet, you’re pleasuring each other. The build-up this can create prior to penetrative sex can be pretty explosive. 

#4 Go ahead, give over control 

In healthy partnered sex both parties are interacting and taking and giving control in their own ways -- but with remote control vibrators, there is a clear (and fun) power play. The innocent power dynamic this creates can be extremely arousing if you’re into it. 

#5 Hands-free orgasms just hit different

Even if you aren’t using this as a couple, hands-free orgasms are pretty great. 

With Kit, our remote control vibrator for vulvas, you can insert the egg-shaped base while the external part stimulates the clit. There are two motors that vibe independently both internally and externally. Use the vibrating remote to reach a fabulous hands-free orgasm. 

#6 Keep a dirty secret and play in public  

For the brave among you, you can secretly use a remote control vibrator in public. One person can wear the vibrator while the other uses the remote. The remote holder is going to love watching the wearer be teased in a public place. The trick with wearables is to make sure the vibrator will stay in place while you’re out and about. If you’re successful, you may have a very fun time and some great sex when you get back home. 

#7 Prostate play + remote control is elite 

If you want to have the best hands-free prostate massager experience -- go for the remote control prostate massagers. After you’ve put your massager in place you want it to stay put and control it with the remote. This type of hands-free prostate pleasure is next level. 

If you or your partner are interested in prostate stimulation try Wake, our premium remote control prostate toy. Wake has 10 pulse patterns to choose from and a 360° rotating bead base. 

Wearable vibrators are next level. Period.

Hands-free vibrators are something we’ve all thought about while guiding our vibrators – “If only it would do its thing without me.” 

If playing with or wearing a remote-controlled vibe sounds like a fun night in, consider adding one to your toy box. 

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