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Sex toys for lesbians = clit toys, wand vibes, strap-ons, nipple stimulators, butt plugs. You name it. WLW enjoy it.

You might have already-amazing sex with your partner(s), but what if I told you that you could easily upgrade that sex and those orgasms? While doing it old school might do the trick or get the job done… what if you got the job done three or four times every night?

You’re likely going to be familiar with the positions below, but I’m going to describe how you can level up these positions with sex toys for lesbians. 

Cue the sapphic satisfaction!


Written by Sexologist Gillian (Gigi) Singer, MPH
Illustrations by Lucy Caron as used in Cosmopolitan Magazine


Lesbian sex toys & position pairings

Turn up the heat and try these sex toys during partnered sex. Below are some satisfying WLW sex positions (that you may be well acquainted with) and a sex toy pairing suggestion. 

#1 The Spider 

How to: One partner will sit on the other’s lap face-to-face; the bottom partner should sit ‘criss-cross-applesauce’ to allow access to the vulva and also should support the top partner by holding the top partner’s butt or hips.

Add these sex toys for lesbians:

  • Sage Strapless Strap-On: A strapless strap-on pleasures both parties. One partner straps, while the other receives.The bulb of the strap-on is held by the wearers pelvic muscles, so this position is great for strapless strap-on newbies. 


#2 Spooning

How to: One partner lies behind the other, both of you lying on your sides. Use a pillow behind the back of the person behind and under your necks for comfort. 



Add these sex toys:

  • Hands-Free Dual Bullet Vibrator & Remote G Spot Vibrator: Share control by giving the receiver the remote of a wearable g-spot vibe, while the person in the back uses the g-spot feature on the front person by entering from behind. The person in front can control the vibrations… but the person in back controls when and how the toy is applied. 

 #3 The Lap Dance

How to: One partner sits in a chair or on the edge of the couch or bed and plants their feet on the ground. If you can use something to raise one foot a little higher than the other (like a stool), that’s great too. The other partner will straddle the (ideally elevated) thigh. And lots of lube to the top of the thigh. 

Add this toy:

  • Try clit suckers as nipple stimulators: the person who is being grinded on can reach around to the front of their partner and use this clit sucking toy on their partner’s nipples. Or, it can be used on one’s own nipples! Who said lesbian sex toys had to include penetration or only vulva-centric play?


#4 Sideways Scissors

How to: Partner A lays on their back with their legs spread. Person B lays perpendicular to partner A who puts one leg on the shoulder of partner B and the other one between Partner B’s legs. 

Add this clit toy:

  • Aura Clit Sucker Dual Vibrator: warm up the body by externally using the vibrating dildo all over the body. Then, use the clit sucking feature and switch off using it on the clit and each nipple. This is sure to drive your partner crazy. You can eventually give them what they want and insert the flexible dildo and put the sucker on their clit and prepare for a pleasure earthquake. 

#5 Lay Back and Relax

How to: One partner lays back and the other takes great care of them, by any means necessary.

Add this toy:

  • Indie Personal Massager: use the rolling side of this multi-talented toy and run it all over the body of your partner who is laying on their back. Focus on the neck, nipples, lower stomach, inner thighs, and eventually the vulva. Work your way up to using the vibrating dildo feature in conjunction with stimulating the clit with your mouth and hands.



Sex toys for lesbians are so versatile and can seriously crank the heat on your hookup! 

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?


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