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Listen, the magic wand damn near changed the world back in the day. It’s iconic. It’s infamous. But to be honest, it’s been a bit slow to upgrade its design.

Today, there are drawbacks to investing in the magic wand. The dangers of PVC plastic use, the lack of function control, and the issue of overheating come to mind. 

While it may feel sacrilegious to be bluntly honest about an iconic sex toy, there are some things you should know before buying. 

The 5 major setbacks of the magic wand

I love clitoral stimulation as much as the next gal, but comparatively speaking there are some big misses when it comes to the magic wand. 

This old standby lacks many base-level features that many modern sex toy lovers have come to expect. 

#1 The magic wand only has two settings (WHAT!?)

The magic wand, formally known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, only has two speeds. High and low. 

The standard modern vibrator offers multiple speeds that can be used on multiple pattern types. Pattern types offer various rhythms to the stimulation vs. one simple steady stream of vibration. 

Bewitch’d, the modern vibrating wand massager, offers 3 speeds and 10 pattern settings.

That’s 30 vibe possibilities, vs. the magic wand’s 2. 

#2 Potentially dangerous use of vinyl, a hormone-disrupting PVC plastic

The massager head of the magic wand is made of Vinyl, also known as PVC plastic. This material has long been known to be a poor choice for sex toys. 

Alex Scranton, the Director of Science and Research at The Women's Voices For Earth Says "When it comes to vibrators, avoid PVC" and "this plastic can also contain phthalates that are reproductive toxicants."

Phthalates are “known to be dangerous to human health” and could cause hormone disruption. It’s so potentially harmful and toxic that most phthalates have been “banned from children's toys” back in 2009. 

In the modern sex toy world, PVC is a big no-no. These days, it’s pretty much unacceptable to use PVC plastic in a sex toy when medical-grade silicone is so widely available and completely body safe. 

#3 The magic wand plugs into the wall making it clunky, susceptible to overheating, and it’s definitely not waterproof 

A vibrator that plugs into the wall strikes me as outdated. The A/C corded power used to mean it was the most powerful option, but now, rechargeable battery technology makes A/C power virtually redundant. 

There is finally a cordless magic wand but it’s double the price ($125 + taxes and shipping) with very few upgrades to show for it.

The A/C power cord has also historically created issues like overheating. 

Anecdotal reports agree the magic wand “has a tendency to overheat* after 25 minutes of use”. To avoid this, the newer models simply turn off after 20 minutes. Mood kill.

Obviously, a corded magic wand is not waterproof or water-resistant, a feature any of us are used to these days.   

#4 The magic wand is thunderously loud 

The magic wand is powerful, no doubt about that. But it’s also very loud. 

Reviewers of the magic wand share, “The Hitachi is loud, and definitely the loudest thing I own, but I was honestly expecting it to be a lot louder. It can absolutely be heard through your door, and maybe even in the next room if your walls are thin, but it sounds more high-pitched and electronic.”

Some have measured the noise of a magic wand through a CLOSED door at 62 decibels. It’s one of the loudest vibrators money can buy. 

On the highest setting, the noise level of Bewitch’d doesn’t even register through a closed door. (Same decibel level with and without the wand powered on.) Undetectable. 

While 1.5 feet away within the same room, Bewitch’d clocked in at only 32 decibels. It’s sort of night and day compared to the noise level of the magic wand.

#5 There are countless counterfeit magic wands out there. Who can you really trust?

Now this problem has nothing to do with the magic wand itself, but with dishonest counterfeit sellers. It’s such a problem that there are countless forums and blog content geared to help buyers decipher a genuine magic wand from the fakes. 

With the counterfeits, the price tag is roughly the same, but the quality is not magic wand quality. Because of this over saturation of fake magic wands, it can be hard to tell what you’re really buying. 

If you seriously want a magic wand, don’t buy on marketplace sites like Walmart or Amazon (folks can sell whatever they want on there). Opt for reputable sex toy companies that will do the verifying leg work for you. 


This is why modern ladies are trying Bewitch’d

Powerful wand massagers aren’t cheap. If you want to invest in one (highly recommend), I’d suggest reaching for one that is fully optimized utilizing current vibrator technology. 

Bewitch’d, our strongest vibrator yet, and includes every feature you could want from a vibrator. Compared to the magic wand it's just as powerful, cordless, waterproof, and offers way speed and pattern control.

It's serious bang for your buck.  

Bewitch’d vs. The Magic Wand

Bewitch’d offers the power of wand vibrators but is fully modernized. It’s the crème de la crème of clit stimulation. 

Here is a look at the feature comparison of the two models.


✅ Boasts 3 speeds & 10 pattern settings  

✅ Offers incredibly powerful clit stimulation 

✅ Made of silky smooth medical-grade silicone 

✅ Sleek & a perfect size 

✅ Lightweight and easy to use

✅ Virtually non-detectable noise level through a closed door

✅ Light up control panel great to use in the dark

✅ Cordless

✅ Rechargeable

✅ Waterproof



The original magic wand:

❌Only has 2-speed settings

❌ Made with PVC plastic often containing hormone-disrupting phthalates 

❌ Clunky outdated design 

❌ Heavy and cumbersome to use and clean

Very loud motor, measures 62 dB through a closed door

❌ Often overheats or turns off mid-use

❌ Must be plugged in to use

❌ Not rechargeable

❌ Not waterproof

There’s a real demand for something sexier, smaller, and sleeker 

The Hitachi magic wand was a trailblazer. But it’s very possible that it’s fallen far behind more modern sex tech contemporaries. While this vibrator will remain infamous, there are better wand vibrator choices out there.  

For the same mega power level you crave and all the modern luxuries you're looking for, try Bewitch’d


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