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Since the dawn of time, masturbation has been a natural part of human sexuality, evolving from its primitive beginnings to today's sophisticated practices. Gone are the days when self-pleasure was a taboo subject, limited to hushed conversations. Thanks to technological advancements and a more open-minded society, masturbation is now celebrated as a healthy, enjoyable part of our lives. Among the groundbreaking innovations in this realm is the masturbation sleeve, a device that has revolutionized the way men experience pleasure.

We can thank technology for aiding in destigmatizing (and elevating) masturbation. 

Today, around 20% of mobile searches are for pornography. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Every second you spend reading this article there are 28,258 Internet users watching pornography and likely having a wank.

Masturbation sleeves are the fun little product that promises to instantly enhance our solo pleasure even more.

Masturbating sleeves also go by the names ‘stroker,’ ‘masturbators’ ‘insertion toys,’ or simply ‘sleeves,’ (some even call them ‘pocket pussies’) and the sensations they provide can change your masturbation habits forever.

Let's get up-close and personal with the sex toy that could change your solo pleasure.

Masturbation Sleeves Are Among The Most Popular Sex Toys For Men

Buying a masturbating sleeve puts you in good company, these are one of the most popular types of sex toys for men. 

A masturbation sleeve/stroker/insertion toy is often a cylindrical silicone covering that can be either slid up and down the shaft or held stationary while the individual moves within it. The market offers a myriad of insertion toys, including those equipped with vibration and speed controls. 

Add a little lube and many masturbating sleeves mimic penetrative sex or blow jobs. What man is not enticed by that, am I right? 

Why Invest In A Masturbating Sleeve?

Aside from providing the potential for explosive solo orgasms a masturbating sleeve is incredibly versatile. The thrill of a partner using the sleeve during mutual masturbation should not be underestimated. It’s the perfect toy for pleasure and intimacy.

Aside from the versatility of couples play, a masturbating sleeve has a lot more to offer:

  • Easy to use.
  • Safe.
  • Some offer varied and incredible vibrating stimulation.
  • A variety of different speeds and patterns.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ergonomically designed. 
  • Top-quality materials for realistic and delicious sensations. 
  • Versatile - can be used for solo or couples’ play.
  • Easy to clean - be safe and hygienic when you’re using your sleeve.
  • Incredible affirmation and performance enhancement for those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Delay Training.

Discover How a Masturbation Sleeve Can Transform Your Solo Sessions

A masturbation sleeve is designed to deliver unmatched sensations that go far beyond the traditional lubed up hand. Embrace a new level of intensity and pleasure, and explore a realm of satisfaction that every man deserves to explore.

You know how it is with just your hand – it gets the job done, sure, but it's the same old feeling, every time.

Now imagine switching that up with a masturbation sleeve. It's like going from a basic burger to a gourmet steak. The soft silicone sleeve has textures and contours that your hand just can't replicate, offering a variety of sensations that feel incredibly more realistic and intense. The air suction mechanism on the Air Helix2 will bring your orgasm to brand new heights. 

The difference is night and day.

It's not just about getting to the finish line; it's about enjoying a ride filled with new twists and turns. The sleeve wraps around you in a way that feels both familiar and excitingly different, adding a level of sensation that's just not possible with the good old five-finger shuffle.

So, if you’re looking to seriously upgrade your solo sessions, give a masturbation sleeve a shot. It's a game changer – like discovering a new level of pleasure that you didn't even know was missing. Trust me, your solo play will never be the same again.

Using a Masturbating Sleeve

Using a masturbating sleeve is pretty much intuitive. Insert the appropriate dangly bit and begin that much-loved in-and-out motion. Adjust speed according to personal preference. 

However, there is one important part of using a masturbation sleeve that needs to be written in nice big DayGlo yellow letters - ‘always use a high-quality, water-based lubricant when you are getting busy with your sex sleeve.’ 

A few drops of lube on the inner part of the sleeve and directly on your genitals will make the entire experience that much more orgasmic. Trust us.

Remember, opt for the water-based lube. Water-based lube is kind to your silicone sex toys and will not cause pitting (unlike silicone-based lubes). That pitting can cause discomfort - and it provides the perfect home for yeasts, bacteria, and other microorganisms. 

Learn more about lube for sensitive skin here.


You can warm up your masturbating sleeve before use. Simply immerse your sex sleeve in a bowl of warm water for a short time before use. This is a personal preference, as your body heat will warm up the ‘skin’ of your masturbating sleeve incredibly quickly. 

The Best Masturbating Sleeve By Far

The Air Helix2 from BerryLemon is the perfect fusion of form and function. This stroker doesn’t require batteries or recharging, so you can use it on the go - or whenever the urge takes you. 

The Air Helix2 is a wonderfully textured, pliable silicone helix masturbating sleeve that tightens as you enter it, and features air pressure valves that create potent suction, leading to mindblowing orgasms.  

Air Helix2 allows you to control the stroker experience to suit your individual sexual style. You can choose your suction strength by simply blocking any of the six strategically placed air holes on the transparent casing. 

The design is stunning, and the performance is literally orgasmic. Simply add that quality lube and prepare for the ride of your life, with or without a partner.  

What users say:

“Wow, I’ll never use my hand ever again! This stroker takes masturbation to an entirely new level. The suction and internal ribbing are intense!!” - Brody 


So, Is a Masturbation Sleeve Right for You?

A masturbating sleeve is perfect for anyone with a penis and a sense of curiosity about the possibilities of supercharging their masturbation experience. 

The BerryLemon Air Helix2 has been designed to provide incredible levels of pleasure for both singles and partners, and it’s versatile while being easy to use. It is an investment that will pay exceptional dividends in pleasure.

If you are new to the world of sex toys and would like to explore the wonderfully varied products that are on offer, but are unsure which male sex toy would supercharge your sex life, then visit the BerryLemon Collection for even more choices. 

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