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Sex toys are entirely normal and nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t mean you want your parents, friend, or neighbor to know that you just ordered a new vibrator because it says so all over the packaging. Vibrators with discreet packaging make things a lot easier and less awkward. 

We’ll fill you in on discreet packaging and what you should know about the process so you can enjoy your new sex toy in secret. 

What is Discreet Packaging When It Comes to Sex Toys?

Discreet packaging is when only you and the company you purchased the product from know what is inside the package. There are no logos or pictures that indicate what’s inside. 

Why is Discreet Packaging Important?

It’s quite obvious: you don’t want everyone to know what you just purchased, especially if it’s something spicy.

If vibrators with discreet packaging are something you value, there are a few things you need to consider when looking to buy vibrators.

Things to Consider When You Want To Purchase a Vibrator Discreetly🤐🤫

#1 Plain is Best

Plain shipping boxes with no name or pictures on them are better when it comes to vibrators with discreet packaging. Literally, anything can come in a plain box, so no one will suspect a thing.

If you are ordering a vibrator from a sex toy company, ensure your order will arrive discreetly. You want the bubble mailer or shipping box to be plain with no logo or branding. 

At BerryLemon, our vibrator shipping boxes are plain and brandless. You will find all the fun on the inside 😉


#2 Shipping Labels Should Be Description-Less

Shipping labels always have a return address or the name of the company or individual. When it comes to discreet shipping, it can show the company’s name on the label but not or Because this is a dead giveaway to anyone who sees the package that it is a sex item. 

Don’t worry about the return address; most nosey parkers won’t even look at it. 

Here at BerryLemon, our vibe shipping packaging does not list the spicy contents, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out that you are getting your vibe on. And BerryLemon? Sounds like a supplement company tbh! ;) 

#3 Discreet Billing

Your credit card statement can spill all your dirty little secrets 😉 So discreet billing is very important when it comes to buying a new vibrator. Companies with discreet billing should edit their statement descriptor and remove any part that may disclose what the product is. 

BerryLemon sounds like a delicious juice bar or a fancy vegan restaurant on a statement, so there’s no worrying about anyone suspecting you bought a vibrator. They will just think you’re being super healthy. 

#4 Different Payment Options To Choose From

When companies have different payment options, such as PayPal, it helps buyers keep things off of their bank statements. Sex toy companies should offer buyers a variety of payment options so that they can have full control of their discretion. At BerryLemon, we do exactly that! 

#5 No Mail Promotions After Your Purchase

Most of our mailboxes are overflowing with promotional flyers and coupons, whether it’s from skincare products you bought two days ago or cute clothes. At BerryLemon, we prioritize your privacy. We won't send you mail that contains flyers or promo codes that may invade your privacy. When it comes to keeping your spicy secret safe, you can count on us.😃

A sex toy company that is discreet should never send you promotional emails after you have purchased a new vibing toy. 

Some Extra Tips That Will Help You Do Your Vibing Business Discreetly 

Avoid Large Retailers if Discreet Packaging is Important to you.

If you are buying a vibrator from large retailers like Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, or even Walmart, you are taking a chance with the packaging you are going to get. These retailers don’t prioritize discreetness(no shade). So, if you want vibrators with discreet packaging, you might want to avoid these large retailers. 

At BerryLemon, vibrators with discreet packaging are part of our Motto. We provide discreet packaging and billing so you can enjoy your vibing friend without everyone knowing about it. 

Buying a Vibrator from a Company Outside Your Country

Discreet shipping can be a tricky situation when it's international. A customs form needs to be filled out when a package is sent between countries. Sometimes, the form can disclose what the contents of the package are. 

Here at BerryLemon, you don’t have to worry about the customs form saying ‘vibrator’ on it as we disclose our sex toys as ‘back massagers’ or ‘muscle massagers.’ We care about your privacy😃

There’s No Harm in Asking 

If you are unsure whether a sex toy company offers discreet packaging and billing, you can always email them to find out. Not all sex toy companies are as caring as we are at BerryLemon.😉

At BerryLemon, Discretion is our Middle Name

You never have to worry about BerryLemon spilling your spicy order details, as we believe in vibrators with discreet packaging and billing. 

After your package arrives, you will find all the fun inside. Your items will be cuddled up safely inside a plain white cardboard box. We understand how important discreet packaging is, so you can trust that there will be no branding or logos that could accidentally reveal the contents of your shipment.

At BerryLemon, your buzzing friend will stay your secret, and we will keep it that way. Have fun vibing, and be rest assured that your spicy secret is safe with us. 


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