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Best Clitoral Sucker: Your All-There-Is-To-Know Guide

If you're a vulva owner and you haven't discovered the magic that clitoral suckers have to offer, then you're missing out. They are a game changer for those who especially love clit stimulation and need it to reach the Big O (like most vulva owners do, according to research).

Today, we share with you all there is to know about these suction sex toys. We also share with you the best clitoral sucker for the job. Trust us, you'll be a sucker for it! Let's jump right into it.

What is a Clitoral Sucker? 

A clitoral sucker, also known as a clitoral suction vibrator, is a sex toy that uses a combination of air, suction, and gentle vibration to deliver a mind-blowing orgasm. Clitoral suckers are meant to replicate the feeling of oral sex while paying close attention to the sensitive parts of your body while using its suction technology.  

These toys have a rounded and hallowed nozzle on the top. This nozzle surrounds the outer bit of the clitoris and air pulsations stimulate the clit with a variety of patterns. They offer a unique and powerful stimulation, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

Let's have a look at whether a clitoral sucker feels the same as oral sex. 

Do Clitoral Suckers Feel The Same as Oral Sex?

Yes, to an extent. Clit suckers also suck and blow on your clitoris, which then triggers the nerve endings around the clit. But they have more advantages than someone performing oral sex on you would. For one, the clitoral suckers send sonic pulses through your entire clitoral structure, whereas a person would only be able to work the tip of the structure. 

Oral sex is often lengthy for ladies. (Hey no complaining here!) But these toys also offer very fast, and intense orgasms in record time, with some women reaching a deep orgasm in less than 60 seconds. Not even a hot and steamy sex legend could achieve that. 

Lastly, when it comes to clitoral suckers, you don't have to praise them afterward or return the favor.😉 In a sense, clit suckers feel the same as oral sex, but it's A LOT better!

Do Clitoral Suckers Hurt?

We get the trepidation. The words “clitoral sucker” sound pretty intense. For most women clit suckers do not hurt. (They feel incredible.)

However, clit suckers send powerful sonic pulses through the clitoral structure that can be too powerful or hurt some vulva owners. This is true for any powerful vibrator. 

You can avoid experiencing any discomfort or pain with clitoral suckers by experimenting with the different pulse patterns, starting off slow, and listening to your body. You can also first use it on other areas of your body, like your nipples, and then once you're comfortable, you can move it close to your clitoris. 

For those who find them too powerful at first, try the barrier method and use the clitoral sucker over the top of panties to decrease intensity. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to use a clit sucker that is made from body-safe material. You can then be assured that it is high-quality and won't cause your body harm or irritation.

Using a water-based lube will also make things more comfortable. It will maximize the suction feeling and make the experience feel more realistic. Water-based lubes are also the safest option when it comes to silicone sex toys, as they won't harm or break down the material of the toy. 

Do Clit Suckers Make You Squirt? 

Yes, some people have stated that clitoral suckers have made them squirt or even urinate a little. This is especially true for clitoral suckers that offer dual stimulation. Don't worry; squirting is a natural response and just indicates that you had a good time. 😉 Urinating a little bit, on the other hand, means that you stimulated your clitoris too directly. So take it easy, there’s no rush. 

Start with the lowest air pressure mode and work your way up once you're comfortable. The most important thing is listening to your body and doing what feels good. 

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Why We Love Clitoral Suckers At BerryLemon

It’s pretty clear why we love clitoral suckers – they are the gold standard of clit stimulation. But here are a few reasons why we think they will go down in sex toy history.

#1 Powerful Orgasms Duh!

As mentioned earlier, some vulva owners prefer clitoral stimulation. For others, it's the only way they can reach an orgasm. Clitoral suckers make it possible to reach orgasm faster because it stimulates your entire clitoral network and not just the tip. Some vulva owners can reach orgasm nearly instantly. 

With a clit stimulator, you can work in a quick orgasm session during a busy schedule. It might even make orgasm possible for those who haven't experienced an orgasm in years. 

#2 They May Increase Your Physical Health

Clitoral suckers may help relieve menstrual cramps and body aches. It may even help you sleep better at night. They might also help increase natural vaginal lubrication in those who experience vaginal dryness. For menopausal women, clitoral suckers are actually therapeutic and great for keeping their vaginal and vulva tissues young and vital. 

#3 They May Improve Your Mental Health

Using a clitoral sucker regularly may also improve your mental health by relieving some stress and making you feel sexy, confident, and happy all at the same time. It's like playing sports; it strengthens your body and helps boost your mood. 

The Very Best Clitoral Sucker Money Can Buy

When it comes to clitoral suckers, Aura is the best of the best. It is a 3-in-1 sex toy powerhouse. It is part clit sucker and part vibrating dildo. With its 3 speeds and 7 patterns, you can experiment and find your favorite setting. Its flexible design makes it possible for you to reach all those angles.

Here’s what Aura users are saying lately: 

“Holy Cow! Far exceeded my expectations!” - Anne 

“Wow! I'm a 65-year-old woman, it's hard to climax, to get a great one. This product was a bombshell for me. The climax was unbelievable. I had multiple ones. I would recommend, highly!!” - Julie

“Aura is unlike anything I've ever used before. When I say this thing is powerful, I mean powerrrrrful! I love the flexibility too.” - Wilhelmina 

Aura is a Must-Have in Your Self-Care Routine

Aura is a bestseller for a damn good reason! It lets you hit all the right spots, explore and play your favorite settings, tease, and dual stimulate. It is the “bedroom powerhouse” that you have been looking for. Let’s have a look at why you need Aura in your life. 

  • It has thrilling air pulse technology: It embraces your clitoris and thrills and delights it at the same time. 
  • Its flexible body knows no bounds: Its flexible and versatile body allows you to enjoy dual stimulation, hit all the right spots, and discover your favorite setting.
  • It has dual independently controlled motors: You can choose your own adventure using them individually or simultaneously. 
  • It offers dual stimulation: Aura offers dual stimulation (clitoral and G-spot stimulation) and through this you can achieve blended orgasms. This is when you have two or more orgasms at the same time such as a clitoral and vaginal orgasm. It is ah-mazing! Aura is the pinnacle of vibes.

Final Thoughts On the Best Clitoral Sucker

Clit suckers are exceptional sex toys that work with air pulse technology to deliver toe-curling orgasms. They can level up your self-pleasure game or your partnered adventures. Not only can they take you to orgasm land in a jiffy, but they may improve your mental and physical health. 

Aura is the best clitoral sucker to have on your bedside table. It's the perfect suction vibe. You can choose your magical journey with its dual motors and 10 different settings. It is clitorally amazing!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a clitoral sucker and have a permanent smile on your face. 

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