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There’s nothing better than body shaking, lip-biting, and sheet-pulling orgasms. It’s no wonder that people are always on the lookout for different ways to reach the Big O. Some of the more elusive but earth-shatteringly good orgasms include G-spot orgasms. Ahh, the infamous G-spot. The G-spot is considered an erogenous zone located inside of the vagina, and stimulating it correctly can lead to fireworks. 

Today, we’ll discuss the G-spot and highlight some of the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation. Are you ready to learn how to hit the spot? Let’s get right to it. 

What is the G-spot? 

The G-spot is not exactly an anatomical structure but, instead, an erogenous zone that can provide you with intense pleasure when it’s stimulated. 

Some experts argue the G-spot is actually the urethral sponge, a spongey area of erectile tissue. 

The G-spot is considered to be positioned about 2-3 inches inside of the vagina on the front wall. This spot is also where the urethral sponge is located.

However, the exact location of the G-spot can be different for everyone. 

For example, your G-spot may be positioned more to the left or more to the right. It can also be closer to your vaginal opening or deeper in. Everyone’s different; it is what makes us unique. 

G-spot stimulation is considered to be stimulation of the internal shafts of your clitoris. Yup, that’s right, your clitoris is not just the little happy button on the outside; it goes far deeper than that. 

You can compare the clitoris to an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is the external part of the clitoris, and the rest of the iceberg that’s hidden underwater is the internal roots of the clitoris. The clitoris is a powerful and complex network. 


What If I Can’t Find It? 

Finding the location of your G-spot shouldn’t be the main goal. If you find it great, if you don’t, that’s totally fine too. Instead of making finding the G-spot your main focus, focus on discovering all your erogenous zones and the type of stimulation you enjoy. 

Not everyone experiences pleasure from G-spot stimulation, and that is okay! We are all wired differently. Not enjoying G-spot stimulation doesn’t mean you’re broken! There are many different ways you can experience the Big O. 

Tips For Finding the G-Spot 

Before we get into the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation, you should begin with familiarizing yourself with your spot first.

While finding the G-spot should not be the main focus, but exploring on your own is a good idea to see what you enjoy and what feels good to you. This way, you can then communicate with your partner and explain to them or show them how to find it.

Here are some tips to make finding your G-spot on your own easier. 

#1 Lube it Up

Ensuring you’re lubed up from lube or self-lubrication is very important. It will just make the process more comfortable.


#2 Get Aroused

When you’re aroused, the chances are better to find your G-spot, as it can swell when you’re in the mood. So touch and tease yourself before moving on to insertion. 

#3 Insertion

When you’re aroused, you’re going to insert 2 fingers into your vagina. Your fingers should face the top wall of your vagina. 

#4 Stroke the Area

Next, you’re going to stroke the area that’s about two inches up your vagina using a “come hither motion.” 

#5 Take Your Time

Don’t feel rushed. Take your time to explore this area and all the sensations you’re experiencing.

#6 Pay Attention

Pay attention if you’re feeling a tissue area that’s harder or more dense than the rest of the areas. Chances are you found the spot. 

Please take note that if you can’t find your G-spot, it’s not anything you need to stress or feel bad about. It doesn’t mean you’re going to experience less pleasure than someone else. On the contrary, there are many different ways you can enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure. 

#7 Add a Toy

If you’re having trouble locating your G-spot with your fingers, you can always use a toy designed for G-spot stimulation. 

Fleur: The Rabbit Vibrator is the best sex toy to find and hit the spot with. It is a curved dual stimulator (clitoral and G-spot stimulation) that’s all about maximizing your pleasure. It has 2 motors and 10 massage modes to choose from, so whether you want to go slow and tease yourself or get right to action, Fleur will definitely be the vibe. 


Play around with your position as you self stimulate. This will help give you some insight on the best sex position for G-spot stimulation for your body. 


The 3 Best Sex Positions For G-spot Stimulation

Not all sex positions are going to hit the spot, but the following 3 sex positions increase your chances of stimulating your G-spot. Depending on your anatomy, some of these positions are guaranteed to hit the spot. Let’s take a look.


This sex position is perfect if you, as a vagina owner, want to take the lead and have complete control. When you’re on top of your partner, you can control the speed, the angle, and the depth. This way, you can ensure that your G-spot is stimulated correctly. USE THOSE HIPS and rock your body, remember the G-spot is shallow, so it may only take shallow trusting. Cowgirl is a great way to stimulate the G-spot. Hee-haw! 

Pillow Missionary 

Yup, stimulating the G-spot doesn’t mean you have to get complicated with the sex positions; you can keep it basic. Missionary is a great way to hit the spot. But here’s the tip: place a pillow under your hips to raise your pelvis and give your partner a better angle. 😉 This allows them to graze the upper wall of your vagina more easily. 

Now, you can also change up the position by keeping your legs closed and raised. By doing this, you create more internal containment that will add the feeling of pressure as well as accessibility for shallow vaginal and G-spot stimulation.

Doggy Style

Okay, this is a position that is proven to hit the spot. With every thrust that your partner gives, they will be stroking your special spot – because, gravity! What makes this sex position also great is that you can change it up with height and angles. You can, for instance, go from being on your hands and knees to lowering your height and laying more flat on your stomach. 

Final Thoughts: The Best Sex Positions for G-spot Stimulation

Trying out sex positions that are sure to stimulate the G-spot with your partner or even using your fingers or toys for solo explorations can lead to intense experiences. Even though G-spot stimulation can be the sprinkles to your cupcake, it doesn’t mean it should be the main focus. Not everyone likes the sprinkles, and that’s totally okay hun. 

It’s all about discovering what your body likes and what you find pleasurable. If that’s G-spot stimulation, great; if it’s not, that’s great too. Do what makes you and your body happy!

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