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Did you know there are around 24 different types of orgasms? When you combine any of these orgasms into one big finale -- that’s what’s called a blended orgasm. 

Experiencing simultaneous orgasms can be seriously toe-curling.   

Curious what this supercharged orgasm feels like? 

Well, it’s hard to define what a blended orgasm feels like because they are different for everybody. The only way to know is to find out for yourself. 

Reaching the blended O promise land will require some of us to brush up on anatomy. Then comes the explorative fancy finger work (or just let a dual stimulating g-spot vibrator do the work for you). 

We hope our guide about achieving simultaneous blended orgasms can help get you there. 

Keep scrolling for all the deets. 

24 different types of orgasms you say?

Yup. Pretty wild right? 

There’s clitoral, vaginal, cervical, g-spot, anal, a-spot, u-spot, hand-free, nipple, spontaneous, coregasm, breath orgasm, and sleep orgasm -- just to name a few.   

When you mix and match any of these orgasms you’ve achieved a blended orgasm. 

You achieve this by using multiple avenues of stimulation.


A fave blended orgasm: clitoral and vaginal

One blended orgasm you may be farmilar with is the clitoral and vaginal blended O.This can be achieved through penetration plus clitoral stimulation. 

When you climax in this way you’re having both a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm at the same time. (10/10 would recommend.) 

Taking things up a notch: try penetration plus g-spot stimulation. 

Keep reading for tips on finding your g-spot and achieving a blended orgasm.


Utilizing the g-spot for blended orgasms

Let’s brush up on some sexy anatomy.

It turns out, the clitoris we can see and touch is just the tip of an iceberg. 

The entire clitoris is an internal wishbone-shaped organ that extends internally for close to 4 inches. The wishbone-shaped inner structure, aka the crura, runs parallel to either side of the vaginal canal and meets together at the external glans clitoris.  

When aroused this entire structure becomes engorged with blood (similar to an erect penis) and makes certain areas extremely sensitive to stimulation.

​​Finding the g-spot for a blended orgasm 

Unfortunately, you won’t find the “g-spot” listed on any anatomical diagram. 

The g-spot is not an official part of anatomy -- it’s more like an approximate cluster of nerves. When you’re stimulating the “g-spot” you are actually stimulating a network of nerves that connect the clitoris, urethra, and vagina. 

The g-spot can be a little hard to locate but it’s said to be easier to find when you’re very aroused. 

Finding the g-spot play-by-play:

  • First, begin by getting aroused. Do whatever feels good. 
  • Consider using a lubricant for the best no-friction stimulation.
  • Then, insert your fingers or a g-spot vibrator into the vaginal canal around 2 inches. 
  • Lift fingers upward, toward your belly. This is the area where you may find your g-spot.
  • Instead of taking the "in and out" penetrative approach, try using a “come hither motion” to stimulate this specific area. 
  • Or simply try applying gentle pressure or moving your finger in small circular motions. 
  • Once you’ve found the spot -- explore. 

              Clitoral / G-spot blended O:

              To achieve a blended O, simply add in some clitoral stimulation while stimulating the g-spot. 

              Try using the “come hither motion” with the pointer and middle finger, then using the pad of your thumb, stimulate the clitoris.  

              *Fireworks, y’all.*

              BerryLemon clit sucker and vibrating dildo - Aura

              Sex toy assisted blended orgasms for the win

              Dual stimulators, like our flexible fave Aura, can stimulate vaginally and clitorally all at once. This type of toy can also be angled to stimulate the g-spot. This type of dual stimulation vibrator is designed to create a blended orgasm.   

              When it comes to clit sucking, g-spot vibrators --just prepare yourself to be mind blown. 

              For some, the technique listed above might be too intense, which we totally get. 

              Instead, try using just a vibrating dildo to stimulate the vaginal canal and g-spot, plus tease the clitoris with your other hand. This will also be likely to bring you to the blended O promise land. 

              Additionally, you can try flipping the script. 

              Try stimulating the clit indirectly (with a barrier or just to the side of the clit) with a vibrator, while stimulating your g-spot with your other hand. This one is a winner too. 

              It’s a good idea to try indirect stimulation or clit teasing while duel stimulating because it can help build up an orgasm rather than blasting off in 3, 2, 1 -- iykyk.

              G-spot vibrators and blended orgasms aren’t just for vulva-owners 

              The p-spot (aka the prostate) is known as the “male g-spot.” 

              Penis-owners can achieve some pretty earth-shattering blended orgasms by stimulating the penis, balls, p-spot, and/or the taint. 

              This type of anal blended orgasm can be stimulated with a finger, a butt plug, or a prostate massager. 

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