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There are so many great reasons for women to enjoy the wonders of masturbation. It’s an activity that delivers waves of pleasure and incredible orgasms. Those orgasms can help us deal with stress and anxiety, supercharge the female immune system and even help get a good night's sleep. Masturbation is also not only a solo pursuit, mutual masturbation can keep the passion alive in the bedroom. But what happens as women age? Do older women masturbate?

The statistics and research both seem to indicate that women older than 50, or those who have experienced menopause are becoming more and more confident and comfortable with their bodies. The result is that older women are rediscovering the joys of masturbation and sex toys.

Do Older Women Masturbate? Let’s Consult Research 

In 2019, Victoria Milan, one of the world’s leading social dating sites surveyed 8 thousand women from 14 different nationalities about their masturbation habits. 

The results surprised many experts. 

According to findings, the majority of women (82%) between 46–55 years old masturbate, most of them (47%) engaging in solo sexual activity daily.  

More than half the respondents above 65 years old (53%) said that they masturbate. Almost half (47%) of these women are self-pleasuring as often as twice a week.

So, do older women masturbate? The answer is absolutely. 


The Evergreen Attraction of Masturbation

The joys of masturbation seem to know very few boundaries when it comes to age. However, for women who are pre or post-menopausal masturbation can become an even more important part of a fulfilling sexual experience.


Masturbation and Menopause

During menopause, the secretion of estrogen naturally tapers off and this has a number of psychological and physiological effects. Reduced levels of estrogen can cause a lack of desire and reduced vaginal blood flow resulting in arousal difficulty. Lack of estrogen can also cause the vaginal canal to become drier and less elastic – vaginal dryness can cause intercourse to be painful.

As you age the blood flow to your genitals is not as effective during arousal. This can reduce clitoral sensitivity. With age, you’re likely going to need more direct stimulation to get everything flowing again. 

In pre or post-menopause, introducing regular clitoral stimulation during masturbation can actually be therapeutic for the vaginal tissues, especially when done with a vibrator. 

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Masturbation Is Good For Your Mental Health

The thing about masturbation is that if you’re doing it right then you’re focused on the sensation, pleasure, and the slow buildup to orgasm. Chances are that you’re not worried about the power bill, or your extended car warranty. That focus can do wonders for decreasing your levels of anxiety.

The therapeutic value of masturbation is the result of your brain’s pleasure center working in overdrive, especially when you climax. 

Orgasms release dopamine which is known as the ‘feel-good’ chemical, as well as oxytocin, which has been called ‘the love drug.’ You’d have every reason to believe that chemicals with names like that would make you feel happy and relaxed - and you’d be right. 

These natural anti-depressants also counteract the effects of the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol – it’s no wonder 53% of older women reported regularly engaging in masturbation. 


Seeking Physical Pleasure Is Always 100% Natural

Masturbation feels fantastic, and women can thank the incredible design of the clitoris for many of the exquisite sensations they experience during solo sex. 

The clitoris only has one function: pleasure. 

It was only a few years ago that the human clitoris was estimated to contain around 800 nerve endings. We now know, there’s a TON more.  

The latest research indicates the human clitoris contains 10,281 nerve fibers on average. That’s a lot of incredibly sensitive nerves packed into a very petite space. This is a sexual organ that will reward stimulation in ways that you can only imagine.


Knowing Your Body Improves Partnered Sex

Not only will masturbation make you feel incredible in the moment, but it can also help you have mind-blowing partnered sex. 

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that the positions and stimulation you enjoy during solo play can make it easier to achieve orgasm with a partner. You’ll be more able to express your desires, wants, and needs. After all, communication is at the foundation of any amazing sexual encounter. 


The Orgasm Gap

Age aside, many women face challenges in achieving orgasm through penetration alone. Direct clitoral stimulation and masturbation can be one way to take things at your own pace - and enjoy the sensations that are uniquely part of what makes you feel good.

The difference in frequency of orgasms achieved during sex between cis men and cis women has been labeled the ' Orgasm Gap’. According to a 2023 survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by Durex women are having 4 times fewer orgasms than men. According to that same survey 95% of women orgasm easily and within minutes when they take matters into their own hands (so to speak). 


Masturbation Naturally Boost Lubrication 

According to the British Menopause Society, 1 in 3 menopausal women deal with vaginal dryness. It’s no little problem for those who’ve experienced “the change.” 

Vaginal dryness among older women can be painful, and a real mood killer, whether you are with a partner or going solo. The good news is that regular masturbation increases the blood flow to your genitals which naturally boosts natural lubrication. 

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There’s also some anecdotal evidence that regular masturbation, and using a vibrator or other sex toy, can help to strengthen the vaginal walls, increase vaginal elasticity, increase sensitivity, and combat vaginal dryness.   

For older women, masturbation is pleasurable as well as practical.


Good Vibrations & Getting the Job Done Right

Having taken a look at the prevalence of masturbation among older women it’s safe to say that the question ‘do older women masturbate?’ has been well and truly answered. (Heck yes they do, and should!) However, just because going all-natural for masturbation works, doesn’t mean that the experience can’t get even better. In fact, if you’re post-menopause orgasm might be difficult without the help of a trusty vibe. 

The question is, what sex toy should be taking its place as your favorite bedside table buddy?


The Modern, Gold Standard of Vibrators 

Vibrators have been a bedside staple for generations, but modern vibrators have benefited from some exciting developments in technology. Vibrators today come in all shapes and sizes, and supply a variety of sensations. And not all vibrators are created equal! Making the right choice is essential. 

Air Pulse Vibes - Meet Aura, The Best of Both Worlds

The Aura clit sucking air pulse vibrator neatly crosses the line between clit suckers and g-spot vibrators. This is a vibrator that is ideal for butt stuff. Start with clit stimulation and swap sides for that classic vaginal penetration action. You can use both sides at once, as you explore the blended (g-spot and clit) orgasm. The bendable neck allows you to comfortably explore different positions (and angles) and 7 pulse patterns. This vibrator is the Swiss Army knife of sex toys. It can do everything. 


Among our older clientele, Aura is a best seller and a clear choice for those searching to revamp their pleasure rituals. 

If you’re dealing with vaginal dryness and find penetration challenging, use the clitoris air pulse stimulator regularly to boost blood flow and vaginal lubrication naturally. 


Fleur - The Dual Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator

Who hasn’t heard of Rabbit-style vibrators? They’re tremendously popular, reliable orgasm machines. Fleur takes the Rabbit ideal and reinvents it to provide shudderingly intense orgasms. 


This vibrator offers intense dual stimulation via g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The silky-smooth Fleur is subtly ribbed and boasts two motors, as well as an incredible 10 massage modes. That means pleasure at your own pace. 


The Infamous Magic Wand

Magic Wands have been around since the Hitachi Magic Wand’ was marketed as a ‘muscle tension relaxer’ in the 1960s. Magic Wands have stood the test of time in part because they are incredibly powerful. The very best wand massagers can change your life through incredibly intense orgasms. They are obsession-worthy.  There are some very compelling reasons that you should make a wand massager your go-to sex toy.

The clit: Wand massagers are world famous for elite clit stimulation.  They’re extremely powerful and massage deeply into the muscles, which makes them ideal for those who love clitoral stimulation. 

Get handy: Wand massagers don’t add complications to partnered sex. Wand massagers can easily be slipped into penetrative sex for ultimate pleasure. The fact that they can be used with one hand makes them the perfect addition to coupled penetrative sex. 

Your pleasure, your pace: The original Hitachi Magic Wand had its limitations. It only had two speeds; both of them straying into the region of ‘woah’ and ‘that’s a bit much!’ Today, the best wand massagers have embraced new technology and deliver stimulation at a variety of levels, and the best are rechargeable.


Meet Bewitch’d – A Modern Wand Vibrator 

Bewitch’d sets the standard as the best wand massager and the ultimate orgasm tool. 

It’s an incredibly powerful, cordless wand massager that has one goal, to deliver incredible orgasms. 

It boasts 3 speeds, as well as 10 modes and patterns. To start a Bewitching journey toward the ultimate orgasm simply change the settings, and hit the quick-click intensity or pattern button. 

Bewitch'd is the ultimate wand massager and is designed with a bendy head for ease of use, any angle of approach, and your pleasure in mind. 

So, Do Older Women Masturbate?

Yes, older women masturbate! 

An increasing number of older women masturbate and many studies provide us with evidence about the advantages of regular masturbation. Whether you are in search of the ultimate orgasm, a good night’s sleep, or the perfect anti-anxiety activity, masturbation will deliver. 

However, older women should be aware of the challenges that they might face in achieving orgasm and simply enjoying the experience. The addition of quality sex toy that suits your individual needs can change your sex life forever. 

Remember, the sex toy recommendations in this article are only a few of the many choices available at BerryLemon. You can find the perfect sex toy in our collection and enjoy all the benefits of mind-blowing masturbation, irrespective of age.

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