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We’ve all been there, nearly doubled over in period pain, convinced our uterus is staging a violent mutiny against us. You're in pain and now you laughably find out that having sex could relieve all that? “Really? Right now?!"

But could a roll in the hay really soothe period pain?

The short answer is, yes. 

The “painkiller” effect of sex is produced by the magic of orgasms. Partnered sex or solo sex can relieve period cramps only if you achieve that O. 

In fact, orgasms offer such powerful pain relief that it’s said to more than double pain tolerance. 

Let’s get into how and why sex and orgasms may relieve painful period cramps.

Does Sex Help With CrampsThis is why orgasms relieve period pain

Orgasms could be the best natural painkiller, ever. Here’s why that may be. 

Endorphins baby

When we reach orgasm a cocktail of hormones is released into our bloodstream containing oxytocin, dopamine, and most importantly, in this case, endorphins. 

One study revealed that when women enjoy orgasms their pain thresholds increase by more than 108 percent. Research on this dates back to 1985.

This may be due to the release of endorphins which can offer pain relief by heightening pain thresholds.  

Uterus relaxation post-orgasm

Another period pain-relieving benefit of orgasms is the relaxing of the uterus, post orgasm. 

This is a huge help because it works to counteract our source of pain. The pain we feel from period cramps is largely caused by the muscle contractions of the uterus.

But while you’re experiencing a female orgasm, the vagina pleasurably contracts, and then (ahhhh) releases and relaxes

Post orgasm, the uterus relaxes. Thus, reducing gnarly period pain. 


Studies from 2014 also suggest that oxytocin, “the love hormone”, is a pain reliever in its own right.

Vibrators or self-stimulation for period cramps

So, does sex help with cramps?

Yes, but let’s get real. When we are in the throes of period pain, bloating, nausea, back cramps, and the dreaded “period butt”, do we really want to have a full-blown sex sesh? The build-up, patience, play and communication, the whole kit and caboodle? 

Does Sex Help With Cramps

If that’s your jam while in period pain, I applaud you. 

Personally, I’d opt for an orgasm (or two) at warp speed. I need relief QUICK. It's strictly utilitarian. 

If you’re just in it for the pain relief, try manual clitoral stimulation or vibe out with a clit sucker or personal massager. 

Additionally, some folks get very sore vaginally when on their period, so penetrative sex might not be on the menu. Because of this, clitoral stimulation might be the best route for natural period cramp relief.  

If you're hormonal and horny and want the whole damn buffet, throw a towel down on the bed and enjoy yourself.

do orgasms help cramps

So, can orgasms relieve cramps? 


If your sex session ends in an orgasm, you can bet your ass it can help with period cramps. You can relieve period pain via orgasmic partnered sex or masturbation. 

May the period gods be ever in your favor, my friend. We hope you find some relief soon. 

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