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Are you wondering how your Mars and Venus determine kinks & arousal? Want some insight on your personal sex astrology? Same here. 

Let’s talk about flirty, lusty sex astrology. 

This may come as a surprise but we’re not talking about your sun sign here. 

Yes, your sun sign is central to your identity, but when it comes to sex astrology there is far more to consider. In this article, we’ll explore sex astrology as determined by your Mars and Venus sign.

Your sexual prowess big three ♀♂ 

You may be familiar with your astrological “big 3” which encompasses much of your personality, emotionality, and identity. (Your big 3 are your sun, moon, and rising sign.) 

You can think of Mars, Venus, and the 5th house as your “sexual prowess big three.” To dive even deeper, look at how the 7th house of long-term partnerships and the 8th house of sex aspects your sexual big three. 

Now, let’s break down Mars and Venus. 

Cast your birth chart and find these two planet glyphs within your chart: ♀♂. The astrological sign they fall in is what you’re looking for. Look at both your Venus and Mars below. 

But first, why Venus and Mars?

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, sensuality, attraction, and love affairs. Think flowery romance, instant attraction, slow-burn seduction, and the feeling of falling head over heels. This planet is ruled by Taurus, the empress of sensuality. 

Mars is the planet of power, war, lust, sex, kink, and sexual passion. Think innate sexual impulse, intensity, lustfulness, and action. This powerful planet is ruled by Aries, the sign of fierce passion and fire. 

The astrological sign these planets are in, flavors how the planetary characteristics play out for you. 

The sign dictates how you love, what you find sensual, and what you find attractive (Venus) as well as what turns you on, what you like in bed, and what your sex drive is like (Mars).  

Sex astrology: Venus by sign ♀ 

Remember: Venus is all about sexual love and attraction. The sign determines what attracts you, and how you’re seduced. 

Your Venus sign flavors how you prefer to make love and all the steps you like to take leading up to it.

Aries Venus 

An Aries Venus loves impulsively and leads with innate instinct. You’re a grade-A flirt who knows what they want. Sometimes you may not even know you’re flirting with someone until someone mentions it. You don’t spend time thinking hard about diving into a new hook-up – the spark is either there or it isn’t. You don’t overcomplicate things, you know what you want and you will have it. 

You’re a passionate lover because you’re a delicious mix of passion, attentiveness, and aggressiveness. The way you love is very sexy and physical. (Very Mars-like.) But be careful not to smother your partner with passion or expect too much from them. 

Try tempering your fire a bit for long-lasting love. You burn hot but you also might burn out. That’s why you tend to love a chase. 

An Aries Venus is often attracted to the physical first. While the sexiness of your partner alone may be enough to spark a love affair, it’s not really enough to keep the fire going. You need to be challenged in love and if a new beau is too agreeable, or can’t handle your direct nature – you’re outtie. 


Taurus Venus

You’re intensely sensual and easily in tune with love. You don’t give your heart easily or quickly but when you do fall in love, you fall hard. Venus is at home in Taurus so your Venus placement has a very strong effect on you and how you love. 

For a Taurus Venus, sex is a very important part of love. You are intensely sensual and want to feel, taste, smell, and hear your lovemaking as much as possible. 

And you know what you’re doing. You take your time and are wonderful in bed. You are the ultimate generous and attentive lover. 

While you’re giving, sensual, and SUCH a joy in the bedroom, at times, the amount of love you have to give can be overwhelming for some partners (depending on their sex astrology). Put two Taurus Venus folks together and I don’t think they’d ever stop making love. 


Gemini Venus

You are wooed by the mind. When Venus is in an air sign, it’s no longer physical – it’s all about communication. For sparks to fly and love to blossom you need to have a real, honest and effortless rapport with someone. Without that intellectual connection, you are just not interested.  

Love or sex is not a huge life focus for you, it either happens naturally or it doesn’t. You are very stimulated by music, art, academics, and your own explorative thoughts. 

Because Gemini is an air sign, you may be a bit hard to pin down, hard to get to know and some may say “flighty”. You don’t want to be tied down and committing is a bit hard for you. Falling in love takes a while, but for those who enjoy that slow burn and root building – it’s absolutely worth the wait. 

Get you a partner who gets you on an intellectual level and you’ll be set. All the other things will fall into place. 

Cancer Venus

Loving others and being loved is a huge deal for you. Even if you don’t let on to others, love and partnership are deeply important to you. You’re sentimental, emotional, sensitive, and have an immense amount of love to give. You love deeply. Often in profound ways that others may not experience. But, you aren’t blind in love. You still have your wits about you and your lovers often need to break through your hard shell to get to the heart of you. 

When in a relationship you may only reveal yourself in parts, not all at once. You take some time to feel secure in new relationships. Once you feel solid, you are intensely loyal, open, and nurturing.

The love you offer is deeply loving, nurturing, and sweet. Those loved by you are certainly lucky. 

Leo Venus

You’re magnetic. You light up a room and attract people from every corner of that room. You have an undeniable and irresistible nature. It’s so effortless that it might even baffle and surprise you. 

In love you are exciting, generous, affectionate, and love to praise your partners. But, that same level of hype and attention must be returned to you, or you may feel neglected. 

You long to be adored and worshiped and if your partner can’t do that to some degree, it’s not going to work out. Get you a partner who thinks the sun shines out of your pores. (And they’re out there believe me.)

In a lover's quarrel, there is no one that can make a scene quite like you. You’ve been called “dramatic” a time or two and that’s just the nature of Leo. 

When the loving is right, your love life can be joyous, lighthearted and so much fun. 


Virgo Venus

You are cautious when it comes to love. You’re careful about who you choose in love, which could cause you to find faults in every potential love match. Your emotionality is under lock and key, most of the time out of an abundance of caution.

Despite your love calculations, have a knack for giving your heart to the wrong person. You need someone who will regard you as special and intelligent (because you are). 

When you can let your walls down you are fiercely loyal, intelligent, and witty. Find a person you can deeply trust so as to let your love run free.


Libra Venus

You’re the romantic. You love, love. You want to make love by candlelight and want your lover to poetically profess their love with sweeping romantic gestures. Anything less feels lacking. 

You are effervescently charming but can be aloof and cold when you’re uninterested. You have high expectations of love. You want what you want and everything else will be easily dismissed. You will wait for your prince/princess charming. 

Often, you are looking for a lover who loves as you do – intensely romantic.  

Venus loves to be in Libra. When Venus is in this sign she tends to be less sensual and more romantic.  


Scorpio Venus

Love tends to consume you. Your emotions are intense, exceedingly deep, and all-encompassing. Sex is emphasized in your love affairs and the more intense the sex is, the more love consumes you. When in love you tend to enter this otherworldly ethereal love daze where you fully surrender and expect your partner to do the same. 

Once you fall, it’s like falling through an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Remember to come up for air when you are falling, and remember to take time for yourself because you could totally lose yourself in someone else.

Because you love with your mind, body, and soul, a fallout is intense too. Because of this, you can get possessive of your partners. Which can cause some dark and stormy parts of you to come to the surface.

A lover that tempers your intensity is great for you. For you, too much passion and too much intensity are a recipe for disaster.

Sagittarius Venus

You’re adventurous in love. This often brings about wildly romantic and exciting love affairs. First-time attractions are like lighting bolts hitting you all at once. They are great.. while they last. 

You’re outgoing, charming, magnetic, and the life of the party. For you love is exciting but it can often be hard to keep the fire going. Once your excitement peters out the rose-colored glasses come off and soon, you’re outtie. 

It’s hard (maybe impossible) to pin you down. You may always long for excitement and adventure in love. 

When you get past the puppy love stage of a relationship, it can feel all too demanding and smothering for you. You long for freedom. 

In love, it’s best to find people who share the same “fly by the seat of your pants” outlook on love. If your freedom is undeniably important to you, don’t compromise it, even though it may be hard. 

Capricorn Venus

Similar to Virgo Venus, you are cautious in love. At times you are calculating and cold – you’re no stranger to a pros and cons list. But, once someone makes it past your checks and balances, you’re the most stable, and faithful partner. 

You may not be into romance, rose petals, and candlelit poetry jams but you’re dependable and fiercely loyal. Your love affairs aren’t frivolous or short-lived. When you’re in it, you’re in it. 

You do have a tendency to become a little controlling, possessive, and jealous in love. But, most of the time, that’s wrapped up in the fear of rejection. 

Choose a partner who doesn’t care much for flowery romance and would rather have a grounded, mature relationship. 

Aquarius Venus

You are the toss-up. With an Aquarius Venus, love and romance often seem like they’re not worth the fuss. You’re more apt to invest time in friendship than serial dating. 

When someone does tickle your fancy, you aren’t very emotional when it comes to love. (This can make some partners feel disposable.) 

An innate longing for freedom means you keep emotionality at arm’s length. And you will not, under any circumstances, tolerate possessiveness, jealousness, or game playing. 

The friends to lover pipeline has your name written all over it. Slow burns and platonic connections offer a good foundation for you in love. 


Pisces Venus

You’re emotionally wise, intuitive, and giving in love. With Venus in Pisces, a water sign, you are intuned with the depths of your emotions. You’re a kind and sensitive lover. But as with other water signs, you tend to run hot and cold. As a lover, you may go through periods of enchantment and indifference. 

You don’t tend to approach love with a logical sensibility, but rather a gut instinct. This may backfire if you aren’t careful.  

You’re emotionally intelligent which gives natural empathic powers a boost. You can connect with your partner in deep and compassionate ways. Anyone would be lucky to be loved by you – they just need to know how to ride the waves. 

Sex astrology: Mars by sign 

Remember: Mars is all about the act of lustful sex. 

This can also determine what turns you on, how passionate you are in bed and how you liked to be fucked. Notice I didn’t say “how you make love”. Mars doesn’t make love, Mars fucks.

Aries Mars

Mars is at home, and it’s most powerful, in Aries. Those with an Aries Mars are fierce, fiery, and seriously passionate in bed. Your sex life is active – you know what you want and you’re going to go after it. 

Sex may be spontaneous and lack all inhibition. You may also be prone to game playing and addicted to “the chase.” But when happens when the chase ends, and you’ve won them over? You may not know how to act in that situation. 

But, just keep the sex fiery. 

Introduce sex toys, role-playing, kink, or BDSM. Then, your Aries Mars will feel fulfilled even after the chase is long over. 


Taurus Mars

You are in touch with your sensual side and love having sex. It’s the ultimate activity for you because of how much it stimulates your senses and allows you to stimulate your partner. You light candles, whip out the lavender massage oil, and create spicy-time Spotify playlists. 

For you sex is not about quickies, it’s a whole fucking event. Some can take or leave sex but you, you need sex. Sex is like air in your lungs. 

You just naturally know how to please another in the bedroom. You’re are keenly aware of the sensual needs of your partners and are determined to ensure they enjoy themselves. 

Long story short, you love sex and you’re amazing in bed.

Gemini Mars

These are the sapiosexual among you. You’re turned on by intelligence. For you, sex isn’t essential. But communication and an intellectual connection are

You may get bored in a sexual relationship that isn't intellectually stimulating you. You may start arguments just to get your fill. Because you may not be super invested in sex, you can be open to experimenting sexually with your partner in ways that please them. You are just along for the ride and hope the pillow talk is good.

Gemini Venus might also indicate that you love some dirty talk. If your partner can say the right things, they’ll turn you on with ease. The noises your partner makes in bed might totally send you over the edge.

Cancer Mars

Sex is an emotional thing for you. Because of this causal sexual relationships might be very wounding. Mars in Cancer people like sex to be intense, and even rough. 

Feeling very close to your sexual partner is a must. You want to have an intense and intimate relationship with your partner. Causal booty calls and one-night stands are not your thing. You need to be emotionally invested to enjoy sex.  

Even though sex with a Cancer Mars can get spicy, it’s also very multidimensional because it can be a nurturing and nourishing experience.  

Leo Mars

Leo Mars people want to impress their sexual partners and they want to put on a show. 

Sexual affairs are aplenty as Leo Mars sees no reason to limit themselves. To really turn on a Leo Mars, their partner needs to give them their utmost attention – which can feel a little one-sided. While they are fun and showy in bed, they can tend to be selfish too. Remember your partner wants to be wanted too.  

This placement can be the life of the party with a big personality and an even bigger presence in the bedroom. 


Virgo Mars

For Virgo Mars, sex is often more about their partners than it is about them. But they aren't interested in getting too emotionally messy in pursuit of a simple orgasm. They’re too practical for that.

They can be pretty particular about grooming and can be nit-picky about a person’s appearance or hygiene. 

In bed, Virgo Mars aims to please. They would rather be of sexual service than be serviced. You love getting your partner off (almost more than getting off yourself.)

Libra Mars

To a Libra Mars, sex is just the byproduct of what is really important to them -- romance. 

Sex isn’t super important to them, but they want to make sure their partners are sexually satisfied. So, they’re sexually agreeable. But you better romance a Libra Mars beforehand. 

In a candle-lit room, the sex is often sweet, romantic, and initiated by the partner. They generally aren’t very provocative but they do have this hidden wild within them if they can access it. 

Scorpio Mars

As a Scorpio Mars, you’re sexually intense with a major sex drive. Not only that but sex is all-encompassing and involves your mind, body, and spirit. 

For this Mars sign, their deep and intense emotions are intimately tangled up in their sexual life. In bed, they’re erotic and may want to wield power and act domineering over their partner. With consent, this can be incredibly hot. 

Scorpios in general are very sexual and undeniably intense. When Mars gets into the mix, there’s even more power, passion, and intensity. 

Sagittarius Mars

For Sagittarius Mars folks sex is easy and even seen as a sport. They don’t like the be confined in the bedroom in any way so often they like to explore different places, positions, and “flavors” of sex. 

These babes are direct and unabashed. They also know a thing or two about the bedroom. They hate it when a partner doesn’t give the same type of directness or worse, plays games. 

Even though they’re no stranger to a sexy night but remember to consider your partner’s pleasure and stop being selfish in bed. 

Capricorn Mars

These folks love an older, stronger, or more authoritative partner who is sexually experienced. Because they are often the leadership types everywhere else, they opt for strong sexual partners that take the reins. 

In the bedroom, they're somewhat simple but consistent. They like what they like and sexy time arrives like clockwork. And boy, do they have a sexual appetite. Some might be more inclined to sexual power dynamics, BDSM, and kink.

Mars loves being in Capricorn so this placement is powerful as hell. In the bedroom, they are powerful while also leaning toward secrecy or discretion. 

Aquarius Mars

These babes are a little hot and cold. The idea of sex is often more arousing than sex itself. These folks are very much energetic lovers and could get off without ever having touched. They love a build-up and a slow burn. 

Some may find themselves in long-distance relationships or having phone sex -- again the idea of sex, but not the act.

To be honest, some may not care much for sex until the heat strikes them. They simply aren’t motivated by sex. 

However, those who are quite sexual are definitely the explorative type. They like to try new and kinky things and keep things interesting. 


Pisces Mars

These fluid folks are giving and thoughtful in bed. They’re on a mission and they want to make you come and feel safe and loved. Period.  

Sex with a Pisces Mars can be a mystical, nurturing, and beautiful experience if they're open to it. That’s the thing, they can change quite quickly. One day they might be hot and ready, the next standoffish and shy. That’s just the way of this water sign. They are a little hard to pin down which may be frustrating for “cut and dry” type partners. But, if you’re watery or airy yourself, you will understand these mystical babes.

Sex with them is romantic, dreamy, and emotional. And when the time is right they are open to all types of sexual expressions.

We fucking *love* astrology 

Astrology is a powerful tool and it’s far more than a blip on the pop culture map. Here at BerryLemon, we recognize how our inner lives are deeply interconnected with the stars. In fact, we govern our business with astrology in mind every day. 

So, the power and wisdom of sex astrology are definitely not lost on us. We encourage you to use the wisdom of sex astrology to help you better understand your sexual self and your sexual partners. 





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