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There are a lot of products swirling around the internet that promise all kinds of amazing sexual enhancements but, most of them are total BS. And some of them are actually dangerous! So, it’s hard to know what’s legit when you’re on the hunt for libido enhancers. In this article, we’ll explore how to increase female libido instantly in a totally safe and effective way. ;) 

What is libido? 

Simply put, libido is the desire for sex. This desire is mental rather than physical (arousal). Sometimes, there is a gap between your mental desire and your physical arousal response. You may desire a hot and heavy sex session, but perhaps your body doesn’t respond in the same way. This may make you feel like you have low libido. 

Utilizing arousal products like the ones listed below may bridge the gap for you (and seriously enhance your orgasm).

Understanding female desire 

For a lot of women, we experience “responsive desire” which means we get turned on after we’ve been stimulated. For these folks, you may feel aroused and feel the desire to have sex AFTER you’ve begun fooling around, but not before. 

Boosting your arousal beforehand can seriously boost your libido.

The secret to boosting female libido 

The most powerful secret ingredient to increasing female libido instantly is to focus on BLOOD FLOW. Without ample genital blood flow, the land of arousal and great sex may be a world away. 

If you can boost your blood flow, you can boost your libido. 

Infrequent sex and/or masturbation, age, activity level, and menstruation status (among other factors) may affect your genital blood flow. 

Remember that tidbit while we explore a few ways to increase female libido instantly.


How to increase female libido instantly  

Here’s a list of our favorite (and safe) libido enhancers for women that really work. 

#1 The fastest-acting female libido enhancer is prescription strength O Cream 

Now this, is the closest to instant you’ll ever get. The arousal magic begins around 5 to 30 minutes after you’ve applied this O cream – FAST right?! 

Strut O Cream is an amazing libido product that utilizes the power of the prescription medication Sildenafil -- which is generic Viagra. (Yes, it’s Viagra cream for women!) 

Sildenafil remains a top choice for enhancing sexual performance while maintaining a high level of safety and reliability.

This medication increases blood flow to the local area which essentially fills the clitoris with blood and seriously turns you on. It’s like flicking a libido ON switch. Think of it as your fast track to higher libido. 

Remember! Boosted blow flow means enhanced arousal. This scream cream is a prescription blood flow booster that is applied directly to your vulva.



When you use a libido enhancer like scream cream around 20 minutes before sex you can experience higher clitoral sensitivity, boosted natural lubrication, and enhanced orgasms. 

While this is a prescription, you can buy the pharmacist-formulated O Cream totally online through the online healthcare company Strut Health. All online. No embarrassing conversation with your doctor. And most importantly, no dangerous and bogus “libido pills” from the gas station. 

Try Strut O Cream for yourself and experience libido enhancement, boosted clitoral sensitivity, and enhanced orgasm. 

#2 Enhance your foreplay with vibrators 

Great sex is NEVER just about penetration. 82% of women won't orgasm from penetration alone. These women need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm reliably. 

If your sex life is mostly focused on vaginal penetration and is not very fulfilling for you then you may rarely find yourself craving sex (or getting turned on by a partner’s proposition). 

An easy libido boost is simply enhancing your foreplay. ORGASM BEFORE PENETRATION! 

A really great way to boost your sexual desire is to focus more on the partnered clitoral play prior to penetration. Climax before penetration and any vaginal stimulation will feel 10x more enjoyable. 



We always recommend using a powerful clit vibrator during partnered sex to easily enhance foreplay, and boost arousal and vaginal blood flow. 

Simply experiencing better sex (with great foreplay) may seriously boost your desire for sex. 

A note on self-stimulation: orgasm often!

Try masturbating with a vibrator too! Vibrators are great for boosting blood flow no matter if you are with a partner or not. 

Studies have found those who use vibrators regularly have higher libido as a result. Women who use vibrators experience increase sexual satisfaction and often desire sex more often compared to when they don’t use vibrators. 

The more often you explore your pleasure potential, the easier it will be to access it. 

#3 Exercise (I know, you’re sick of hearing it, me too) 

No matter where you look in the wellness space, everyone is basically begging you to work out regularly. But (ugh) they’re right. 

The overall health benefits of regular aerobic exercise cannot be overstated or ignored. But did you know that exercise can boost blood flow to your genitals? 

When it comes to libido, exercise can be a huge deal. A small study found that women were more aroused after working out. 

If you are dealing with low libido, you should definitely consider adding workouts throughout your week. 


Older ladies have the most to gain from blood flow boosting libido products 

When you’re post-menopause your sex life might change. Things like desire, arousal, sensitivity, and lubrication can change.

While women of all ages can benefit from blood flow boosting products like Strut’s O Cream, ladies who are post-menopause have the most to gain.

When your estrogen levels dip, so too does your genital blood flow. If you can boost genital blood flow you may be able to curb menopause symptoms and help experience those toe-curling, deeply satisfying orgasms again.  



Note: This is not to say only those who are postmenopausal have libido challenges — far from it! The prevalence just increases with age. Among women who are pre-menopausal 26% have low sexual desire compared to 52.5% among post-menopausal women. 


The verdict: This is the only true instant libido booster 

So, how to increase female libido instantly? The closest to "instant" you’ll ever get is a topical cream called Strut O Cream. This blood flow boosting arousal cream is the ON switch for libido. It works in just 5 to 30 minutes after application. 

You can buy this prescription cream totally online! Visit Strut Health to find out if this libido-boosting cream is right for you. 


 This arousal cream is amazing for those who want to boost their libido quickly, easily, and safely. 

"I am post menopausal and have not experienced an orgasm for a couple of years. Not only has the cream helped me reach this again, it helped intensify the severity of my climax to a level I have NEVER experienced before."  – Vickie Dutton, on Strut O Cream  ★★★★★

And hey, female libido and arousal can be tricky

Female desire is multifaceted, and there's no one trick that can cure low libido. But there are helpful sexual wellness tools that may help you. 

Make sure to take a look at your mental health and emotional well-being as these two aspects may pose arousal roadblocks.  

Always consider your stress levels, anxiety, depression, medications, health conditions, and nutrition.  

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