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Let’s be real, any sex toy can be a great sex toy for couples. But if you want to try something new or want to level up your game in the bedroom, there are sex toys that are specially designed for couples to enjoy together. And they are so much fun! 

Today, we’ll fill you in on all the must-know details when it comes to why couples should use sex toys together, how to introduce toys in the relationship, how to use them together, as well as the best couples' vibrators to try out. 

Are you ready to learn to achieve fireworks in the bedroom with your partner? Let the buzzing begin. 

Why Should Couples Use Sex Toys Together? 

There used to be some taboos when it came to using sex toys within a relationship. But those are quickly becoming a thing of the past (Thank goodness). In fact, there is research that suggests that couples who use sex toys together are far more sexually satisfied when compared to those who don't. Interesting huh?

While we think there are endless reasons couples should stock a toy chest, here are just a few reasons we think couples would benefit from using sex toys together. 

#1 Sex Toys Help Build Trust, Intimacy, & Communication

When you and your partner have a talk about what types of sex toys to try out, you learn something new about what your partner likes. Sex toys are also great conversation starters and help those struggling with communication in the relationship, as you will need to open up and be vulnerable about your likes and dislikes.

Sharing your wants and needs with your partner will also build trust and intimacy, improving your relationship overall. 

#2 Sex Toys For Couples Bridge That Orgasm Gap

When we look at statistics, women experience fewer orgasms than men during intercourse. This is because of the lack of continuous clitoral stimulation during or before intercourse, but sex toys can fix this orgasm gap. 

If your partner has a vulva, give them 15-20 minutes of continuous clitoral stimulation. This will increase their chances of reaching the Big O and speeding things up. Trust us, you both will benefit from this. 

#3 Excitement of Experiencing Something New Together 

Trying sex toys for couples builds anticipation and excitement because you're experiencing something new together. Trying something new together takes vulnerability and trust. It also makes you and your partner more open to trying new things. 

#4 They Improve & Extend Foreplay

Sex toys are especially great for adding to foreplay and getting those juices flowing (literally😉). Vulva owners usually take longer to reach the big O than prostate owners do. They require arousal build-up and prolonged clitoral stimulation, and this is where foreplay comes in handy. It is also incredibly satisfying for both partners if the vulva owner is turned on and extra sensitive. 

Extending foreplay through the help of sex toys means sex lasts longer, and the orgasm build-up is superb. Sex toys make it more likely for vulva owners to orgasm, which will make sex enjoyable for both partners. Sex toys not only improve foreplay but will make the main event afterward more enjoyable, too.

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How To Bring Sex Toys Into the Relationship

Introducing sex toys into the relationship can seem very intimidating if you haven't used them before. Liz Klinger, a certified sex educator and CEO of Lioness, offers a simple solution to introduce sex toys in a relationship, and it requires communication and open-mindedness. 

She suggests the following: "Gauge their reaction first, talk about it, and then make a decision. But know that there's a chance they may not want a sex toy, and that's fine, too." 

You can also reassure your partner that the sex toy is not there to compete with them but to enhance the experience for both of you. 

If your partner is interested in adding sex toys to the relationship, then go ahead and go on a shopping spree. Remember, any sex toy can be a couple's sex toy, so it is important to just have fun. Whether you want to get bondage items, vibrators, cock rings, or a cool-looking dildo, you do, you boo. 

What To Look For in Sex Toys For Couples

Whether you and your partner are new to sex toys or looking for something different to add to your toy chest, there are a few things to consider when looking for sex toys for couples. These factors will make the process of using sex toys easier, exciting, and, of course, more enjoyable for you and your partner. Let’s take a look. 

Start off Small

When it's the first time incorporating sex toys in your relationship, start off small; there's no need to get the biggest vibrator out there (unless you're comfortable with it). You can upgrade the toy later when you and your partner are comfortable with it. 

And with small vibrators, you can DO A LOT! Whoever said size matters didn’t know what they were talking about.

With small vibrators, you can stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones like the neck, breasts or even the shaft of a penis. You can even use it while you're going down on your partner by holding it against your mouth. The extra vibrations will feel sensational! 

Opt For Rechargeable Toys

Although there's nothing wrong with battery-operated sex toys, you really don't want to run to the store in the middle of the night just to get your vibe going again. So, choose a sex toy for couples that is rechargeable. It's just so much more convenient. 

Body-Safe Material Sex Toys

Choose sex toys that are made from body-safe material, as they won't cause you or your partner any harm or irritation. 

Explore Remote Controlled Vibes 

If you want a sex toy that adds variety and excitement to your sex life, remote-controlled vibes are the way to go. Remote-controlled vibrators will bring fun inside and outside of the bedroom😉. 

Hand over the remote to your partner and let them take complete control. It is a fun way to experience new sensations together that you might not have thought of before. Whether your first time using a remote control vibrator together is thrilling or awkward, it is a great way to open up and bond with each other. 

The Best Sex Toys For Couples & How to Use Them

The first step here is to discover where you want to add more sensation to your intimate relationship. 

For example, a woman's most sensitive area is her clitoris, so a vibrator might make things more pleasurable for her and her partner. Stimulating the prostate for men can make things more satisfying for them. So a butt plug, prostate massagers, vibrators, or dildos can be fun to add. 

Great For Clit Stimulation 

Your partner can use a sex toy to stimulate their clitoris during penetrative sex. Bewitch'd - the Vibrating Wand Massager is perfect for the job. It is powerful, cordless, and designed for your orgasmic bliss.

Its silky soft wand head offers you mind-blowing vibrations that do not hold back. With its 3 speeds and 10 patterns, this sex toy aims to please. 

The perfect clitoral stimulation with Bewitch'd can be achieved in the doggy style or the spooning position. 



If you're looking for a petite and more discreet clit stimulation sex toy for you and your partner to enjoy, Zara - The Palm Vibrator will be the perfect fit. Zara is perfect if you're looking for precise clitoral stimulation and all-over vulva fun or if you want to tease and arouse each other before the main event #foreplay😉

Zara can also make the perfect panty vibe. With Zara, you can have pleasure in the palm of your hand. 

Great For Penis Stimulation

Yes, penis owners, we haven't forgotten about you😉Vibrating cock rings are perfect for stimulating the penis, enhancing stamina, and intensifying your pleasure while also providing stimulation for your vulva owner partner. Together, it will lead to an unforgettable experience.

ORO -the Vibrating Cock Ring is perfect for couples. You can experience mutual ecstasy with ORO's vibration, which will elevate your intimate connection with your partner. 

The ORO has 10 golden massage modes to choose from. It is more than just a sex toy for couples; it's actually your and your partner's golden ticket to a whole new world of pleasure. Trust us, you're going to love it. 

Great For Adventure

Suppose you're an adventurous couple and looking for something new and exciting to spice things up in the bedroom (or outside😉). In that case, butt plugs are definitely the way to go. Butt plugs can make orgasms way more intense for both prostate owners and vulva owners. You will be surprised at the pleasure you can unlock with these bad boys.

The vibrations of the butt plug can help relax the muscles of the anus and help prepare you for anal sex or pegging if you're into that as a couple. 



Leo - The Vibrating Butt Plug is the perfect sex toy for couples that are backdoor pros or total newbies. It has an easy taper design for gentle entry and a dual-purpose and textured flared base that keeps everything in place and provides incredible stimulation. 

Leo comes with 10 massage modes and 2 motors and is remotely controlled, so there's no awkward reaching down there to change the vibe. You can give the remote to your partner and let them take complete control over your booty hole. 

Talking about remote-controlled sex toys, Kit is also a fun option to enjoy as a couple. It is wearable, remote controlled, and offers your vulva owner partner an orgasm without lifting a finger. 

You can enjoy Leo and Kit in the bedroom, or if you and your partner are craving something exciting and adventurous, you can take it outside of the bedroom. If you're up to it, you can even go as far as experimenting with it in public with your partner. Just try to keep a straight face so it's not obvious to the rest of the world what you and bae are getting up to. 

Summary of Sex Toys for Couples

Sex on its own is amazing, but adding a couple’s vibrator to the mixture makes it incredible. Any sex toy can be a sex toy for couples, but there are those designed specifically for your and your partner's pleasure. 

Introducing sex toys to a relationship can be intimidating and scary. Still, communication and open-mindedness play a very important role. Talk with your partner and ask them how they feel about sex toys and whether they are open to trying them. 

Consent, being comfortable, and respecting each other's boundaries are very important. Being open and vulnerable with your partner and discussing your likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual pleasure will build trust and intimacy in your relationship.

Suppose you and your partner are new to sex toys. In that case, you can start off small with a small vibe like Zara, or if you're at a stage where you're comfortable with sex toys in the relationship, you can try something more adventurous, like Leo or Kit

Whether you decide to incorporate a sex toy into your relationship or not, the most important part is to have fun. So enjoy yourself and grow together as a couple. And know if sex toys are not for you, that is totally okay hun. Many other things can make sex fun. So just do what makes you happy!

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