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A How to Sex Guide: How to Use Rose Toy 🌹

So you’re intrigued by the infamous rose toy. We don’t blame you. 

There was a time that sex toys really couldn’t guarantee pleasure, you may like it you may not. But with the rose toy and other suction toys, YOU WILL enjoy yourself. They are almost guaranteed to offer you powerful clitoral orgasms. 

Suction toys like Rosie are the new gold standard when it comes to sex toys. They utilize air pulse technology. The device surrounds the clitoris in a gentle thumping air pulsation. They are like nothing you’ve ever felt before. 

But how do you use the rose toy? If you’re new to suction toys expect to experience an adjustment period – they are very unique. But once you know how to use a rose toy, it will become your new BFF. 

Let’s get into how to use the rose toy, step-by-step. 


How to use the rose toy 101 🌹

Rosie is a suction vibrator that’s shaped like a rosebud with a circulator opening at the top. This opening is where alllllll the magic happens. 

How to use the rose toy is pretty straightforward and seems a little more intimidating than it really is. It may take you a few minutes to feel things out, but then, you’ll be a pro (and you’ll be telling everyone you know to get one.) 


Here's how to use the rose toy, step-by-step. 

Step 1: Clean your toy

When sex toys arrive from sex shops, they are coming straight from the manufacturing process. Don’t use them until you’ve washed them with lukewarm water and a gentle soap. 

Step 2: Charge it up

If you want your rose toy to really make you sing, then keep it charged. A full battery means it is operating at full strength. (And don’t let it die, it harms the battery!) 

Step 3: Warm things up

Now, the rose toy is very powerful, as are most suction toys, which means, if you want a deep orgasm you want to work your way up to using the suction. Get aroused, get turned on, and use your hands or a vibrator to warm up your clitoral area. Remember, the more you work your arousal up the better your orgasm will be – so take your time. 

Step 4: Lube things up

Since this toy isn’t being inserted you’d think you could skip lubricant but a lubricated clitoral area makes for a frictionless experience. A dab of lube also helps the toy to create a gentle seal. The better the seal the more you’ll feel the suction. 

Step 5: Position the clitoris within the toy opening

When it comes to how to use a rose toy for the first time, getting the right positioning is the trickiest part. Before turning the toy on, nestle the clitoris within the opening. Then turn the toy on. You’ll feel if the toy is making good contact. 

If the toy is very loud – it's not making a seal and the air pulsations aren’t targeted yet. 
If the noise becomes muffled (and it begins to feel amazing) – you’ve achieved the proper position and seal. 

Step 6: Hold in place 

Unlike other sex toys, you’ll want to hold this toy pretty still (unless your teasing and want to grind a bit). Once you’ve got the toy where you want it, hold it in place and let the rose toy do all the hard work. 


Did you know you can enhance your orgasm by deepening your breath? Don’t hold your breath (a lot of us do). When you’re using a sex toy try to breathe slowly and deeply–thank me later.

Step 8: Ride the wave

The female orgasm comes in waves. It can come and go, come and go, or it can take off like a rocket. Stay with your orgasm and ride the wave until you’ve reached an orgasm and come back down. 

Step 9: Go for orgasm #2 

The amazing thing about the female orgasm is WE HAVE NO REFRACTORY PERIOD. Once you’ve had one incredible orgasm, you can go for another, and another... Often, you’ll last a little longer the second go-round allowing you to really build blood flow, arousal, and stamina. 




Taking care of your beloved rose toy

After you use, and thoroughly enjoy, the rose toy make sure to take good care of it. The rose petals can be a bit difficult to clean so give it a wash after every use to keep things easy-breezy. 

Keeping your rose toy charged not only ensures it stays as powerful as possible but it lengthens the life of your rechargeable battery. Don’t let the battery fully die as it may harm the product. We want you to enjoy the joys of suction for as long as possible. 



Article Summary 

We discussed exactly how to use the rose toy for those who are totally new to suction toys. Clit suckers like Rosie truly are the gold standard in clit stimulation. Every woman should own a suction toy.  

It may take a little getting used to when you first try out a suction toy like Rosie but you’ll be an old hat in no time. 


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