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Whether you find yourself only attracted to brunettes, prefer the left or right side of the bed, or buy one brand over another, everyone has preferences. This extends to sexual preferences, likes, and dislikes. 

Kinks and fetishes are often misunderstood and stigmatized, but this article will clear up some misconceptions, define kink vs. fetish, and give you some introductory kinky knowledge and fetish facts. 

Kink vs. Fetish

A kink and a fetish are similar in that they both refer to sexual interests that are outside of the "norm." However, there are some key differences between the two terms.

A kink is a broad term that refers to any non-mainstream or unconventional sexual interest or behavior. This can include things like BDSM, role-playing, or even something as simple as a preference for a certain type of lingerie. 

A fetish, on the other hand, is a specific type of kink. A fetish is a strong and persistent sexual attraction to a non-human object, body part, or situation. KinkTest says with a fetish, “you have a strong sexual fixation with a particular inanimate object or non-genital body part, and you can’t get turned on or orgasm without it. The object or body part getting you off is called a fetish.” This might include things like a foot fetish, a leather fetish, or a pantyhose fetish. Fetishes are considered to be more intense and all-consuming than kinks.

What might be considered a kink for one person might be considered a fetish for another person, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Having a kink or fetish does not make someone "abnormal" or "wrong", and as long as it is consensual, it is perfectly normal.

Discovering Kinks & Fetishes: YNM list

You may already know your kinks/fetishes, and you may not – one way to explore that is by using a ‘yes, no, maybe list’ (YNM). Essentially you look at a list of various sexual acts, kinks, fetishes, or behaviors and you consider your interest. Yes means you’re interested, no means you are not, and maybe means you might be. 

    Here Are a Few Kink Ideas to Get You Started

    Here are a few recs if you’re new to the scene and some toys to help.

    Anal play 

    If you haven’t tried anal play, here’s a sign! Try a Remote Control Prostate Massager for hands-free anal vibrations that will rock you to your core. 

    Orgasm Control

    Lose control and let a partner take the reins with the wearable remote control vibrators like Kit. This power play can be delicious. They have the power to control when you finish. 

    Public Play

    Take things outside the bedroom, even if it’s just to your car in the garage, and bring BerryLemon’s Kai Compact Clit Sucker – it’s small and perfect to toss in your purse. Wearable remote control vibrators are perfect for public play too! 

    Read More: Why You NEED A Remote Control Vibrator For Hands-Free Fun

    how kinky are you quiz

    So, how kinky are YOU?

    It’s important we all remember that kinks and fetishes are not flaws or defects, but rather, just preferences, when practiced consensually. 

    Now that you know the subtle differences between a kink vs. fetish, dive a little deeper, find out how kinky YOU are.


    Take this kink test to find out how kinky you really are.

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