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Our wildest blow job dreams have been answered in the form of modern sex tech: enter the automatic male masturbator

An automatic male masturbator (also known as an automatic stroker) is a hands-free device that has been carefully designed to simulate penetrative sex. The more advanced models offer suction mode and a mind-blowingly orgasmic blowjob experience. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m in. 

How do Automatic Male Masturbators Work?

There’s a major difference between a modern automatic male masturbator and the “pocket pussys” and strokers of yesteryear. 

With old-school strokers or masturbators, you need to supply the motion of the ocean - in other words, you are going to have to take charge of moving it back and forth to simulate the thrusting that is part and parcel of sex, but automatic male masturbators do all the work for you. 

Enter the silky soft silicone sleeve and power it on. 

Easy as that. 

Some just vibrate, while elite versions offer suction modes.

Many traditional male masturbators do indeed fall short when it comes to stimulating oral sex (or any other flavor of sexual activity). 

Auto-suction masturbation toys, designed with real feel in mind, offer a toe-curling suction function that just wasn’t dialed in until recently. 

Futuristic Design

Thanks to innovations in design and materials automatic male masturbators have come of age. 

Advanced features such as a variety of suction modes and vibration will enhance any sexual experience, and the best of these masturbators will also feature variable strength sucking action. Combine this with advanced, textured silicone and you are in for an experience that is almost identical to a blow job or the feeling of an incredibly receptive vagina. 

Using an Automatic Male Masturbator

Read the Instructions - Automatic male masturbators are different from their run-of-the-mill manual counterparts. To get the most out of your experience with these incredible devices familiarize yourself with the controls before you jump straight into the experience.

Start Slow - These auto masturbators mean business. Start slow if you want to enjoy a blissful build-up. 

Use a Quality Lube - Your experience with an automatic male masturbator is not going to be all that you had hoped if you don’t invest in quality lube (water-based is best as it does not damage high-quality silicone sex toys). Remember, even the most advanced automatic male masturbator is not self-lubricating, unlike a vagina or for that matter, a mouth. 

Relax & Enter - It’s an automatic male masturbator, just lie back and let it do its job. You set the pace and you choose the action. There’s no hurry and it’s an orgasmic, no-stress experience. Be Zen in your approach - free your mind and let the waves of pleasure wash over you. 

Easy Clean - With BJ Hunter, cleaning is a breeze—simply remove the sleeve and wash separately for thorough hygiene.

Recharge Baby - Gone are the days of AA batteries in vibrators. This is fully rechargeable – the gift that keeps giving.  


The Best Male Masturbator IMHO

If you’ve tried a male masturbator in the past, then it’s time to take the next step on the path to orgasmic bliss. If you haven’t (and why not?), then it’s time to dive into a whole new world of hands-free, automatic pleasure. 

BJ Hunter is a classic green orgasm machine. It not only looks incredible, but the internal textured silicone sleeve that sucks and gently squeezes the penis, combined with 3 suction and 6 vibration modes will put you in control and provide you with an experience unlike any other sex toy on the market today. 

You can get authentic blowjobs at your fingertips.

Experience the suction feature to feel a unique embrace and release sensation, mimicking real-life blowjob experiences. It’ll put a smile on your face. 

The Automatic Male Masturbator - A Recap

Thank goodness, technology evolves to make life easier and more pleasurable.

An automatic male masturbator like BJ Hutner is the ultimate hi-tech male sex toy. It can enhance your pleasure tenfold. An automatic male masturbator takes the foundation of traditional sex sleeves and builds on that to provide the ultimate in solo sexual experience. 

If you’re a man and you a fan of masturbation (who isn’t?) then you owe it to yourself to invest in an automatic male masturbator. It’ll change your (sex) life.

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