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Looking for new sexual experiences later in life? You're not alone, my friend.

Sex after the age of 50 can be a mind blowing experience, after all, you have the miles under your belt - you can find your way around in the dark. Those years of adolescent fumbling are far, far behind you. But, if you've been around the block a half a million times, you might begin to wonder what the neighboring areas have to offer. Luckily, there are any number of extremely fun sex toys for senior men that can provide a whole host of brand new experiences.

At BerryLemon, we say the very best sex toy for senior men is, hands down, the remote control prostate massager. In this article we explore the often untapped pleasures of the prostate.

Just for now, suspend any push back to taboo or any preconceived notions. 

We promise, the orgasms are worth it.

Read on to learn more about the ageless attraction of these surprisingly approachable sex aids.


Exploring Sex Toys Later In Life, In Our Modern World 

The average age of Americans is inching ever upward, but we're lucky these days because 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40. Our ambitions continue to grow and our sexualities continue to evolve. 

Perhaps trying one of the countless sex toys suitable for senior men could become a part of a zesty approach to life and sensuality.

Gone are the days when you had to visit a seedy part of town to enter a sex shop manned by some pimple-faced teenager. Today you can visit a reputable online sexual wellness store and shop for anything from dual stimulators to anal toys

However, if you are a newcomer to the wonders of next-level pleasure, the choice of sex toys for senior men can be confusing and even, intimidating.

So, let's break it down and take a look at one of our most popular sex toys for senior men - the prostate massager. 


best sex toys for senior men

The Best Sex Toys for Senior Men - Prostate Massagers

Taking pole position (excuse the pun) on the starting lineup of sex toys for senior men are prostate massagers. 

Anal play was once taboo, (across all sexualities) but thankfully the tide has changed. Prostate play is recognized as both beneficial and orgasmic.

This walnut-sized gland contains nerves that regulate blood flow, control the contraction of smooth muscles during ejaculation, and transmit sensory information. 

Prostate massage has been found to ease later in life conditions like prostatitis, and even improve erection dysfunction.

Not to mention prostate pleasure.

Stimulation of these dense clusters of nerve endings in and around the prostate can provide multiple orgasms (welcome to the Big Time gentlemen), as well as enhanced penile orgasms that have been described as ‘Otherworldly’. 

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Discovering The Prostate - What’s Under the Hood?

While we explore sex toys for senior men, in order to understand why a prostate orgasm is so intense it’s necessary to know a little more about this walnut-sized gland. The prostate is situated between the bladder and penis and is packed with nerves, both on its surface and within its structure.

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That’s the dry description that you’ll find on most reputable medical sites - but when things get hot and heavy, massaging the prostate gently can lead to a prostate orgasm.

It's known as the male g-spot. And for damn good reason.

Anecdotal evidence about prostate orgasms is packed with words and phrases like ‘an out-of-body explosion’, ‘heaven’, ‘more intense’, and even ‘a full “eyes rolled back” situation’.

Now that should get your motor running. But before you buy your first prostate massager you should be aware that you have choices.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the most popular sex toys for senior men.

Prostate Massagers for Senior Men

There are many different types of p-spot massagers, all of which are suitable for seniors. But not all massagers are created equal. 

At BerryLemon we offer a variety of high-quality, waterproof, silicone, remote-controlled prostate massagers. Each massager offers its own set of distinctly tantalizing features. 

Taking a closer look at what models such as Wake, the Neo, the Leo, and the Wes will help you to find the perfect toy for prostate stimulation.


Finding The Right Size For You

Many men are intimidated by the thought of prostate play due to worries over ‘fit’ and comfort. If you are new to prostate play then consider a prostate massager of more petite dimensions.

Wes is perfect for newbies (and old hands at prostate play) due to its modest(ish) dimensions. This prostate massager is only 3 inches long and 1 inch wide which is exactly what experts say is the best size to start with if you are new to butt stuff. But, the curvaceous contours and rolling pleasure stimulator of the Wes mean that it easily reaches all the right places.

Nothing spectacular is going to happen if you are not comfortable with your prostate massager, so start off slow and find out what you’re comfortable with before you start lining your shelves with a growing prostate massager collection.

Getting Your Motor Running

If you have experience with sex toys such as vibrators (or just sex in general) you’ll know that one speed just isn’t going to get the job done.

The best prostate massagers allow you to choose the intensity of the experience - and that means multiple motors and a generous selection of speeds. Often top-shelf prostate massagers will offer options that have been developed to pinpoint and heighten stimulation - such as the BerryLemon Neo which offers a unique “prostate pulse point” feature.

The Joy of Hands-Free Orgasms 

Think about the hands-free option on your mobile phone. It allows you to gesticulate at the barista using both hands when he gets your Venti Caramel Macchiato with Extra Shot, Upside Down, Half-Decaf, with 120-degree steamed almond milk, no foam, served extra hot (you monster). Prostate massagers with a hands-free remote option gives you the freedom to relax and simply enjoy the waves of pleasure.

If you are going to be using your prostate massager solo it may take some getting used to the fact that you can have hands-free orgasms. Not using your hands to stimulate yourself can seem odd at first, but take your time. It’s one of the reasons that your prostate massager should be designed for ultimate comfort (like the BerryLemon Neo). Relaxing while using a prostate stimulator will make insertion easier and enhance the experience. On that note, always remember to use plenty of quality water-based lube during prostate play, and re-apply it often.

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Pass Me The Remote

Most men who have waved a fond farewell to their 40s can remember a childhood where a ‘clicker’ was the way that you changed television channels, unless there was a handy sibling who could be bullied. That clicker gave us the joy of knowing that we were in control and that Saturday morning cartoons were more accessible than ever before. Remote control prostate massagers do share some features with that primordial television remote. First and foremost there is ease and control. 

A prostate massager like the BerryLemon Wake with its 10 hands-free remote-controlled pulse patterns allows for the ultimate in control - and it’s perfect senior men exploring sex toys. However, a remote control also allows you to explore the wonders of prostate play much more easily. Simply relax and select the intensity level that matches your level of arousal.

It’s All About The Base 

It’s not only those wonderfully sensual and contoured curves and pulsating action that allow a prostate massager to deliver exquisite orgasms - the base of your prostate massager plays a vital role in ensuring that your prostate experience is nothing short of life-changing.

The base of your prostate massager should allow the massager to sit snugly and top-of-the-range models such as Wake with its 360° rotating base also have the added advantage of being designed to stimulate the perineum (you may know it as the ‘taint’) with pulsing or rumbling motors or beads.

This stimulation can take prostate play to an undreamed-of level. It’s the perfect way to supercharge that P-Spot orgasm.  

What About Butt Plugs For Senior Men?

It’s difficult to discuss prostate play without a mention of butt plugs. These wonderful sex aids have been part of the bedroom scene since the bedroom had a panoramic view out of the cave entrance.

Butt plugs are a wonderful addition to any sex toys collection, but the standard versions are not designed for precise prostate play, they simply don’t hit the spot (the P-Spot in this case), they graze it. 

When you’re evaluating sex toys for senior men and are particularly interested in butt plugs for prostate massage, make sure that you are looking at a product that has been designed specifically for prostate stimulation.



Butt plugs for prostate massage are also great for beginners (and pros), as they typically are not as intimidating as some models.

Take for example our best selling butt plug Leo.

It’s a modest size and flared plug design. It offers gentle vibrations courtesy of two motors (one in the taper and one at the rotating base). It’s perfectly tapered for added comfort and it’s also suitable for ladies and gents. It’s a petite prostate pleasure plug. But(t) it also has 10 orgasmic massage modes. It’s an approachable sex toy for a senior man, and that has everything.

Last Words On Sex Toys For Senior Men

Sex toys for senior men are widely available, but not all have been designed with prostate play in mind. When you choose a sex aid for prostate stimulation make sure that you are purchasing a sex toy that has been designed by experts to be comfortable, safe, and suitable for your unique preferences.

At BerryLemon we are committed to providing sex aids that have been designed with your anatomy in mind. Whether you choose the BerryLemon Wake, Neo, Leo, or Wes you can rest assured that a quality product will be delivered (discreetly of course).


Take This Quiz & Find Out Which Massager Is Best For You

If you are still unsure which product would best suit your prostate play needs then take our prostate quiz. After a few short questions we'll provide which massager we think is best for you. The right prostate massager may offer some life-changing orgasms. 







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