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Interest in sex toys for seniors has exploded - and a look at the stories and media that reach our screens might explain why people older than 50 are jumping feet-first into the incredible world of sex aids.

In the last decade, media portrayals of the idea of a ‘senior lifestyle’ have changed from ‘sipping iced tea in a rocking chair’ to hang gliding and endurance sport - something has clearly changed.

Advances in medical care and healthier habits mean that people are living longer than ever- and are remaining active and healthy for longer. This means that 60 is the new 30, and at 30, you’re hot to trot at the drop of a hat (to mix metaphors).

Seniors are getting jiggy more often than ever before. But when you reach a certain age, things tend to naturally lose their luster - it’s often a case of ‘same old/same old’ whether that’s a trusted brand of coffee or sex. 

Some might say there’s a certain comfort in the familiar, but others might want to take advantage of a youthful approach to life - including their sex lives.

What better way for both men and women of a certain age to spice things up than bringing sex toys into the bedroom?

But when it comes to sex toys for seniors, many people will want to explore their options before investing in a high-quality sex toy. With so many choices on the market, some hints and tips for both men and women might be useful. Let’s take a closer look at sex toys for seniors.

The Skinny on Sex Toys 

One of the first things anyone will notice when shopping online for world-class sex toys is that there are an enormous number of different types of toys - and frankly, for those who are new to the world of sex aids, many of the models can look intimidating.

However, appearances can be deceiving. There are very few sexual health sites that will devote a category to sex toys for more mature users. However, there are numerous sex toys for seniors available - it’s just a matter of finding those that are right for your unique needs and style.

Let’s see if we can take the guesswork out of buying your first sex toy, or adding to your collection. 

Sex Toys For Senior Ladies

Vibrators vibrate. That makes them ideal for stimulating some of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body, such as the vulva, which includes the labia (the ‘lips’ of the vagina) and the clitoris. Great for solo or partnered intimacy. 

But, as they say on the late-night television channels, that’s not all. Combine a vibrator with some lubricant and your significant other can enjoy an incredible intimate massage - and that can be an important part of foreplay.

But, as with most sex toys, including sex toys for seniors, there are an enormous variety of vibrators. Here are some of the most popular types and a short description of what they bring to the party.


#1 Intro Level - The Bullet Vibrator

The bullet vibrator will be familiar to seniors - it’s been around for a while. However, new materials and new technology have made modern bullet vibrators something extra special. 

As with all sex toys, ensure that the bullet vibrator that you purchase has the sort of functionality that will make it indispensable in the bedroom. 

The BerryLemon Happy has 10 vibration speeds and is manufactured from high-quality, medical-grade silicone, and it’s the perfect sex toy investment for seniors. Its discreet design and size make for the perfect travel vibrator to bring on your next romantic getaway! 

Happy is great for those who are new to vibrators – for those who want some more oomph to their vibe, keep reading! 


#2 The Magic Wand

The original Magic Wand-type massagers were first released by Hitachi in 1968 and were marketed as a ‘body massager.’ Of course, it didn’t take long for consumers to experiment with this incredible device in a sexual setting - we are, after all, only human.

Today these formerly clunky, heavy, plug in vibrators are sleek, modern, powerful and waterproof! 

The wand vibrator Bewitch’d is the most powerful and versatile vibrator that we have - and it’s the sort of investment that will be paying dividends for years. If you have to invest in any vibrating sex toy, this is the one. This is all the massager/vibrator you will ever need. 

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#3 Air Pulse Clit Stimulators 

As mentioned previously, the clitoris is packed to the brim with nerve endings - so it only makes sense that numerous vibrators have been specifically designed to stimulate the clit. These days, suction vibrators have become the gold standard of clit stimulation. 

Our best-selling vibrator for older women is, hands down, Aura The Clit Sucker Dual Vibrator. Suction is wonderful for older ladies as the intense stimulation boosts natural lubrication, and helps you reach climax powerfully and quickly! 


It’s beloved by post-menopausal women — some have said “Every post-menopausal woman needs this! I'm a post-menopausal woman struggling with lower sensitivity. I was new to air pulse toys but the Aura is amazing!”

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#4 Dual Stimulators

Women often find that stimulating both the vagina (perhaps the g-spot) and the clitoris at the same time offers the most pleasure. When you achieve an orgasm this way it's called a blended orgasm. They are powerful and so much fun. That's where dual stimulators come in and make the job much easier. 

Vibrators that have been designed to offer an orgasmic penetration experience - while simultaneously stimulating the clit for high-intensity orgasms – are called dual stimulators. A great choice for seniors is the “rabbit” vibrator Fleur and Aura


Sex Toys For Senior Men

Historically, sex toys have been rather lady-forward. But everything is changing. Sex toys for men are a hot topic lately and we love talking about it. Let’s get into some sex toy options for senior men. We’re talking penile pleasure and prostate pleasure. 

#1 Penile Pleasure 

When exploring sex toys for senior men, a good place to start is home base – the penis. 

Cock Rings

The tried and true male sex toy we love to recommend is the vibrating cock ring. It’s actually great as a shared toy because when you don this little ring it offers stimulation to the wearer and the person you may be penetrating. Cock rings, when worn before you become erect, might also help you maintain an erection for longer. It's good fun all around. 

Strokers & Male Masturbators 

Another great sex toy for senior men is strokers. These are toys designed to be penetrated. Made with ultra-soft and snug silicone material, after you apply lube and you enter a stroker like the AirHelix2, the natural suction that occurs feels akin to oral sex. 

Once you experience a stroker, you’ll never use just your hand to masturbate ever again. Some guys say it feels otherworldly. Definitely worth a pleasure discovery. 

#2 Prostate Pleasure

The stigma surrounding any sexual activity involving your bum is slowly fading - and why shouldn’t it? The anus is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the human body and using a prostate massager can deliver some of the most incredible orgasms.

The reason for this is something called the ‘P-Spot,’ which has often been compared to a women’s G-Spot. This is the nerve-rich region of the male prostate, and if stimulated correctly, using a prostate massager can provide men with multiple orgasms - without ejaculation in many cases.

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That means you’re ready to go again and again, whether you are engaged in solo activity or with a partner.

But this is one of those instances where choosing the right sex toy can make the experience much more rewarding, and in the case of prostate massage, a run-of-the-mill vibrator is not going to get the job done.

Several types of prostate massagers are available, but for beginners, the best type of prostate massager would be one that is more petite in dimensions. A prostate massager that resembles the standard butt plug is a great choice, and one that features a vibration function is even better. The BerryLemon Leo is perfect. It’s a comfortable 4.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and features 10 satisfying massage modes.


You can always insert a butt plug and then have some penile fun with a partner. It can add that extra level of spice that you’re looking for. 

This is also perfect for solo play - and the remote makes it an exciting addition to a sex toy collection if you or your partner wants that extra control. 

The next step for prostate explorers is Neo. It also boasts 10 pulsating massage modes, a pulsating p-spotter, and has two motors, with one dedicated to massaging the perineum (the area around your chocolate starfish). 

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Exploring Sex Toys for Seniors - Age is Just a Number  

The bottom line is, any sex toy can be a sex toy for seniors. If you are a senior and want to try a sex toy – then it's for you. Dive in, play the field, and find something that really gets you going. Adding new and exciting things to your sex life is what keeps us all feeling young, and invigorated. After all, age is just a number, it’s all about how we feel. 

But above all, using sex toys is fun, and it feels great - and toys can add some much-needed variety when things start to get stale between the sheets. 

No matter your age, sexual orientation, or whether you will be enjoying those toys with a partner, you owe it to yourself to explore your sexuality - and these wonderful additions to the bedroom or anywhere else, we’re not judging. 

If you are still undecided about what would float your boat, don’t forget about the BerryLemon Sex Quiz. It only takes a few minutes to complete and we’ll give you our expert recommendation on what to try first. 



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