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Curious about the transformative power of tantric masturbation? You're not alone. This ancient practice is making a modern comeback, and for good reason. Far beyond the realm of typical sexual experiences and even multiple orgasms, tantric masturbation offers a journey into self-exploration, mindfulness, and unimaginable pleasure. Ready to elevate your understanding of sexuality and spirituality? Buckle up; we're delving deep into the art and science of tantric masturbation.

What is Tantric Masturbation? 

Tantric masturbation is exploring pleasure with yourself through meditation, breathwork, and touching. 

The difference between tantric masturbation and regular masturbation is that tantric masturbation is more mindful, explorative, and spiritual. It's not about sex or orgasming but the journey you go on to get there. 

Tantra educator Leah Piper says, "Solo tantra is the first step in having a partnered, tantric experience." Whether you are engaging in partnered sex, multi-partnered sex, or riding solo, tantric masturbation is a great place to start to get to know yourself and what your body enjoys. 

The Roots of Tantric Masturbation

While tantric practices may seem contemporary or trendy, their roots are deep and span thousands of years. Originating in ancient India, tantra was initially a spiritual or mystical path aimed at transforming ordinary experiences into opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Tantra has been an integral part of several Eastern philosophies and religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tantric masturbation, as a subset of these ancient practices, has a rich historical tapestry. It was often seen as a means to achieve higher states of consciousness, as well as a way to connect deeply with oneself and the universe. Unlike the often-taboo subject of masturbation in many Western cultures, tantric masturbation has been celebrated for its ability to promote self-love, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.

10 Tips For Engaging in Tantric Masturbation

If you want to know how you can connect with your body on a deeper level through tantric masturbation, here are some steps you can follow. 

#1 Set an Intention

With tantric masturbation, it is more about the intention than the end goal. It is all about raising and exploring your sexual energy. Your intention should be all about your desires and needs. This can be to show love to the areas of your body you feel insecure about or to relieve some stress. 

If you can't think about any intentions to set, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would I like to release from my life that isn't providing me with value?
  • What can I bring into my life that will give me value?

You may be inspired to work on embodiment, or sexual liberation, or boosting the connection you have with your body, or sending your mind, body and spirit some much needed love and compassion. Tantric masturbation can be tremendously healing if you approach it from this intentional vantage point. 

#2 Set the Scene

You want to set the scene, whether playing music, closing the curtains, setting the temperature to something comfortable to you, or lighting a scented candle. Just make your environment feel romantic, sensual, and meditative. 

#3 Set a Timer

Now, you don't have to do this if you don't have anything planned for that specific day. But if you have something planned, set your timer for 30 to 45 minutes so you can fully indulge in the moment without worrying about your responsibilities. 

Timer or not, definitely count on setting a chunk of time aside for your explorations. Tantric explorations are anything but quick. 

#4 Breathe Babe 

You should focus on having more full and deep breaths. Candice Smith, M.Ed., chief intimacy officer with Tango, recommends box breathing. This involves following a pattern of four. She says, "Breathe in for a count of four, hold for four, breathe out for four, hold for four. "Continue this for at least four rounds, as long as you feel like counting." "It will help quiet your mind, make you more present, and keep your mind from wandering to other things." 

If you find the counting too distracting, you can also think about the sensation of breathing in and out your nostrils. When you breathe, you move energy throughout your body.

#5 Give Your Secondary Erogenous Zones Some Love

Your secondary erogenous zones are the places in your body that fold. This includes your inner groin, knees, wrists, fingers, and ankles. Use your fingers or hands to stroke, tease, tickle, or even massage these areas. 

Discover what feels good to you by experimenting with the quality of the stroking, the intensity, and the pressure.

#6 Go Slow! Masturbate in Slow Motion 

You don't want to rush into things straight away. You want to go softly and slowly. Touch yourself like you're not in a hurry at all. Move slowly, and breathe slowly! 

This is one of the most important steps. Going slow like this invites you to become mindful of your body, senses and emotional state. Running for the end reward is not tantric masturbation, thats a quickie. 

You can experiment with the following types of touching.

If you're a vulva owner:

  • You can make slow circles around your clitoris or tap your clitoral hood.
  • You can also use counter clock movements or diagonal strokes.

If you are a penis owner:

  • You can press or tap your perineum.
  • Gently cup or tug on your testicles.
  • Use both hands with your shaft.

#7 Definitely Add Lube 

Lube is always welcomed. Whether you want to use it on your primary or secondary erogenous zones or for a sensual massage. Lube makes things more comfortable and more enjoyable. The more slipe and slide you have going on, the better slow stimulation will feel. 

#8 Make Some Noise

Don't be afraid to be loud. Making sounds can help your body to relax and move energy in your body. So let it out and make some noise, babe! 

Simply let your body do what feels natural, no judgment, no holding back. 

Sexologist Emily Morse says "There is a direct correlation between increasing moans, lowering inhibitions and enhancing arousal. Plus, an authentic moan will naturally open our throats and deepen our breath, which can lead to more powerful orgasms."

#9 We Highly Recommend To Tease With Toys

The toys are always welcome as long as they enhance your experience and don't distract your session. 

When it comes to using toys during tantric masturbation, it’s a great idea to use them as teasing tools. Rather than using them directly, at full power, try using the barrier or tease method. If you’re using a clit vibrator, use a vibe on a low and slow setting while wearing panties – this is enough of a barrier to dull the powerful vibration but enough to seriously boost your arousal and experience. 

There are start and stopping patterns on wand vibes like Bewitch’d that offer an amazingly titillating and teasing experience. Because remember, you want your tantric masturbation session to remain slooooooow and mindful – so by all means use toys, but try to make your session last. 

If you want a teasing session that can build up to a powerful crescendo, a vibrating wand like Betwitch’d is sure to deliver every time. 

Bewitch'd - Vibrating Wand Massager is powerful, easy to use and will be super enjoyable to add to your tantric masturbation session. This wand can certainly work some magic and will leave you with a smile on your face. It has a bendy vibrating head and 10 fun modes you can choose from. 

#10 Just Keep Breathing

Even if you feel your orgasm approaching, just keep breathing. We tend to hold our breath when we feel an orgasm coming along, but if you continue to breathe, it will make your orgasm way more intense when you finally let go. 

Read More: Orgasmic Breathing: A Guide To Orgasmic Somatic Breathwork

#11 Mirror Mirror on the Floor

If you have become more advanced in tantric masturbation, you might want to consider adding a mirror, which will add a visual element to your self-love journey. 

Here's a tip: if you have a full-body mirror, look at yourself in the mirror while running your hands up and down your body. You can also sit with your legs crossed and place your palms on your knees, staring into your eyes while looking into the mirror, and take a breath. It is all about connecting with yourself deeper and learning to love and appreciate yourself. 

Benefits of Tantric Masturbation

Touching yourself tantrically can have many mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Let's take a look at what these benefits include.

- Better Sex 

The best way to discover what you like is to have LOADS of tantric sex with yourself. You will learn the different touches, strokes, rhythms, and intensities that your body likes and responds to. Whether you use what you learned during solo sex or incorporate it during partnered sex, you are sure to have better sex when you know what you like. 

- Stronger Orgasms

With tantric orgasms, having a happy ending is not the end goal, but learning what you like and getting to know your body along the journey will help you achieve stronger orgasms. And who says no to them, right?😉

- Boosted Self-Love 

You need to work to love yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Tantric masturbation is one of the ways you can learn to love and appreciate yourself and your body. You might not believe the words you're saying at first, like I love my legs when, in fact, you don't, but with time, it will actually become true. 

- Less Stress

During masturbation, your body releases endorphins like dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones are linked to reducing stress and temporarily boosting your mood. Tantric masturbation has even more stress-reducing benefits because it is on a meditative level. So, you get the benefits of meditating and masturbating simultaneously. Now that's a bonus!

- Relief of Period Cramps

Next time you're experiencing cramping because Aunt Flow came to visit, consider giving yourself some tantric love. The dopamine and serotonin you get from orgasm can help ease the cramping.

- Glowing Skin

Oh, the orgasm glow! When you give yourself some tantric love, you increase your heart rate, which increases your blood flow all over your body, including your face, which improves your skin's appearance. 

- Inner Awakening 

You don't have to be spiritual to be able to enjoy tantra. Some people will experience spiritual quality and inner awakening through tantric masturbation, while others will feel like a load is lifted off of them, lighter and complete. 

Final Thoughts on Tantric Masturbation

Tantric masturbation is not only beneficial for your physical health but your mental health, too. It helps you connect with your body on a deeper level and enables you to discover what your body needs and desires. It also helps you learn to love and appreciate the areas of your body that you're not fond of.

Although the big O is not the end goal and is all about the journey of getting there, it is still a happy side effect. 😉You can also incorporate toys into your tantric masturbation session as long as it doesn't distract or interrupt your session Bewitch’d is an excellent choice and will definitely heighten your pleasure. 

Get in touch with your body on a deeper level and go on a self-love journey by experimenting with tantric masturbation and enjoying its various benefits. Have fun!

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